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    20 is just not enough

    Next dominant players (next era) will amass 20+ under current homogenous surface conditions and current tour system. Unless Djokovic (or Nadal,no?) wins 25+, slam record won't last long. His 7+(6.5?) YE#1 record will last much longer.
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    Regular 1 year based ATP

    When does this ranking return? AFAIK, WTA started a returning process from March, no?
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    Seeking full bed natural gut tension recommendations.

    Used to string pre-bt7 original vs and tonic 16g, 15L at 62 ~ 68 lbs on 18x20. I have Raquet TF40 18x20 and current bt7 Babolat tonic and Klip uncoated. Any recommendations on tension? Thanks.
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    Current status of babolat BT7 natural guts?

    I read somewhere that BT7 recently changed (softened) a bit since it came out first time. Anybody concur with that? Last time I tried BT7, I tried 5~10% lower tension (than original VS or Tonic) but gave up on that( like 5 years ago? ). Now I'm thinking about trying BT7 again and trying to...
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    change how to officiate a warning, point, game and default penalty,no?

    US open tournament refree apparently had only 2 choices orderly escalate in order from warning, point, game,..., default penalty (novak did not get a prior warning. So starts with a "warning") escalate it straight to the default penalty US Open confused us with "intentional", "reckless" but it...
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    Federer looks a bit grumpy at Wimbledon.

    Almost looks like he does not really like to play tennis at times. It actually started from 2018. Why? Simple getting old ? Or is it just me?
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    When is written reviews on Graphene 360 Speeds

    are due ? ... with category numbers... Thanks.
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    Ratio(?) of Oval shaped frames (starting from Prince Textreme Tour 100P)

    I usually stay away from Prince because their racquets usually have very round head shapes. But I noticed their tour lines are pretty oval. And started wondering if there are data I can dig for how much elongated head shapes racquets have. Would it be as oval as Head frames (e.g. Prestige and...