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    Bring on Delray!

    I don't know the last time I've ever looked so forward to a regional 250 tennis tournament. I don't know if it's the natural optimism of the new year, or the dearth of professional tennis in 2020, but I cannot wait to see good old best of 3 matches with no gimmicks. No Cincinnati in New York...
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    Federer to miss 2021 AO

    The 39 year-old all court player doesn’t want to kick off his post knee-surgery comeback with a best of 5 on hard court against the world’s top players? He’s done.
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    Andy Murray awarded wildcard for Australian Open (2021)

    One more time! Old man Murray That old man Murray He’s always retirin’ But don’t stop enterin’ He just keeps takin’ Keeps on takin’ up slots. . .
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    Andy Murray takes a wild card to Del Ray Beach

    Old man Murray That old man Murray He’s always retirin’ But don’t stop enterin’ He just keeps takin’ Keeps on takin’ slots. . .
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    The surprise player next year

    Lots of bold predictions on this thread. The answer is Tommy Paul. Don’t respond unles you actually have a pick.
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    Who’s the best ever player when playing angry?

    he rightfully hates MTOs. Here’s him getting pissed at AO final agains Nadal. Same thing happens when he played Novak at USO 2016. all players should be so assertive against mto’s
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    Who’s the best ever player when playing angry?

    Stan. His biggest wins were in matches he was pissed about something. Probably why he’s mediocre against his friends.
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    Most gimmicky player of all time

    A gimmick is something that sets you apart. Kiss' gimmick was that they wore makeup. George Steele's gimmick was that he belonged in an insane asylum. The two handed racquet guy is one of the few in this thread that qualifies. Isner's another one.
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    This is Tennis: ATP promo

    I hear the cheetah is ranked 14 in the US.
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    Zero Americans in Year End ATP Top 20 For The First Time in History

    Yes, the true indicator of the decline of American male toughness is that we're not winning more professional tennis matches. As if Stephanos Tsistpas can survive one Texas high school football practice in August. It's more to do with USTA's atrocious management of juniors. The only people...
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    RF logo is back !

    It's close, but I have to give it to Jordan flying through the air.
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    Miserable state of current tennis

    The sport will correct itself. It’s called Tsitsipas.
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    The most underrated player

    Tsitspas. He’s going to win a lot over the next 8 years. More than anyone.
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    ESPN is Letting Go of Most of its ATP Rights Outside of the Slams

    Letting go of ATP rights ‘outside of slams.’ Other than than Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?
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    Why is Kyrgios not playing?

    Kyrgios. Is he the 25 year old next big thing that's two years older than GS finalist Zverev, three years older than GS semi finalist Tsitsipas, and six years older than GS quarter finalist Sinner.
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    Respect from Roger

    I Don’t think he needed to mention the 13 FO’s. What’s he trying to say?
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    NBC's coverage of the French Open

    I thought the coverage was pretty good for the final. They didn’t do all those bad court level camera angles like ESPN does and kept the talking to a minimum. Not too many meaningless graphics and showed Hawkeye on close points.
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    Sports is supposed to be about...

    if djokovic were a mod, he’d be the first to delete this thread. He draws his strength from people rooting against him. He is by far the funnest guy to root against and has provided countless hours of entertainment. Which really is the purpose of pro sports.
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    2020 French Open SF: [2] Rafa 'El Nadal' vs [12] Diego 'Shortman Shwartzman

    Yes and he just needed to hit four winners on that final point to do it on this stupid surface
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    Is Nadal going to finish his match at 1 am?

    Not fair. I don’t think Sinner’s ever been up this late.
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    If I see another fist pump(especially in WTA)...anyone feel the same?

    You should should check out a dude named Connors. You’ll love him.
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    Even as a Nadal fan I find this embarrassing *facepalm*

    Why y’all hating? He’s a 20 year old qualifier about to play Rafa at the the FO in round of 16. His dad didn’t even make the trip to Paris, watching on tv in Florida (take note Mr. Tsitsipas). It’s a good story, don’t focus on what he named his cat.
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    Some players can’t even put the ball in play

    The Rublev Davidovich match is excellent tennis. You should watch that.
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    The Ruud Awakening!

    Yes, it was a Ru-Paul drag race all through the 5th set.
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    Annoying exhale

    Irony is - with a 1000 maximum capacity and an average CPM of $7, I doubt you could buy a Perrier for the cost of that ad.
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    Brad Stine has done a great job with Tommy Paul

    Tommy Paul looked real strong today against Duckworth. Paul would be great for American tennis if he can break out. Much more personality than Opelka, Fritz, and the other Americans in his class. Doesn’t take himself or the game too seriously. He played in a few of those weird tournaments...
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    “Brutal conditions”

    It’s cold, it’s empty, it’s slow, everyone’s wearing masks, it’s the first of three Sundays. I can see an off-the-cuff ‘brutal’ remark.