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    Tsitsipas on Natural Gut

    You souldn't use ANY animal related products.
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    Edberg's racquet in 2014

    Tribesmen... it's fine, I really understood what you were saying, I was just messing around with you a bit... Instead of us buying the new marketing racquets, we should try and buy what is still available and made, more or less like in the old days, Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 85, Wilson Pro Staff 6.1...
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    Edberg's racquet in 2014

    No it wasn't... Audi Quattro, Lancia 037, Lancia S4, Renault Alpine A110, Peugeot 205 T16, Fiat 131 Abarth, Fiat 124 Abarth, Lancia Stratos, Mini, Ford Escort Mk1, Ford Escort Mk2... now, these were great rally cars...
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    String for Spin effect racquets

    So there are some spin effect racquets around... But what about strings to use with them? Would mono/poly be the best compromise or something more posh? Will the open patterns make people use thicker gauge? Will the use of synth gut be the norm for these strings on the "common player's"...
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    Federer uses a new string?

    Aha... you're so funny.
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    Federer uses a new string?

    I took a closer look on the 1st pic... I was wrong. You have to look on the shaded part of the string to confirm is the same setup as stated by Pickle9.
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    Federer uses a new string?

    Looks like 4g
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    What's The Thinnest Gauge You Can Use?

    I've played with Luxilon Ace 112 and loved it... too expensive to be a regular user though, which is a shame.
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    2014 Wilson Prostaff 90

    People buy a racquet for their visual appeal?! The pros don't seem to mind why would you... because they are paid for? If they are paid for, then I think they could manage to ask for a special/exclusive PJ to them... not only the racquets themselves. Most classic racquets that are raved...
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    Why do people say Federer needs a bigger racquet whenever he loses...........

    Is this still on discussion????... Get a life...
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    Poor Jelena Jankovic... can't even get a racquet sponsor?

    But today she has the Prince symbol on her strings... was there any change on her status as sponsored?!
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    Poor Jelena Jankovic... can't even get a racquet sponsor?

    But today she has the Prince symbol on her strings... was there any change on here status as sponsored?!
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    Vijay Amritraj considers Rod Laver the greatest

    The old question who is the better of All Times? Simple answer... it depends whom you ask. It's all to do with generation and personal tastes. Nothing else. If it was only the number of titles... then tennis wouldn't be emotional, it would be mechanical. So if Vijay Amritraj says...
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    Luke Jensen said Rafa went heavier and Roger bigger

    Actually, if I remember correctly, he said it was basically the same since 2002 so, witch model would it be? Pro Staff 90?
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    *** T-Fight Club***

    Just received my 2x TFights 320 (2011)... I haven't played yet but, they seem lighter to hold than my previous Prince More Control DB MP.
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    Djokovic SIMULATING injury against Ferrer???

    It was Emanuel Couto but... I get your point... Port wine doesn't make you drunk if you drink it correctly, I should know :) And yes, I agree they're not the best but, it's what we have. I think they were a dash on Djokovic's side rather than taking a more neutral approach for the game...
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    Djokovic SIMULATING injury against Ferrer???

    It looks like someone doesn't like others opinions and prefers a direct approach/attack... As you shoukd know, Djokovic is well known for simulating injuries. And I still think he was faking.
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    Djokovic SIMULATING injury against Ferrer???

    What agony! :shock: This guy is unbelievable... it just fakes on every sinle match except... exhibitions. It is now 4-1 on the 3rd and there are Portuguese comentators saying that he is now better from the injury... if it was a real injury there are 2 people that can really help, they are...
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    Why mostly about racquets?

    I know it is easier to study about racquets but... Since most pro's are creatures of habit, how about we gather a bit and try to seek old strings and apparel (shoes and what have you) habits? It can be a bit more difficult but refreshing :)
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    More spin from a poly

    1- How about set a higher tension on the mains and, keep with the 17 guage X-One Biphase? 2- Use 18 gauge X-One Biphase on the mains, since you are not a string breaker. 3- Again, since you are not a string breaker, stay away from poly.
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    Pro Kennex Black Ace 98 295 VS. Pro Kennex Ki5 315

    Thanks for your POV, anyway. Cheers.
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    Pro Kennex Black Ace 98 295 VS. Pro Kennex Ki5 315

    Any thoughts on these two racquets? Has anyone played with them? The differences and similarities? Wil a Black Ace be comfortable to the arm, as the Kinetics are reportedly good for?
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    New to stringing question

    It's probably a Seppi's racquet. Maybe a C or something with Ki5 paintjob. Lucky sod.
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    How IG Prestige Mid feels?

    If you want a 1980's racquet buy one... Maybe playtesters were saying that it has the same feel but, according to modern sticks. I'm pretty sure the Prestige will be always the Prestige, it won't feel like 1980's or 1990's versions because materials have changed. But they will still be...
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    Help needed from Pro Kennex experts

    I think someone got a real players stick :)
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    Edberg's 2012 rackets and string

    Maybe Federer offered him one of his?!
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    Federer Injures Back

    An injury is an injury. I believe that, all top players, one time or the other, have had their injuries and stated that on press releases, press conferences... what have you. Most of us here, when lose a match tend to find excuses, including small and insignificant injuries. According...
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    Rafa switches to a heavier racquet!

    So many people here discuss and crave to know about what the Pros do or not to their racquets regardless what it is... And now that someone just comes and, on a press conference about several tennis matters says, that he is using a heavier tuned racquet people tend to make bad...
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    Heavy Racquet Suggestions

    I would go for one of the following: Head Prestige MP or Pro, Babolat PSTG or (2 personal additions so sorry about this) the new Prince Rebel 95 and new Wilson Six One 95 BLX 18x20,
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    Is Prince in trouble?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but are you implying that building a 2-piece racquet with no grommets (the More range) and O-ports aren't new things? How about Wilson's players frames? They have had the same basic design for years... only changing colors... people don't seem to care about technology...