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    The obvious reason junk ballers are so much better at match play than you are

    Junkballers win because they suck players into awkward positions they don't want to be in. Playing an attacking shot off a short ball with allot of backspin at the net is not easy and once the junkballer has their opponent up the court, hitting a weak approach shot. They have them where they...
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    If you’re not spraying balls, you’re not pushing your envelope.

    To me this just sounds like another ball basher trying to justify why they are sending the ball into the back fence. Any fool can hit a tennis ball hard if they don't have to hit into the court, the skill is in having controlled power.
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    Pushers are you having fun?

    I sometimes use a combination of moonballs and moonball style spin serves but here is the thing, I only do it against bad players, if I tried it against anyone half decent they would destroy me. A moonball is to easy for a good opponent to deal with. They have all day to line up the perfect...
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    4.0 is my final offer

    It is very difficult to compare different tennis playing areas. It depends on the number of players in your area, the predominant style play and the type of courts/playing conditions in your area. For example I play in a part of Britain which is cold, damp and often very windy. It tends to...
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    Dealing with fast players

    These type of players drive me to distraction, the only way I have found to beat them is to play at max power and smack the crap out of the ball. However it is a lottery whether that works or not and being naturally conservative I want to play more controlled tennis. The problem is, when I play...
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    4.0 is my final offer

    Yep that is familar, lots of balls hit slowly up the middle, game turning into a prodathon at the net and unforced errors out of nowhere. Oh the joys of rec tennis.
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    Recreational Matchplay Feedback

    The reality for most rec players, is there serve is going to be much slower than they think it is and knowing how much MPH you're making is pretty irrelevant. If you want to know how good your serve is, play matches. If you can get it in and hold your serve, then your serve is OK. I can ace...
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    Recreational Matchplay Feedback

    That is terrible advice, the basis of any decent tennis player is the rally ball, it is what gives you the platform for offence. You can't just go to max power and try blast people off the court when you don't have the quality to do that.
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    Recreational Matchplay Feedback

    My advice is learn from pushers. Tennis matches are won by the player who makes the fewest unforced errors. Both of you have a tendency to go for a hail mary shots when you are off balance or on the stretch. Great when it comes off but most of the time you'ill miss. Instead of doing that, hit...
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    How do You find/feel your forehand grip?

    I just do it automatically, the racket just ends up in the correct grip for the shot I am going to hit, I don't have to think about it.
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    This is not 3.5 tennis

    It is difficult to judge the level of that because both players are giving each other balls which are easy to deal with and have a bit of pace on them. Most points are won when one player breaks down, an unforced error, instead of a winner. Find yourself a pusher/junkballer to play and show us...
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    Rate my forehand? Been working on it with a ball machine. Ready for matchplay?

    The problem with matches, especially at low level, is no player is going to give you those easy consistent feeds like that ball machine. Take me for example, I struggle against junkballers in my local league and have beaten one out of four. Yet in practice, with someone who could give me...
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    Feedback please on this 4.0 matchplay

    it looks like a fun match but realistically any half decent pushers or junkballer would destroy either of you. You're both playing an error strewn baseline game and most points are won on unforced errors. It 3.5 level stuff I am afraid. To be fair, if I was American, that would be my level as well.
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    138 KMH Serve

    The brutal truth is, most tennis serves by rec players are much slower than players think. Obsessing about pace is pretty pointless, control is far more important. A player who can place their serve, change the spins on the serve and get their serve in consistantly is going be effective, even...
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    Atp male forehand vs. female wta forehand. What's the difference?

    I have to admit I am a sceptic about all this. I have never known coaches at club level teach different stroke mechanics to men/boys and women/girls. I always assumed it was just a way to wind up posters when they put up videos. Look at this guy, WTA forehand and waiter serve, what a joke.
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    Looks like Essential Tennis is losing their indoor court

    To be fair to pickleballers, maybe the tennis community should stop complaining about them and figure out why they are so successful? I don't know about America but in Britain tennis is a dying sport. Unwelcoming clubs full of cliches, difficult to learn, expensive to play all year and very...
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    Weird: My Opponent Hits Baseline-hugging, High Bouncing Balls

    If they hit the line all the time, you lose, it is really that simple. That is unbelievable control and depth. Especially if they are able to get work on the ball.
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    How to beat thia kind of pusher

    Yes but is the point, you can't push against these sort of players. I often play as a pusher, endlessly defending till my opponent misses. You can't endlessly defend at the net. If you prod and poke it there, against somebody fast who knows what they are doing. You're just asking to be passed or...
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    How to beat thia kind of pusher

    Tried that, doesn't work. If you attempt to push back at the net you will get passed. These guys are fast and have enough skill once they have run a ball down to find the passing shot. The approach and the volley have to be good to have any chance of success.
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    How to beat thia kind of pusher

    Not sure I can get much more power. To be fair my first serve reaches the back fence without hitting ground and I can hit a second serve which has enough kick to go clean over someones head. Unfortunately to do this I am having to throw my whole body into the serve, so whether I can control...
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    How to beat thia kind of pusher

    Your second paragraph isn't very helpful because the people I am playing are dropping the ball into the service box near the net. As for how they can do it? I don't have a powerful enough serve to stop them doing it. To be fair I am getting more power but it has been relatively warm the last...
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    How to beat thia kind of pusher

    It is pretty obvious, the ball is close to and below the level of net. You attempt to generate pace on that, you'ill either hit the net or go long. Serve volley players I have spoken to about this say that you shouldn't even try to generate pace in that position and placement is far more...
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    How to beat thia kind of pusher

    My league is full of these kind of players and they are a nightmare to play. Now I am not sure they are actually pushers because they are employing an effective anti-pusher strategy. Pushers love defending the baseline, looking for errors from ballbashers, they hate playing at the net. So what...
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    When opponent crowds the net in doubles, can you target them?

    How exactly is you opponent cutting off all the angles, by definition they can't cover the whole of the net. If they tend to move on way, just hit it the other.
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    Got destroyed by a junkballer

    In my defence my opponent said I was by far the biggest hitter he had faced in the league, which surprised me a bit. My problem is I am mid paced. Not enough power to consistently get passed good defensive players but enough pace for them to work with.
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    Got destroyed by a junkballer

    I agree with that and even he admitted he had been placed in the wrong group in the league. He has played five players and drop barely a game in all those matches.
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    Got destroyed by a junkballer

    You're right but I have always based my game on percentages, which is the advice which players are given to be fair. Don't play shots which are beyond your ability. My percentage volley just isn't good enough to win me the point. It is simply run down, then I am in trouble.
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    Advice on what I can improve?

    It is hard to tell from a side view in practice. Rear camera in match play would be more useful.
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    Got destroyed by a junkballer

    Yes that was the issue, I tend to play a relatively steady game. Basically I watch the ball and concentrate very much on getting al the shot mechanics right. This generally means I am steady but those kind of rally balls just weren't hurting my opponent. He just ran them down and gave me another...
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    Got destroyed by a junkballer

    Tried that, he was both fast and could play at the net.