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    Players who won 3 straight 5-setters in a same event

    trivia: list of players who won 3 straight 5-setters in a same event, in the open era (feel free to help me to complete the list !) kodes, 1974 W (lost a 4th, consecutive) tanner, 1974 USO gehring, 1978 RG teltscher, 1979 RG (lost a 4th, consecutive) dibley, 1979 AO denton, 1981 AO (also won a...
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    Tennis stamps

    let's share our tennis stamps ! i'm sure some of us must have interesting vintage stamps in some forgotten dusty stamp collection... ;) (i'll check mine !) PS: thx @Mainad for the post that gave me this thread idea :p
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    2008-2016: the drought is over (?)

    you may not remember it (as it happened during particularly dark times) but the last teenager to reach a final on the tour was... cilic in 2008 ! :confused: (whereas there had always been at least one each year since 1970 !) from: coric just reached the final in chennai at 19...
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    Best player on a surface... without any title on it ?

    (open era) clay: i guess it's becker ! multiple SF at RG, reached the final of the other important tournaments on clay... yet didn't win any. grass: henman ? tsonga ? carpet: it was abandoned some years ago (unfortunatley), so i guess we should only take players who had the chance to...
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    What racquet sports have you played ?

    *EDIT* if you played "platform tennis", you can select "padle/paddle"... it's more or less the same thing ! an example for "others": the ultimate ping ! (2x2!) but you have lots of other possibilities...
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    Multiple slam-QF/SF/F/W teenagers (open era)

    multiple slam QF before turning 20 (AO,RG,W,USO) 6 becker (1,2,2,1) 5 borg (0,2,2,1), wilander (1,3,0,1) 4 cash (2,0,1,1) 3 ivanisevic (1,1,1,0), edberg (2,1,0,0), agassi (0,1,0,2), chang (0,3,0,0), medvedev (0,2,0,1) 2 mcenroe (0,0,1,1), federer (0,1,1,0), kyrgios (1,0,1,0), amritraj (0,0,1,1)...
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    he/she likes it... you hate it !

    too many cheesy-positive vibes around Xmas... let's have a bit of variety. anything your other half enjoys... that you just can't stand ? :) i'm ready to post a poll, but i'm wondering if i should make it public (i thought about posting a poll to know if i should make it public, but i...
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    lowest-ranked players to win a tournament

    list of lowest-ranked players to win an ATP-tour-level tournament (colour indicates the surface/conditions; highest career ranking, age at the time & total number of titles are also shown; last thing is the way they made it into the draw) #550 lleyton hewitt AUS (#1), 16, adelaide 1998...
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    Bangkok replaced by Shenzhen in 2014

    not sure gulbis will like that... ;) from: ... which gives 3 straight weeks with tournaments in china. Nb: with the WTF and wimbledon, UK also has tournaments in 3 different categories at the moment (counting the US...
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    Who will win in 's-Hertogenbosch 2013 ? (ATP 250)

    Name: Topshelf Open Category: ATP World Tour 250 Place: 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands Date: 16.06.2013-22.06.2013 Draw Size: S-32 D-16 Surface: Grass Prize Money: € 410,200 Total Financial Commitment: € 467,800 draw...
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    Rafael Nadal apologises for 'Rest in peace, Mandela' tweet

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    Perrier Legends Trophy pic : do you recognize everybody ?

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    New Zealand wins after Pakistan tie abandoned (in Burma)

    from: not easy for the pakistanese team: firstly they're forced to played at a neutral venue, and then the tie is abandoned while they were leading ! not sure how their players did swallow that... :? Nb...
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    Who are/were the least aced players ?

    who do you think are (or were) the least aced players ? Nb: it's, of course, not necessarily about the best returners (i think agassi, for instance, despite being a great returner, was still getting decently showered with aces). on the ATP website, stats are available for the aces served...
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    Kimiko Date-Krumm at AO 2013

    みんな さん こんにちは ! no thread about her ? she's in the 3rd round at 42 years old ! i think it's remarkable... (ok ok... 3, 2, 1, 0... until some of you say what a joke the WTA tour is... but still !) ;) even navratilova didn't do this, did she ? (what could be the record ?... mustard...
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    Quatre-quarts: Players who reached the QF at all the slams

    today tsonga joined 7 other active players (federer, hewitt, djokovic, ferrero, nalbandian, nadal and murray) having reached the QF at all the slams. Fig.1: A piece of quatre-quarts, a yummy breton cake...
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    When/why/how did wooden court disappear from the tour ?

    i suppose the last events played on wood were some davis cup ties, such as this one (PAR vs FRA in 1985): but before that, there were some regular tournaments played on wood (the French Pro Championship between 1963 and 1967...
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    Non 128-players draws for old slams

    today, all the slams have a 128-players draw, but it's not always been like this... i think (correct me if i'm wrong) that the last non 128-players draw for a slam was the 1987 australian open: it was a...
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    Who will win in Nice 2011 ? (ATP 250)

    Name: Open de Nice Côte d’Azur Category: ATP World Tour 250 Place: Nice, France Date: 16.05.2011-21.05.2011 Draw Size: S-28 D-16 Surface: Clay Prize Money: € 398,250 Total Financial Commitment: € 450,000 Ticket Hotline: +33 4 91 05 58 52 draw...
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    Who will win in Memphis 2011 ?

    # Name: Regions Morgan Keegan Championships # Category: ATP World Tour 500 # Place: Memphis, U.S.A # Date: 14.02.2011-20.02.2011 # Draw Size: S-32 D-16 # Surface: Indoor Hard # Prize Money: $ 1,100,000 # Total Financial Commitment: $ 1,226,500
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    Who will win in Montpellier ? (ATP 250)

    Name: Open Sud de France (taking Lyon's place in the calendar, won by Ljubicic last year: 75 63 against Clement in the final) Category: ATP World Tour 250 Place: Montpellier, France Date: 25.10.2010-31.10.2010 Draw Size: S-28 D-16 Surface: Indoor Hard Prize Money: € 575,250 Total...
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    Who will win in Gstaad ? (ATP 250)

    no love for gstaad ? ;) already some seeds out... but let's make a poll anyway ! (last year winner: bellucci) Name: Allianz Suisse Open Gstaad Category: ATP World Tour 250 Place: Gstaad...
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    Best unfinished matches ?

    here are some examples that come to my mind, that i really enjoyed until the unfortunate end: pioline d. rafter, USO R128 1999, 46 46 63 75 10 ret. agassi d. rios, miami SF 2002, 67 64 ret. delpo d. gonzo, bercy R16 2009, 67 76 ret. (by the way, those were really tight when one of the...
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    MIAW or WOOF ? FED or NAD ?

    is there any link between cat-dog and federer-nadal preferences ? let's make a poll and let's analyse the results. :p
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    Daniel Nestor... (almost ?) won everything ?

    i'm not 100% sure but i think that during the single final of paris-bercy i heard a commentator saying that daniel nestor has won every tournament (in double) he ever entered at least once (or something like that). could this be true ? of course, if we are nit-picking, i guess we could find...
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    Who will win in Metz ?

    Who will win in Metz [2009] ? Name: Open de Moselle Category: ATP World Tour 250 Place: Metz, France Date: 21.09.2009-27.09.2009 Draw Size: S-28 D-16 Surface: Indoor Hard Prize Money: € 450,000 Last year final: Tursunov [5] d. Mathieu [4] 7-6(6), 1-6, 6-4 Past winners in the draw...
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    Marcos Baghdatis teaming up with Gil Reyes in Las Vegas

    i had thought about this possibility as marcors is sponsored by adidas... and it finally happened ! ;) sorry if it has already been posted before... from: marcos + intense fitness training could give something great ! :) i like his...
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    Sweden-Israel Davis Cup to go ahead without fans

    (after the peer-dubai mess...) from:;_ylt=Akq31uJ0gVfrzsrVDufNgNA4v7YF?slug=ap-daviscup-israel-sweden&prov=ap&type=lgns wow... and it already occured in 1975 with chile ? by the way, no edberg for the tie, finally (as there had been some talk about...
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    Who will win in Johannesburg (2009) ?

    Johannesburg, South Africa 2 - 8 February 2009 ATP World Tour 250 Hard, Outdoor $500,000 32-Players Draw It's a new tournament, for the 1st time in South Africa since the 90's (now we have 2 ATP tournaments in Africa, with Casablanca). It seems to be held...