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    Anyone know anything about frames made by vostra? Volkl straubing? Red frames thanks
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    Marcos Bhagdatis

    hi - anyone know what his string set up / type / tension etc used to be? or even his racket specs? thanks
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    Looking for anyone in Singapore

    Who can help me buy a couple of rackets from there. Thanks!
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    How to bring intensity to matches

    Hi looking for some tips on focus, specifically with regards to bringing a-game to court. I practice with intensity (think nadal practice- although of course not at that level of skill) but then sometimes suffer and fail to bring the same intensity, focus, racket speed to playing matches. In...
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    Gerade bei #eBayKleinanzeigen gefunden. Wie findest du das? https://www.****
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    Extended frames

    Hi i recently picked up and love some prince nxg mp frames. Anything that plays like them which is a current frame? I know nothing with a crossbar of course, but in midsize 100 sq inches, about 345g strung, and stiffness 63 approx? plus with that crisp feeling? and extended of course? its just...
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    What’s the worlds most powerful poly string?

    Thanks. And would it work in an aeropro drive strung at 22kg?
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    Nike alpha adapt large cross body duffle bag

    Hi anyone using this for tennis? Do rackets fit in? Thinking about it as cannot find a court tech 1 any more Thanks Mike
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    Zero v wildcard

    Hi I searched a little bit couldn’t find any good comparisons between these for play, especially on clay. Anyone? Thanks
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    Puma Becker super appreciation thread.

    Let’s hear it for this great frame, of course made most famous by boris. Used it on and off for many years, and recently realised again how good it is. Disagreements welcome.
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    Any racket which rivals pure aero in spin production .....

    But without the thick beam? Thanks
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    new balance 1296 or 996?

    hi - can anyone summarise the difference? which would you recommend for clay use (of course with the clay sole). is one more cushioned, one faster etc? thanks
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    Mid hi 3/4 shoes

    Hi Apart from Wilson amplifeel, are there any 3/4 tennis shoes? Are the Uber sonics or new diadora fly 3/4? I much prefer the more secure feel but don’t really want to buy basketball shoes of course. Thanks.
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    Biggest bag

    Hi looking for some thoughts on biggest non-racket branded bag (by which I mean not Babolat etc) as well use different frames all the time. Thinking of nike court tech 1 or maybe even a north face base camp duffle (got shoulder straps for carrying etc) See what I mean? Some brand which doesn’t...
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    Prince frames- POG OS, phantom, 100p

    Hi I know there are many separate threads on these frames, but I wanted to bring them together for comparison. Trying to choose between these 3 currently: POGOS crisp solid allows me to play very attacking tennis Phantom. Still learning how to use it. String sensitive. Lower tensions better...
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    Fischer pro 1 ft

    Hi I've searched a lot, but looking for a review of this frame, especially how it compares to regular pro 1. If anyone has one or can find one can they post a link here? Thanks.
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    3/4 mid shoes for tennis

    Hi apart from Wilson amplifeel shoes, is there anything else around which can be compared to old Nike trainer 1, atc etc? For extra support? Or are there any basketball shoes which could be worn on clay? With enough stability and grip? Thanks.
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    nike atc2 or atc huarache

    hi anyone have a good source for these? the huaraches are my favourite shoes for clay, the sock liner stops clay getting in and ruining the inside. have worn out many pairs of vapours and jets at the back on clay. now with atc huaraches, problem solved.....let me know. i mean these in any...
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    Puma Becker super / estusa power beam

    Anyone still using these regularly? Unmatched feel especially from the pumas. Also anyone know a racket painting service in Europe (not ringroll who want 95 euros to paint one racket!!)
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    jet, fury, vapour or something else for clay

    hi looking for some experience and feedback. tried the jets, pretty good. vapours better performance but durability awful. fury anyone? anything better on clay? am about 90kg, mostly baseline player.
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    Best shoes for inside heel wear?

    Guys first place I wear my shoes out is in the back of the foot area, inside the shoe the area where your Achilles is and just lower, due to having kind of small bumps (spurs?) on my heels. Anyone else have the same problem and found a shoe with the longest lasting insides? Babolat jets 6 months...
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    Prince phantom

    hi Do you know when these will be in Europe? And which models? Thanks Mike.
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    POG OS or 100, Textreme 100p, or hold out for new phantom?

    Pretty much as it says. Always come back to the princes. POG os and 100 currently, depending how I feel. Any benefit compared to or disadvantage with 100p or new phantom? Thoughts? Anyone with same dilemma?
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    Air tech challenge 2 / huarache / oscillates etc

    hi anyone know where to still be able to buy these in US size 11? I'm in touch with a great forum member who is helping me out currently just wondered if anyone had any sources. I'm based in Europe. Thanks.
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    most tacky leather grip?

    hi - i have very dry hands, and have often found leather grips to be too dry for me to be able to grip properly. whilst i'm fine with using non-leather, i just wanted to hear people's experiences of the most tacky leather grip? i mean as equally tacky as a eg pacific masters synthetic grip or...
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    some racket suggestions please

    ok, so for the last 6 months, i've been playing with all sorts - every kind of babolat there is. PA, PAT, PD, PDT, PC, PCT, strikes etc. cannot settle with any of them. prior to that, it was pacifics, pro 97, pro 1 252, x force pro. played with almost everything else over the years in attempts...
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    oakley iridium red or sapphire blue

    hi - anyone have experience of which of these 2 lenses is better for clay court tennis? thanks - I mean which helps you see the ball better against the red clay
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    Pacific pro 97 or babolat pure control 95

    love both of them. Anyone tried both? Babolat a touch heavier and flexier. Pacific seems slightly more headlight and faster through the air. Hmm....both accurate.
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    Head sprint pro clay or lotto stratosphere clay?

    Thoughts on both please......?