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    Hitting partner in Syracuse, NY area?

    I recently moved to Liverpool, NY and I am looking for a hitting partner. I would say I am around 3.5-4.0. Or at least used to be. I can still hit the ball well. But timing is off. I live in an apartment complex, Grenadier Village, and i have the tennis court in my backyard. If you live...
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    Gimme some pointers on serve. [VID]

    here are the serves. 3 serves for each side Vid 1 Vid 2 Vid 3 the third one is sideways. comments welcome. can someone tell me how i can get more spin on the serves to make them safer and possibly a little faster. They tend to break down during matches. Any execution flaws...
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    Rate my serve video inside

    back again, for the third time i believe or fourth. Tell me my progress. ^^^^^^^^^^as someone mentioned, the F word slipped out of the camera man after he was hit by one of my serves, so please refrain from watching if you find that it is...
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    How long?

    im really curious, how long does it take for an average tennis player or even urself to get to a level where u can hit forehands and backhand and volleys and serve and all the relevant stuff with pace and consistency. And what NTRP level would that be? thanks
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    Help me ID this string

    yea, i broke the strings on my racquet, and i've been using my friend's PS Tour 90 with this string that says "Prince synthetic gut 16 gauge alpha usa". Let me tell you, i donno if its the combination, but the setup is amazing. Everyshot is so crisp, alot of power too. Im just curious, is...
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    How's my serve[decent quality video included]

    is this considered a kick? you can kinda see it now how can i make it kick more? and wat NTRP range is this second serve in? all comments welcome the video is the best looking out one of the bunch. I can upload full thing if necessary to give me more insightful tips...
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    Any shoes to keep my feet blister free?

    Anything that is below say 80 that relieve my feet of the burning sensation when i play.
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    rate my serve tell me wat u think, ill try to get the original video up for better quality
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    Question for PS 6.0 85 owners

    i have the PS 6.0 85 china version, the one with the black and red butt cap. it feels very light, statically. Any of you have the same thought? It doesnt swing very heavy either. Maybe its just me. Here's my racquet history: Wilson Grand Slam dont remember head size Wilso Ncode N5 98...
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    FAKE prostaff 6.0 85 CHINA ???

    i just got one off the famous auction site and i received it today but when i held it in my hands, it feels much lighter compared to my pro staff tour 90(which has a shrink wrap, a grip and an overgrip on it) and the paintjob on the ps 6.0 looks very awkward. it is the CHIAO TA version on...
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    Need advice on serve, video included

    wat am i doing wrong and any comments welcome 4175 2406
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    how fast is this serve

    i know many of you might have seen this on youtube, just curious about how fast is this serve sounds nice and crisp
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    Anyone had a fake HPS 6.1 before?

    recently got a hps 6.1 off ****. Went hitting with it today, felt unusually light compared to the n6.1 that i had. it looked authentic with the hologram and a graphic below the hologram. But still not sure.
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    Best Racquet Of All Times

    post what you think is the best racquet of all times name ur playing style and the racquet of course
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    Question about the Wilson racquets/ specifically nsix-one 95 16x18

    do all the wilson production racquets(meaning the authentic wilson racquets) have a "not for resale if hologram is missing" graphic underneath the hologram?