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    what to do about demo's that are supposed to be sent back on labor day

    I have my demo's that I received last monday, but this monday is labor day and from my knowledge UPS is closed. Do I just ship them back on tuesday? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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    Dunlop Max 200g

    Totally changed post, why do people love this racquet so much
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    Mutual Power

    Can anyone tell me the differences between their main 3 stringers are, the 680, 690, and 750? Only thing I really can read is that the 750 is a ball bearing clutch where the 600's are not. Also if you own/used one what your experience was with them.
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    Czech MS700 value

    Just wondering how much one of these is worth in decent working condition, single action clamps. And if the price is right is it worth it to go for it or to save for a new machine. thanks for any info
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    Spring or drop-weight

    If you had the choice between two machines, say a gamma x-6fc and a gamma x-st and they were each the same price or very close. Which would you take and why. I've been leaning towards a drop-weight simply because theres nothing that can ever really wear out on them. But if a spring tension...
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    Removing grommets

    Not sure if this is in the right category or not, but is there an easier way to remove grommets other than pushing/pulling them out. repainting an exo3 graphite that I got in beat condition for $20 and it just took me probably 30minutes to get those things out with a screwdrive, and 1 or 2 of...
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    Red w/Intenste Green & White
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    time to buy myself a machine (rant)

    Took my racquet to the "local" stringer (20miles away). Drop it off with the strings and tension etc, go back home. Back the next day to pick up. They tossed the other half of each set of my string (had a hybrid string-job), broke one grommet and stretched the other 3 so they'll probably...
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    Racquetball string as tennis string?

    Noticed that racquetball string is very similar to tennis, 40ft packages, multi's, syn-guts. Anyone ever try it in a tennis racquet?
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    Prince Boron generation playability differences?

    Is there any differences in the playability of the prince borons? I know people with the pro-staffs seem to find the st. vincents the magical ones, is it the same for the boron? any opinions/speculations welcome
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    Multi Cross - SynGut Mains

    Is this the norm for a string set-up. Got a used racquet and it has Prince syngut (that cheap neon green string, I personally hate it) and an unknown multi. The multi's slide much more and are fraying as compared to the syngut. From what I've read the sliding is normal but aren't the mains...
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    Funky old string

    Picked up a Copper Ace from goodwill last summer. It's got this really funky string in it, I would assume is not a poly. As far as I can go describing strings I would say its "textured". It has what looks like a small "wire" that wraps around the string. Just curious if anyone knows what...
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    Bevels and being left-handed

    I play with a POG with the original leather grip. Would buying a replacement grip and wrapping it left-handed help with creating some better bevels? Yes I do use an overgrip or two
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    Why were these discontinued

    Prince EXO3 graphite 93/100, ignite/ignite team Because now as far as players sticks go with Prince, you have the rebel with its closed pattern, and the super flexy tour... Do they even know that people still play with smaller, somewhat stiff (60+), low powered racquets?
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    boosting power

    I use a prince exo3 graphite93. Just looking for some advice on ways to up the power that the racquet itself gives me, I've been thinking about adding some lead tape and lowering the string tension (Kirschbaum Pro-line II) down from 60 to 52 or so. Also if anyone has experience with the...
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    extending length

    is there any way to extend a racquets length? I'm looking for an extra 1/2 or a full inch if possible. Playing with my exo3 graphite and switched to my old POG longbody and felt the extra length was helping me out on my shots
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    What lead tape do you use

    title says it i've seen a few versions (toura, gamma, babolat, unbranded) just curious what is most popular
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    Looking for a new string set-up

    Looking to get a set-up that gives me more spin/power while not being horribly harsh on the arm. any type of string works, but if you suggest natural gut please do a hybrid, $40+ a stringjob is a bit expensive for me. anyone have ideas, my most recent string was just a full bed of kirschbaum...
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    Custom racquets

    Don't you sometimes wish there were boutique racquet builders like there are for basically everything else in the world. say "I want a 14x19 string pattern on a 97in frame with 52stiffness, weighing 12.9oz, and 8points headlight" and they would make it for you (for a price of course, and no I...
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    initial feelings towards a few racquets

    Volkl Power Bridge 10 Mid - Favorite to hit with, easy access to spin, great control, and super arm friendly. Headshape looks like an egg, but the sweetspot is right where I normally hit so it never bothered me. ProKennex Ionic Ki 5 PSE - A bit heavy overall, good control, good plowthrough...
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    Backordered demo on Kneissl toms

    I put in a demo for a toms machine in the 3/8" and that was Backordered from a week ago, as in due 10/13. I then called and had it switched to the 1/2" because that was in stock on the demo list. Now I have the updated tracking and it says it is Backordered from early september. Is there a...
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    I placed an order for some racquets today, and one of them says it was due back 10/13. If the racquet is not returned what happens to my demo, do you just send out a new demo in its place, or do I pick a different racquet. Let me know. Thank you
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    getting started

    I'm interested in stringing my own racquets, since having to pay $9 labor + string + gas (closest shop is 30minutes away) is adding up. What do you suggest I do to get started, what do I need to purchase
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    Why do people find hitting down the line so difficult

    Just from a personal point of view, I've never had problems with DTL shots, especially with my backhand (I'm a lefty) You warm up hitting DTL almost every time you play, so why in a match does it suddenly become so difficult for people? Is it just a mental block people get? I know the net is...
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    Babolat Drive Z-OS

    Anyone know anything about this frame? I cannot find anything on it, I'm assuming that the Drive Z 110 is what replaced it as the newer version. Any information, including what they're worth, is appreciated
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    Differences in string patterns

    What are the biggest differences in them, any information appreciated
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    Prince Graphite

    I've been a prince graphite user for around 6 years now. Was reading about how much better the 4stripes are than any other version and decided to grab one off the bay for a good price. Got it today... People are not kidding, the 4stripe just has so much more feel and control from it. I now...
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    POG evolution

    Does anyone know the exact way the POG changed over the years? I'm pretty sure the first version was a single stripe, no headguard/grommets 2nd version was single stripe with headguard/grommets 3rd version is where I'm not sure, 4 stripe? 4th is the straightshaft? 5th is the current tour...
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    Racquet stress crack

    Not sure if this should go in this section of the forum but, I'm looking at buying a racquet from someone but they say that it has a stress crack at the 3 o'clock position on it, at times to me it simply looks like a scratch but at other times it seems like they bashed the racquet head on the...