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    USTA tournament confusion

    I am 53 and returning to tennis after 15 years off. Never played USTA before. After reviewing the USTA website and reading 100s of threads here at this forum, I am still confused about USTA tournaments. The following USTA link (or some of the downloads on that page) talks about category...
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    How do you know when a muscle tear is healed?

    How long must I wait and exercise and stretch after the pain from a calf muscle tear (third time this year on the same muscle) goes away before I can have 100% confidence I can play at full-tilt? Last time I re-injured myself (about a week ago) was after a nine-week, doctor-prescribed...
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    Ball machine videos

    I very much appreciate all the ball machine reports I have read here at this forum. If anyone has videos of the lobster grand slam battery machines, please let me know how to see or find them. I am surprised lobster inc' has no videos on their corporate website. I need a machine with the...