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    Corona virus “redshirt” - scholarship fiasco

    Many of the seniors are robbed of the final season for all sports. They should be allowed to come back. Or I saw someone post earlier, they should delay NCAAs to later summer if they have to. If they allow for a redshirt for spring sports this would create a bottleneck for recruiting. Coaches...
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    Odds NCAAs cancelled

    ? 50-50 Or variation, 8 teams no fans. No hand shakes at the end hah (looking at you kyp..) Saw ivy basketball tournament got cancelled? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    In 2020 - Typical cost per full / near full scholarship player for colleges?

    Obviously the “tuition” but that varies on the university. Take a simple average of 40k for tuition and housing? Open for suggestions here. Public is what 25k and private is 55k, cut the difference? What about other items? Facility, travel, coaches, doctors, tournaments, etc? Sent from...
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    Is this the height of men’s college tennis

    I feel like every year for the last 10 years college tennis is getting more and more depth. As much complaining people do about NCAA rules etc., including myself, is this the best age of college tennis? I even see guys in mid majors that can play, and it’s not just one guy per team. Sent...
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    If you were to stack...asking for a friend

    Better at the top, middle or at the bottom of the lineup? If I had to guess it’s easier to get away switching a 5/6 players with a 3/4? The 1s and 2s are pretty obvious. That being said what about if the 2 is really better than the 1? What if it’s a senior vs freshman scenario but freshman is...
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    Parents misconception

    It’s interesting to read the threads and questions from what seems to be from parents. The questions being asked might be out of touch with what kids really want for their tennis. I see this mostly in their questions for college choices. What about questions about who the coach is or what the...
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    Why is the ITA website terrible

    Probably the least intuitive website. Why are the men’s and women’s boxes different anyways Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Favorite to win men’s NCAAs?

    Looking through the rankings today, who do you think is favored? Some upsets the last few weekends