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    Which Luxilon for my New KPro Tour

    Hey everyone, I just got a Wilson KPro Tour to replace my K6.1 95 (16x18, which I thought was a little heavy for me. (I couldn't "whip" it fast enough, being only a high school player.) Anyway, I had been using ALU Rough on my 6.1, and since I'm not much of a string breaker (and these are...
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    Switch from K 6.1 95 (16x18) to K Pro Tour 96"

    Hey people, I'm a high-school 3.5 player. I'm currently using the Wilson K Factor 95, but I feel that at times, the high swingweight affects me and I can't return serves or dive or balls effectively. I am always late and have no time to swing through the ball. I hear this new K Pro is a very...
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    Which Hybrid set-up is better?

    Hey I used to use: Mains: NXT Tour 18 (60) Crosses: ALU Rough 16L (58) Now I use: Mains: NXT Tour 17 (60) Crosses: Hurricane Tour 17 (58) It seems that my old set-up was better. What do you think? Should I switch back? And if not, what would be a better set-up with these two...
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    How to tell if racquet's broken

    Hey people, I see a few paint job cracks in my n6.1 95, but I'm not sure if the frame is cracked. Is there some sort of test?
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    New Hybrid Set-up for Season

    I just got these strings: Mains: Wilson NXT Tour 17 Crosses: Babolat Hurricane Tour 17 I am replacing my old setup: Mains: Wilson NXT Tour 18 (60) Crosses: Luxilon ALU Power Rough 16L (57) I liked the feel of my old setup, but I wanted to try something new. Any ideas for stringing...
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    Found a really effective way to nail serves

    I must say, if you try to copy Fed's serve without knowing how he does it, you get the most screwed up serve. But after thinking about it, somethings have helped me nail a flat serve. The left foot should be very closed on the baseline. When you toss, toss high, and quite in front, really...
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    A Good Cross for NXT Tour?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering...what cross would go well with 17g NXT Tour if I want a hybrid. Will a hybrid work better than NXT Tour mains and crosses? The Rough ALU right now works amazingly, but I was wondering if I might be able to get more out of my racquet. Thanks!
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    How to Serve and Volley

    Hi, I'm an aggressive baseliner right now, and I would like to try to learn a S&V game, as I will be playing on grass quite often now. If someone feels like putting useful comments, we should sticky this, since a lot of ppl would probably want to know. So does anyone feel like saying the...
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    Bollé Competivision Experience?

    Have any of you tried these glasses? Do they actually make a difference? I'm thinking of getting the Bollé Swiftkick Competivision Gun + TNS Gun Sunglasses, because they look pretty awesome. Any comments are welcome. Thanks!
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    Good experience with this hybrid.

    I would just like to share this experience. I was at tennis camp for two weeks, using this hybrid, which is amazing. I use it on my new Wilson n6.1 PS 95 16x18. It is: Mains: Wilson NXT Tour 18 @ 60lbs. Crosses: Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough 16L @ 58lbs. It feels great, it's soft, but...
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    Wilson NXT Tour Maximum Tension

    What are the maximum tensions allowed for Wilson NXT Tour 16g? 17g? 18g? Thanks. I strung my NXT Tour 18g @ 60lbs. as a hybrid, and maybe that was too high.
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    string higher for alu power rough

    Im stringing ALU Power rough (in signature) for camp, but I was wondering, since camp is 2 weeeks long, should i string maybe higher, just so the tension loss can settle?
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    Blake with Dunlop or Prince?

    I know that Blake has a contract with Prince, with his "Experimental", but he uses a Dunlop. How does that all work out? Anyone know for sure and isn't guessing? Is Prince trying to copy Dunlop's frame?
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    Tension drop in Hurricane/XCel

    I just broke a set of Hurricane/XCel strings. They were strung at 60/57 on my Wilson (see signature). I was wondering, after two weeks of no play, how much tension will this hybrid drop? Anyone have experience? Also, I'm planning on stringing my Wilson with Wilson NXT Tour 18/ALU Power...
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    Which string plays closest to gut?

    What is the string that you feel plays closest to gut? Also add if your favorite is not included. Try to pick one only, 2 maximum in the poll. Thanks guys.
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    NXT Mains/ ALU Crosses?

    How about this, I know I have bothered you guys in previous posts, but you have been really helpful, so I have decided to switch around the setup. At first I was thinking this: Mains @ 55 lbs. ALU Power Rough 16L Crosses @ 58 lbs. Wilson NXT Tour 18 How about this: Mains @ 58 lbs...
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    Which one to choose for camp?

    I'm going to a 10 day intense tennis camp. I will be playing 5-8 hours every day. I don't break strings often, use a semi grip, one handed developing backhand, strong serve, big forehand, moderate to heavy topspin. Under these conditions, should I string with: Wilson NXT Tour 18 or...
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    Lux BB ALU Power Rough/ Wilson NXT Tour 18

    Hey people. I just got a set of Luxilon BB ALU Power Rough 16L strings and Wilson NXT Tour 18 strings from TW. (thank you!) I was thinking of stringing them like this: Mains @ 57lbs: Luxilon BB ALU Power Rough 16L Crosses @ 60lbs: Wilson NXT Tour 18 I know that mains at a higher tension are...
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    Wilson NXT Tour 18 and/or Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough 16L

    On my Wilson, I'm planning on putting either this string for mains and crosses. At 60lbs, probably. I haven't broken a string, not even XCel Premium 16 after a month and a half. Also, I have a pack of ALU Power Rough strings that I thought might be cool. What do you think? Should I try that...
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    How about this hybrid?

    I've been using my new Wilson racquet with Babolat Pro Hurricane 16 @ 60lbs. in the Mains, and Babolat XCel Premium 17 @ 57lbs. in the Crosses. It seems pretty good right now, but I was wondering about this other hybrid that I just bought and it's sleeping restlessly in my tennis bag ;)...
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    How does Sampras not break his racquet too often?

    Knowing that Sampras strings at 75 for his PS 85, how often do you think he breaks those frames?
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    How many posts for a Signature?

    How many posts do I need until I can put my signature? I have 51 as of now :(
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    Comments about Pro Hurricane/Xcel Premium Together

    I just had this hybrid (Pro Hurricane @ 60/ XCel Premium @ 57) strung on my new Wilson n6.1 95 :o . It sounded great. Very crisp, and the sound, oh man, just like TV. Anyone else feel like this or otherwise?
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    H2O Much?

    How is this Wilson H2Overgrip. My sister sweats tons, and I'm thinking about letting her try this stuff.
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    Please give me the specs on these racquets

    Hi, I was wondering if you guys could help me out to find out the specs for these two old racquets. Damn Prince didn't feel like printing the specs. So here they are: Prince Thunderbolt Oversize (Longbody, with Morph System) Prince Spectrum Comp 90 (White, Heavy)
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    If I string my n6.1 95 above range

    If I string my Wilson n6.1 95 above the 50-60 recommended tension range, do I void the warranty. I mean, Pete Sampras strung at 75, (not that he would need warranties:) ). I was thinking of maybe 62 or 64. What do you guys have to say? Does it make the racquet break a lot easier? Experiences?;)
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    Roddick not using his Signature Racquet

    Maybe there's a thread already on this, but it seems that Andy Roddick has ditched his "Roddick" PD after the Australian Open and is back to his regular PD+. Anyone have input?
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    Wilson n6.1 with these strings?

    Hi. I know this should be in the strings sections, but due to aesthetic and performance reasons, I'll put it here. I was wondering if any of you have strung a n6.1 95 16x18 with Hurricanes/XCel Hybrids. If so, what was your tension? I'm thinking of 57/55, and also, does the blue look bad with...
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    New Wilson nSix-One 95 Soon?

    Will there be a n6.1 95 soon? I noticed that the new nCode racquets don't have the bumps in the 3 and 9 positions.