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    Fabrice the magician

    i wouldnt be 'surpirsed' if people state that he has the best touch in tennis.... but to say he is the most talented.....ummm, no. very cool to watch though. he always plays a couple interesting points in any match ive watch him play.
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    ATP Masters Toronto Winner (poll)

    blake over safin, thats ridiculous. i know i call safin a huge waste of talent but please.
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    Nice time at the Acura

    ...sounds boring. you coulda tanned at the beach or played tennis instead.
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    USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center

    hahaha you made laugh. 'one fell swoop' 'black folk' 'the queers' hahahaha
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    Is Brian Baker done trying to make it?

    wth is brian baker? he was a no-name before he even became one.
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    Mel Gibson wata Christian Scammer

    the passion of the anti-semite
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    crazy croats

    what about myskina? and is it true hingis used to be hingisova?
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    The Us Open Favorite.

    she did ok. the match was fugly to watch but if ms valtrex is sick then she has a crack at the open.
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    crazy croats

    lemme get this right, the croats are crazy because of their name and their stature....
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    Your favorite Potato Chips?

    is it true wow's potato chips gives people anal leakage?
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    Fabrice the magician

    the vs gaudio one was better.
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    Vaidisova's in the top 10

    she is the james blake of the women's tour
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    Roddick withdraws . . . AGAIN

    he probably knew that fed and nadal were committed.
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    The Us Open Favorite.

    i still say kim or herp-lip have a better chance, with the upper hand to JHerpHerp....
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    ugly match.
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    Shot spot and hawk eye (new challenge rules)

    we should make ball-robots too and get rid of all the ballkids/ballpeople.
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    Your favorite Potato Chips?

    the potato chips with the red and white stripe bag. they are super crunchy and come in salt and vinegar or jalapeno. so good.
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    Donald Young??

    you people waste your time on donald young. at this age, nadal already showed he could be a champion.
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    Why are Christians Afraid of 666?

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    Sharapova wants more money

    shriekapova is actually pretty charitable, annoying as f**k but charitable and dependable and brings people to the courts----unlike some players who have the case of the no-show. she can charge whatever she's worth. people had no problems with kournikova whoring herself out.
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    success players vs better players?

    ????????????????????????? hooked on phonics worked for me.......
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    Agassi picture thread

    i think the poster was trying to comment on how connors left the game with some dignity
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    Safin's long lost twin brother

    presence of a controlled substance in your test could get you banned or suspended from the tour. that includes the crap the OP was smoking or eating with his brownies.
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    Safin has the fastest serve

    its the luxilon strings.
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    Comparison between players of past and present?

    yeah right. their strokes might look funky and they might not hit as hard but they would be the ultimate backwall.
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    Breaking strings...

    my gosh. thats a record. do you actually swing at the ball? whoa.
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    Agassi's Goodbye Tour is a Stinker

    who doesnt? he has kids to look after. either way, people will have their opinions. youre wrong if you say that his goodbye tour sucks and youre wrong if you say that he shouldve retired while he was closer to the top, ie last USO. whatever.
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    Why are Christians Afraid of 666?

    yeah. the general theme was 'fear god' when it shouldve been 'keep god in your heart and follow his values' i hate institutions that function with the 'fear god'/'youll burn in hell for this and that' attitude.
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    Juan Carlos Ferrero

    how do you its not. its not like he's shown you any differently. whatever this thread is old.