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    Prince balls made by Wilson?

    I played with Prince balls for the first time today and I hated them. They were harder and bounced completely differently than Penn or Wilson. I actually hurt my shoulder by using them.
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    Tennis is Sexist?

    The USTA ruined mixed doubles when they went to the combined rating. Many years ago USTA mixed was based on the man's rating. You could have a partner .5 point higher. Mixed 3.5 consisted of a 3.5 man and up to a 4.0 woman. Mixed 4.0 had a 4.0 man and up to a 4.5 woman. The partners were...
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    Polyester Help Needed

    Try a Parnell knot. Here is the Yulitle video on how to tie it. Also search yulitle on YouTube for his how-to videos on stringing.
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    Help with stringing pattern

    Thanks jim e. Sorry for the incorrect spelling.
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    Help with stringing pattern

    Does anyone have the stringing pattern for a Prince Air Lite? Its 118 sq inch and 8.5 oz according to the hanndle. I can't find it anywhere. It may be a big box racquet with no stringing pattern published. My friend cut out the strings before writing down the stringing pattern. He's restringing...
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    USTA Tennis Link page - Like?

    "Recording a score" option is difficult to get to. Per USTA you have to log in first before the "Record a Score" option is on the TennisLink Home page. However if you don't log in and enter a match ID in the search match block, the "record a score" option is at the bottom of the page. Why...
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    USTA League and scores

    Does anyone play not only to win but to keep the scores close so you won't get bumped up to a level where there is no league play in your area? If so, isn't it as though you have to play your opponent and the USTA computer in the same match?
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    RacquetTune app

    I've tried this with a gamma calibrator. Even though the drop weight is set for 50 lbs, the weight drops all the way to the table. AN electric or lock out stops at the pounds you set on the lockout or electric tensioner. A drop weight depends on the string and fish scale/calibrator stopping at...
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    RacquetTune app

    Could it be that the markings on the drop weight bar are off? What is the best way to check the accuracy of a drop weight? The usual digital fish scales won't work. If you attach th escales like you do on an electric or lock out machine, the drop weight just drops to the table.
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    my 9 year old sons comments on his new string job...

    There is a lot of evidence that poly can cause arm and shoulder problems. I'm not sure I would string a 9yo's racquet in any poly.
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    Switched from LO to dropweight

    I use an ERT 300 to monitor stringbed stiffness. When I use a new string I string the racquet a little tight and play with it until it feels good. I then measure the Stringbed stiffness. Then I experiment with tensions until I find the tension which yeilds the desired stringbed stiffness after...
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    2010 Yr end ratings

    They have a new message on Tennis Link that it will be 6pm or later ET before the results are posted. They are doing strange things like erasing the year end date on some people who played this year and not others. I wouldn't trust anything you see on the site at this point. They should have...
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    After stringing. Do you need to wait 24-48 hours ?

    I measure my string tension with an ERT 300. I string to an immediate off the stringing machine 29 DT on the ERT 300. Within 24-48 hours it measures 27. I hit with it 3 or 4 times until the ERT DT is 25. Then I start using it for competative play. It remaims between 23-25 DT on the ERT 300 for...
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    LOW tensions, who's playing what?

    I string with Gosen Polylon Polyquest 17 (previously named SP) at 49 lbs which results in an initial DT of 29 on an ERT300. I use it for just hitting until the tension stabalization is at a DT of 25 (usually about 3 days and 3 short hitting sesions). At a DT of 25, I use it in league and...
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    Need racquet specifications Please Help

    I need the racquet specifications for a Dunlop Max Superlong +2.0. I have a 2005 Stringer's Digest and the racquet specs are not in it though the stringing pattern is. If anyone has an earlier Stringers Digest with racquet specifications in it I would appreciate you posting the specifications...
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    Gosen Polylon SP 17

    I understand Gosen renamed Polylon SP 17 to Polylon Polyquest 17. Are you going to continue to handle packages and reels?
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    Tips for playing in extreme heat?

    Try a Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad towel or something similar (other brands) soaked in ice water. You can use a zip lock bag to soak it in and use it during change overs. Use it around your neck or to dry off with. It feels cold and dry. We use it here in Georgia during July and August when the...
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    Poly at low tension with flexible frame?

    I have LM and FP radical OS's and a friend has dunlop aerogel 500's. The aerogel has a stiffness of 68 and the flexpoint radical a stiffness of 58. We are finding the optimum low tension depends on the stiffness of the poly and the stiffness of the racquet. SO far the FP radical seems to need 5...
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    Information on the Hydro-Court clay court system

    We have hydro-courts at our club. They are great in spring, summer, and fall. No down time for watering. However in the winter they freeze quicker and stay frozen longer than other soft courts in the area. In mild winters they average 2-3 weeks of frozen time. In a hard winter like our last one...
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    why is tiger apologizing? did he break the law?

    After that arrogant interview at the end of the last round of the Masters, he should apologize to everyone who was pulling for him to win. I use to watch golf to see Tiger win. After seeing the interview, I might watch golf hoping to see him lose on the last hole. He deserves to lose after his...
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    why is tiger apologizing? did he break the law?

    Can you blame Tiger for all of it? He's not the only quilty party. It's not like all of the women didn't know who he was and that he was married. He didn't and couldn't pretend to be someone else for the purpose of an affair. I'm not saying he was right, but the media should give the ladies...
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    Ultrasound therapy (at home)??

    I've had a home ultrasound unit for a number of years. I originally used it for tennis elbow with great success. Now I'm using it for rotator cuff inflamation. I had much better success on the shoulder after I took the unit in to my PT and he made recommendations on settings and where to...
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    Kinesio Tape

    The scissors are used in surgery if the tape doesn't work. You can tell your surgeon you are bringing your own tools to surgery - TW approved scissors.
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    Bicep Tendonitis

    Cho-pat has a new bicep/tricep cuff. I've been using the brace after weeks of rest, PT exercises, ice/heat, Aleve, etc. The cuff really seems to help and it doesn't hinder any of my strokes or serve. Here is a link to it. The actual size ran a little smaller than advertised...
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    Orthotics for back pain?

    Maybe go to Walmart and try the Dr. Scholls Custom Fit diagnostic machine. It's free at at least you will find out if you have a foot problem (pronation, etc) and what type of inner sole is recommended. Then you can try Dr. Scholls or go to a good sporting goods store and buy the correct inner...
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    More on Rotator Cuff Stuff

    I'm using PT exercise plus a reflex bag (free-standing boxing speed bag). The PT exercises build range of motion and strength. The reflex bag helps me build strength to overcome the inertia of the tennis ball. I found with PT exercises alone I could get strength and ROM back, but couldn't adjust...
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    Comparing tensions with pitch

    Find someone with an ERT 300 and check the dynamic tension. You may want to purchase one if you are really picky about your string tensions and having identical racquets.
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    How important is Swingweight to different stokes?

    Swingweight from TW's University From TW's Tennis University Much of a tennis hit can be seen as a battle between the player and the ball to move the racquet in a circle. Swingweight is the resistance to movement in a circle. Circular motion (as in most stages of a tennis swing) occurs...
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    Need help with some exercises

    Try this site.
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    is there a way to decrease tension after being strung?

    Try a blow dryer. Heat the strings until very warm to the touch. Monitor the frame and don't let it get too hot. It's the same principle as leaving it in a hot car trunk. It helps to have an ERT 300 to monitor the tension when the strings cool.