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    Posterior Shin Splints

    Can anyone recommend solutions for Shin Splints? I have deduced (from Googling :confused:) that it's posterior shin splints, pain is mostly around the Posterior Tibial Tendon, I have slightly flat feet - somewhere between regular and flat I guess. edit: Seems the correct term is "medial tibial...
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    Multi-purpose shoes (tennis/basketball)

    Looking for some advice/suggestions on some shoes I can buy. I always play in Free Runs (bad idea, I know) and after putting my ankles through some pain this week I decided I need a pair of shoes with more support. Not only that but the concrete has shredded up my Free's quite nicely too. I'm...
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    Racket bags & covers

    Are you meant to use your racket covers inside your racket bags? Feels like a pain in the ass to take a racket out of 2 bags, but having them without covers in there, they just bump around and I constantly hear them smashing into each other :confused: I figure pros don't do it, but they have...
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    Nike's gift to Federer (mystery box?)

    EDIT: sorry seems I was a bit slow today - So Fed (or his PR team hah) has posted this image on Facebook. along with the caption: Nike Tennis sent me this today. Says don’t open until Monday... Any ideas of what’s inside? Anyone care...
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    Quick question about poly/racket weight

    I have a racket strung up in full poly, moderate-high tension, i haven't used it in ages because it shreds my elbow up and i swapped over to a hybrid. the strings on that racket however just recently broke, i have a match later on today (just a friendly hit) and i have to use the full poly...
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    how did safina ever reach #1

    I'm watching the clijsters/safina game atm and wow. I mean Clijsters is good and all but this is heading toward a double bagel
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    if you had to pick any 2 players

    on the ATP, and join their achievements together to get the ultimate list of records/achievements, who would you pick Sampras + Fed for a combined total of 10 billion slam titles or Nadal + Fed for a combined total of only 1 or so billion calendar slams.
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    Random test with random words!

    this is just a test, im working with fictional company names but i was hoping i could get some understanding of what people think what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you read these words: a. Def b. Apt c. Aptivous dont google them or anything just first thing that comes...
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    Roger Federer (SUI)[1] vs. Lleyton Hewitt (AUS)[22]

    Potentially huge match, what are your opinions? Being an Australian myself I have to support Hewitt here, but Federer is my favourite player and I can't deny that he has spanked him for the previous 10000 matches, so it sucks for me that they have to vs. in the R16 :( I predict Federer in 5...
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    eyecandy 2010 AO commercial pretty good job considering they were using footage from the AO this year and not greenscreened shots
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    heel pain?

    usually i just use casual nikes (af1s lol) or dunlop volleys for tennis but i wanted a proper tennis shoe so i went out and got some dunlop tennis shoes with proper support and everything, played a 3 setter and went home. all was good next day i wake up and im having a bit of heel pain.. like...
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    Hey, I was just wondering if you guys over at TT have any programs for Affiliates? I was hoping to set up a tennis blog in the near future and thought it would be great if you guys had some sort of deal going where I could link back to tennis rackets here.
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    Which Top10 singles player would you play doubles with?

    Against the Bryan Bros or Nestor / Zimonjic? And I'll throw in a $5mil prize for some motivation. Edit: oh yeah and you get a bunch of training from your partner for a few months or so for prep, and you only have to win 3 games not 6. so you dont get totally wrecked.
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    Reason for Federer's poor results as of late (SPOILERS).

    Federer threw the USO final. Then he threw the Basel final. And now he's tanked Paris to a noob. Through extensive research I have conducted that Federer has been doing this in order to make the K90 seem like a terrible racket, so that when he picks up his BLX90 next year he will gain a...
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    Australia - Sydney! Indoor courts

    Any Sydney tennis players know of indoor courts? I can't find one anywhere and it's been raining the past few days. Also, if there are any 3.0's or 3.5's around the Hills District post in this thread if you want to organize a hit some time!
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    Starting in backscratch position

    This would look very awkward, but has anyone experimented with starting in a backscratch position before even tossing? I mean this as in, having your elbow raised up, and your hand with the racket hanging loose off that, just in a waiting position ready to swing. I'd assume you'd lose a tiny...
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    They should have a history event.

    Just an exhibition event perhaps where players are restricted to old wooden frames. No seats on changeover, no towel balls, and everyone wears white (just 'cos). Wouldn't that be great haha.
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    Hewitts racket & lead tape

    Just curious, does he lead his tape up at all? I haven't seen any in pictures edit: ok it appears to be lead at 3 and 9 here but how much?
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    Change of racket - tennis elbow

    For the past year I've been using an RQiS Tour, tiny bit of lead on the head, full poly setup. In that year I've had no problems with my elbow or forearm at all, everything was fine.. But around 2 weeks ago I picked up my PS85 again, just to help my service game (I find it hard to generate pace...
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    Facing Federer (documentary) part 1, and you can watch them all from here. I'm not sure how old it is but its very interesting to see the pros and how they act when they're not on court. Has lots of footage from other players, its not just Federer btw.
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    has nadal changed his serve?

    i've seen him using pinpoint now but i swear i remember him using platform/hybrid at some point. my internet is fudged so i can check youtube
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    Another what if dream matchup:

    Federer/Nadal vs Sampras/Agassi doubles game, all in their prime. How would it go at the following surfaces: AO FO W USO Discuss
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    If you took

    The best attributes from Roddick, Hewitt, and Safin, and made one player, do you think he would be able to rival Federer? I chose those 3 because they were the 3 who were hanging around the top in the earlier part of the decade, but could never break through because of Federer.
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    End of the world in Australia

    check the images at www.apti i literally just woke up (its 6:45am) and these are photos taken from my bedroom window. lol
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    thinnest REPLACEMENT grip?

    i have 4 3/8 currently using wilson truegrip, i was given this racket as a present so i had no choice in the grip size and i would like to make this feel more like a 4 1/4 i dont like the feeling of just using an overgrip, so i'd like to ask what are some of the thinnest replacement grips you...
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    pace on kick serves?

    ive pretty much got my kick serve up to 90% success rate, i can get good spin on the ball and it bounces ok i guess, but most of the time it lacks depth/pace. when i swing faster, all that happens is more spin on the ball, but its not going any faster
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    what is your new username going to be? hhahaha
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    I got my kick serves down!

    it took me a whole 2 setter doubles match using only 2nd serves (even for first serves, for practice sake), but by my last 2 service game i managed to get them down pretty well. i started out with a continental and after much frustration i decided to just try out the eastern bh grip which i...
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    [video] help my 2nd serve im not going for the twist so much, just topspin. im also not going for much pace as im still learning the fundamentals of putting spin on the ball and placing them in the box sorry for the jeans, i wasnt planning on going to the courts i just had...
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    GOAT: The Poll

    delete thread again lol left out sampras, making new poll anyone else i forgot?