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    Pure Strike Wimbledon Edition

    I've just seen the Wimbledon Pure Strike. Black frame as normal with lime green highlights where the current frame has red. Looks great and will try and upload the photo.
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    Yonex GTour 310 or 330 Grams?

    Stupid question…but I have got one of an auction site and it was listed as the 310 version but it weighs in heavier. I can't find any indication on the frame at all as to which one it is as both weights are listed on the inside of the throat. Can someone tell me how to tell the 2 apart...
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    This Dreamer made me laugh

    http://www.e** Easy fix I'd say!
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    Novak great impression of Guga

    I'm not a massive fan of his impressions, but i found this by accident and he does a fantastic one of Guga whilst playing him in Brazil. Follow the link and click on the Nintendo advertisement to the right of the screen. There's a report of the match after the advert...
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    309 grms Wilson Six One BLX 95?

    What is this frame as I've seen it advertised a couple of times. Is it an Asian version?
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    Wilson Six One Butt Cap

    I have a 2012 Six One Team, and a 95 16x18, and the butt cap seems more pronounced on the 95. Why would they be different?
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    Lead Tape won't Stick to Bio 300 Tour!

    As the title suggests! Any set ups under the bumper that any of you have used or any bright ideas??!
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    Another Forehand Video! High speed because I think that you get a better sense of the whole shot. My goal over the last few months has been repitition and racquet head speed.
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    Had to share this point!
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    Novak Djokovic's racquet being sold!

    There is already one of the three he threw into the crowd being sold on the UK auction site. Currently at £500+. That didn't take long!
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    Head Instinct XL Pro Stock?

    How can I tell the difference between a regular Instinct Tour XL and a PT161? Any ideas?? Thanks
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    Pat Rafter using a Bosworth?

    Is that what this is??
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    Head Pro Tour 630?

    So I have now got a capped Pro Tour 630 and was wondering what is in comparison to PT57E/A's etc (Are they different?). I have done a search and just found so much stuff that it would take me a month to get through it and find an answer! Can someone please just tell me? Many thanks
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    Racquet Stiffness?

    Can someone please explain how the stiffness of a frame affects the feel etc of a racquet? Thanks.
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    Head Prestige Midplus Lead

    I want to make my Prestiges 3 points head light. With an over grip they weigh 343grams. Any ideas as to how much lead and where to put it?! Cheers.
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    HEAD TGK 260.2 = What??

    I've got a Head Pro stock TGK 260.2, 16x19 string pattern, weighing 350grams and I love it. Not sure about swingweight. The odds of me getting a batch of these are slim and would take ages. I'm thinking of the Volkl C10. Other thoughts please?
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    Tomic Using a TGK 260.2

    No doubt that its not stock as previously stated on threads. Black grommets, pro stock butt cap and 16x19 string pattern.
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    Problem with my TGK260.2

    I don't have enough of them!! After several years of being a sponsored Head coach I finally managed to blag one of these and absolutely love it! It was supposed to be for another player but then he went with a Prestige set up. Racket is 350grm with a tourna grip and suits my game. Problem is...
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    Is a Tweener Frame the best chance of creating a players frame?

    I'm thinking:- Any of the previous Wilson Team frames (nCode, K and BLX) Head Elite Radical Extreme Babolat zDrive range Prince Vendetta etc etc There must be many more, please add as they spring to mind. Leather grip, lead, power pads. Could this be the closest we could get to...
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    YouTek Extreme Pro Replaced Already

    I had the Head rep at the centre yesterday with the new Extreme. Black and gold with new material in it instead of YouTek. The yellow colour scheme didn't sell well apparently. Will take a photo next time he's in but didn't have anything with me this time.
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    Softening Up a Head Extreme Pro

    When these first arrived I put in some cheap Pro's Pro Titanium which I use for some punters because i wanted to try the frames out. I usually string at 61lbs. Liked the rackets and was competing so strung them with full sets of Big Banger Original at 58lbs and now have just the start of tennis...
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    Moving from Prince Response Ti?

    Running out of frames, and to be honest my ego is tired of the questionable looks from anyone under the age of 20 who look at me with sympathy as if i can't afford a new racket!!! Tried the Speedport Tour...didn't like it, although it had certain similarities in terms of slice ability and...
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    AeroDrive GT/Pure Drive GT

    Whats the difference, specs are almost identical? Thinking about getting something new and will try them both regardless but wondered on peoples opinions.
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    Mad Raq London

    There's one for sale on the great bay site. Anyone know anything about it?
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    Pro of the Future...and she's British!!!
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    Donnay Pro One Mid

    If its original is it made in Belgium? http://cgi.e******ISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&item=330318288071
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    New Head Radical

    I'm in the UK and have my new Head contract in front of me. It's the usual deal apart from the offer of the 'New' Radical MP and OS and the 'New' Speed racket. If i want these then i have to weight until July where as the Microgels including the new Extremes are available now. Plenty of specs...
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    Differences if any between 'Designed' and 'Made' in Austria Heads?

    Apart from the obvious, are there any noticable differences in playability or feel??
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    String Gauge?

    How does this effect playablity? Thin strings 'vs' thick strings.
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    Prince Speed Port Tour - The Best Volleying Racquet Ever. Debate

    As above. I've played with a few 'greats' and this tops them all...unfortunately i can do sod all with it on any other shot but for volleying, wow!