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    Volkl tr 25 play test ?

    Like a very heavy red tank I expect.
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    Can I play the best tennis of my life with a 200g?

    to report - its going pretty well, just need to think about the game in a different way.
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    Racquets at the First Pro Match You Attended Live

    1987 Wimbledon final cash Lendl- prince magnesium (?) and adidas Gtx. Same year Uk u18 boys final gary drake v Chris wilkinson both using slazenger phantom egg shaped things.
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    Can I play the best tennis of my life with a 200g?

    Dug out the Max200g again for another attempt
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    Mizuno Wave Intense Tour 5

    Good comments. I preferred them to the exceed 3 but the exceed 4 are much better.
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    Mizuno Wave Intense Tour 5

    Sizing is normal, not narrow.
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    Mizuno Wave Intense Tour 5

    comfortable and supportive
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    How do you rank Becker, Edberg, Wilander

    Mats wore Sergio/Nike trainer 1 = the winner. Some of boris's lotto stuff was tragic and I never liked adidas.
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    Anybody still using a "Classic" racket (1990s and earlier) as their main racket?

    Max200g. Any current string recommendations which go well with it?
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    The magic number was 62

    Those were meant to be shrugs
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    The magic number was 62

    Muster 39/38kg. ‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️
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    Prince NXG (retail) vs NXG Experimental vs NXG Prostock question.

    beautiful but i fear tooooo stiff for me these days.
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    Solinco Whiteout (Prototype)

    Tried the white one. It was nice. Soft. Nicely balanced. Enjoyed it. Nothing standout but good frames.
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    The Fischer Faction!

    These black naked frames now need a new home....
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    Is the EXTREME MP the most comfortable PURE DRIVE alternative?

    I tried that tecnifibre. Powerful and flexible yes but I felt that the ball flew off In a different direction than I expected
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    The Kneissl Knockers .......

    Hit me up anyone for white stars
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    The Fischer Faction!

    Retail Pacific pro 1 am told. Just never painted. Look amazing.
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    The Fischer Faction!

    Yes. Well not blacked out, but rather never painted.
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    The Fischer Faction!

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    Mizuno wave tour 5?

    Couple of years ago ASICS tennis shoes were better. Now Mizuno have caught up I think. Exceed 4 are excellent.
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    Mizuno wave tour 5?

    It’s just new exceed tour 4 coliurway but he has custom shoes
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    Ranking Yonex Rackets (all time)

    Rq180, until they broke
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    Is there a best version of the POG 107

    6 and 7 above are the same basically. Any 4 stripe was completely different IMO
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    Yamaha Secret Experts - Could anyone tell me the specs of Yamaha Secret EX?

    Heavy and stiff as hell. Not as powerful as you’d think. Like two pure drives glued together but heavier. Beautiful military grade weapons but a bit tricky over 3 sets these days.
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    Best version of the Estusa Power Beam?

    Another thing is while all these frames are beautiful, it’s just sooooo much easier to play with a pure drive these days. I foolishly think about 3 times a year that I can use them (well I can and do) but it’s just not effective against more modern frames. In particular on clay. Indoors, fast...
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    HC Swing Extreme -- the NITE version

    Low powered? I thought it was a rocket launcher