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    Wilson Pro staff 6.6 85 Stars & Strips - Replacement needed

    A friend of mine can´t find a raquet to replace his olds stars & strips, he bought the k90 but did´t like it much. Any suggestion?
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    Microgel Prestige MP vs. Aerogel 4D 300 Tour

    Hello, can anyone tell me the diferences between these sticks? Power, Control, Touch, Sweet Spot, Manuverality, Confort ..... Today played with the prestige and like it very much, but i was going to buy the dunlop, haven´t demo before...
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    Aerogel 300 16x18 vs rds 001 vs dnx 9

    Hello it´s the first time i´m posting in this forum after being pasive for a long time. So many years without practising this languaje so forgive me if I write awfull. I had a dunlop aerogel 300 16x18 and i was hapy with it but i need a litlle more power, so i sold it. I´m looking for a new...