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  1. veroniquem

    betting scandal (continued)

    Lawsuit Claims ATP Knew Stars Were Tied to Betting By JOE DRAPE In 2007, as the Association of Tennis Professionals began a crackdown on gambling and disciplined five lower-ranked Italian players for making bets on matches, it knew that gambling accounts were maintained in the names of some...
  2. veroniquem

    USO quizz!

    Only 2 players (before Rafa) lost only 1 set on their way to the USO title (on hard court). Who and how many times did they do it? Good luck everyone. :)
  3. veroniquem

    Who had the best calendar year in open era?

    This is my list for best calendar year so far: 1- Rod Laver: 1969: 6 titles of which all 4 slams (at 31 years old) 2- Jimmy Connors: 1974: 15 titles of which 3 slams (22) 3- Roger Federer: 2006: 12 titles of which 3 slams (25) 4- Mats Wilander: 1988: 6 titles of which 3 slams...
  4. veroniquem

    Quizz time!

    Quiz time! Which players in open era have won a slam as their very first title? Which players in open era have won a slam as their very last title on the tour? Good luck to all for finding the answers!
  5. veroniquem

    Trivia question

    Who are the players who won 3 slams out of the 4 before the age of 23 (apart from Nadal)? So far I can only think of 1...
  6. veroniquem

    Nadal-McEnroe ad

    Has anybody seen the ad for the US open series in which Johnny Mac is playing the guitar while Rafa drives the truck? It is hilarious (Rafa's accent and John's outfit + speaking Spanish!)
  7. veroniquem

    WTA is in trouble.

    It seems to me that Justine's retirement left the WTA in complete disarray. The current performances of the top players are rather alarming. Would you agree the level is worse than it's ever been?
  8. veroniquem

    Nadal vs Verdasco

    What do you think will happen in this match? Can Verdasco take a set from Nadal?