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    Interesting hitting behavior

    A guy I hit with has recently developed an interesting habit. In between points and between my first and second serve, he will pick up balls that are not in the way and feed them accidentally-on-purpose badly to me so I have to walk around and clear them away. It's been a little while and...
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    Pure Strike 98 16x19

    Just wanted to leave some feedback for this stick. Early on it received some mixed/lukewarm reviews and has not seemed to be a smash hit for Babolat, possibly because of a lack of high profile endorsement on the men's tour. Tsonga was supposed to be the standard bearer but he fell on hard...
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    Volkl Super G 8 315

    I recently noticed this frame. Has a very positive review and seems to fall into a players tweener sort of category. Anyone have first hand experience with it?
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    Pure Strike 16x19

    I've read the feedback so far in the TW/customer reviews and browsed through some of the threads on the forum on the pure strike. I was wondering if anyone had hit with the 16x19 lately and had some additional feedback? The specs on this racket seem really great but there isn't that much talk...
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    Hurricane Feel

    Anyone have any comments about babolat hurricane feel? I've read the customer feedback on TW and stringforum, it is a bit of a mixed bag. It seems like not too many people use it which is odd since pro hurricane and pro hurricane tour are quite popular. I will be hitting a hurricane feel x...
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    Head graphene speed mp vs Dunlop bio M3.0

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has hit with both these sticks and can offer a first hand comparison. The specs are quite similar and I would love to get some feedback on power, feel, control etc. I was going to get the speed but recently have been offered a great deal on the M3.0. Feedback...
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    Head Graphene Speed MP vs Wilson Blade 16x19

    Hi folks, I've been interested in the new 16x19 blade. Hit with it the other day and generally liked it. I thought it was slightly more head heavy than I'd like. It felt good but did not really leave much room for lead tape customization in the hoop. The graphene speed mp has similar specs...
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    Cheap gut-poly imitation hybrid

    I hear that gut mains and poly crosses are really good (duh). I don't like the harshness of many polys and their tendency to die after ~10 hrs. Gut is rain-sensitive and pricey. So I thought maybe a hybrid of babolat excel power 17 mains and head rip control 17 crosses might be a good idea...
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    2004 masters cup final

    I was looking back at some tour finals history and I noticed that the 2004 final was only best of three sets. Why was that? I can't remember why, and the best of 5 format was still in place for another 3 years. Anybody know the answer? Was it shortened by weather?
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    World Tour Finals history

    Has there ever been an occasion where a player lost twice in the round robin and then went on to win the tournament?
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    Head models and grip shape

    I know that the speed line of head racquets has a slightly less rectangular grip than the traditional head grip shape. Which other racquet models, if any, in the head line also have a grip like the speed racquets?
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    Open/neutral stance inside out forehand

    Looking for some ideas on getting more power on this shot. I hit closed stance comfortably, and neutral stance ok. Mainly I'm concerned with maintaining the identical impact position and power as an open/neutral stance inside IN forehand -- thus maximising disguise. I find that...
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    Sampras, Agassi, Fed, Nadal Exo

    Should be an entertaining Hit for Haiti on March 12th. Where can I find this online. Any live streams?
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    YouTek Extreme release date

    Anyone know when Head plans to release it? Youhzny and Kuznetsova are playing the new paintjob already. In a related question, when might the current extremes go on sale?
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    StickTennis: World Domination

    Really fun game on sticksports dot com. Top 5 get very difficult (although for some reason I spank Lendl easily). Give it a try, it's fun. on earth do you guys beat Sampras? They did a good job modelling his game; monster serve, killer volleys, huge flat groundies. And when you...
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    Wind managment

    I played recently on a gusty day with the wind blowing directly lengthwise down the court. Medium wind, but unpredictable. Couldn't properly time my groundstrokes, and couldn't keep my serves in when serving with the wind. Really annoying, basically was forced to take very conservative swings...
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    Looking for funny ntrp thread

    A while ago I remember reading a humourous thread about informal ntrp level descriptions. Something like, "..... 2.0 You suck, and your momma tells you so; ..... 3.5 You suck, but you don't know it; ....... 5.0 You get bagelled by a 15yr old national junior, he tells you you suck." Can anyone...
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    Interesting inside look at 1999 French Open Nice interview with 2 great players.
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    NTour Two 95

    It's on sale now at TW!
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    Extreme Heat Policy

    I think I just saw the on court temperature in the roddick-djokovic match at 58 degrees celcius. Is that right? How hot does it need to be before the heat policy kicks in? I would have thought it would be around 40-45...
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    Who won this point?

    In this video of the fed-murray match in shanghai 2008, who wins the point begins at 8:02 of this video ? What a point! Did murray get there in time?
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    Simon: the next davydenko?

    late bloomer, great court coverage, counterpunching flat hitter, but with a little bit more power and perhaps some more mental toughness (especially against the big names). he hasn't proven to have davydenko's great consistency yet, but what do you think?
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    Djokovic skipping Vienna?

    Is this true? He doesn't seem to be in the draw on the tournament website. I haven't heard anything about it, so it surprised me a bit.
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    Looking into the camera

    I don't know about you guys, but i really enjoyed it when fed looked into the camera and playfully grinned and shook his fists after the match. It was a nice moment to share with his fans, especially after a very difficult year. Nadal, Djokovic, and Murray have many years left to continue...
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    Mary Carillo: "The US Open is much faster than Wimbledon"

    She just said that on the CBS Broadcast of the Nadal-Querrey match. No contradiction from Jmac. Many people have noticed this over the past 2-3 years, but this is the first time i heard a commentator actually say it.
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    Olympic draw

    Where can I find the complete draw?
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    Borg, tennis visionary

    Djokovic, who's done nothing much at wimbledon, who you ridiculously picked ahead of the 5-time defending champ, has been booted out of the tournament in the second round. Borg is just as bad as pele. A former great player who should know when to be quiet, but keeps on yapping and looks...
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    Powerholes on KBlade team

    You can see the slots built into the KBlade Team frame, generally around the sweetspot. The original NBlade OS definitely did not have them. These are the same type of slots that were used in the old N1 and N3 racquets, among others. What do you guys think about this change? Why wouldn't...
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    Kblade team vs. Nblade OS

    I've been looking into the Kblade team, I think it could be a good racquet for me. If there are any people who have played with both these frames, I'd really like to hear from you about how each frame played and whether or not you found any significant difference between the two.
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    Seppi racquet in win over nadal

    I don't recognize this racquet at all; anyone know what it is?