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    Brand New Pro Kennex Racquet arrived scuffed and looks used

    Thanks for letting us know.
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    what would be ur dream addition to a current raquet line?

    1. A St Vincent Wilson Pro Staff 2. A Head Prestige made in Austria
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    I need to find a string bed that just locks up yet maintains tension.

    Using super glue, what a great idea, why didn't I think of that!
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    Gear to handle off-center impacts better...

    Try an oversize racquet 110
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    Does anyone use stiff racquets with natural gut?

    And good strokes.
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    How to make a racquet less powerful?

    Ha, ha, ha, you are quite funny. Problem solved, cut the handle the standard length.
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    How to make a racquet less powerful?

    1. Choke up on the handle(as mentioned above @ 2nd Serve Ace). OR 2. Cut 1/2 inch off the handle.
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    Yonex VCore 98 vs VCore 100

    Thanks again. Let us know what you decide on. Your thoughts are always very valuable to us.
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    Yonex VCore 98 vs VCore 100

    Hi Rabbit, what setup and tension are you using in the VCore 100? Thanks Frank
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    Wilson Clash 108 or Yonex Ezone 108?

    Buy Yonex, much, much, better quality.
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    When to replace racquets

    When they don't play well anymore.
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    Stringing Pure Aero French Open

    Corteh probably means Cortex in Chinese.
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    New Racquet Search - Controllable baseline racquet?

    If you have good strokes Babolat Pure Aero is the answer.
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    Alternative to VS

    The closest to VS but simply not natural gut, that I have ever used is Tecnifibre X-One Biphase. The problem is, it only lasts 6-8 hours for me. Wilson Sensation is also reasonably close but again the longevity is the same as X-One Biphase for me. They are both multifilaments. I have good...
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    Softer hybrid than FireWire Boost?

    @g4driver. What tension do you use for your Luxilon Gut Mains/ Ghostwire Crosses setup in your Pure Aero+ Thanks Frank
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    Nat gut in powerful frame?

    @beltsman I have a 2018 Pure Aero and had it strung with M: Babolat VS Touch 16 @ 57 lbs – C: Wilson Revolve 16 @ 54 lbs. It is a powerful setup for this racquet, I played fine with it, but you can’t relax, you need good stroke mechanics 100% of the time. Eventually I ended up cutting it...
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    Rackets have gone up in price

    Try a softer string and lower the tension, it will enlarge the sweet spot. A softer string will enlarge the sweet spot. Lower tension will enlarge the sweet spot. You can try either or both.
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    Rackets have gone up in price

    If you truly believe that, buy yourself a couple of new racquets, and maybe they'll turn you into a club champion or maybe a national champion, and with any luck you might be playing in the US Open. We need to be optimistic.
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    Rackets have gone up in price

    I totally agree with you.
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    Rackets have gone up in price

    Have the new racquets raised your level of play considerably??
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    Rackets have gone up in price

    When tennis racquets were $200 and under, I used to buy two racquets a year and paid full price for them. Now I buy two racquets every three years and wait until they are heavily discounted. I hit with a friend of mine's 20-25 years old racquet, it does not play any different(to me) than the...
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    Isospeed cream or Tier one ghost wire?

    Of the soft round polys I have only Topspin Cyber Blue. Is there someone who has played with both Topspin Cyber Blue and Ghostwire compare the two strings. I am mostly interested in Power, Durability and Tension Maintenance. Thank You for your time.
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    Hyper-G soft and Cyclone Tour

    EXCELLENT response, TEN thumps up. KEEP UP the good work. I love your posts, very informative.
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    Diadem Sports Racquets

    Ok, great, Thank You
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    Diadem Sports Racquets

    No yelling, you are a gentlemen. I always read your posts. Thank You frank
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    Diadem Sports Racquets

    Diadem Sports WHERE ARE THE RACQUETS MADE? Thank You franks
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    Its freezing cold outside and poly strings seems to stiffen up.

    All strings stiffen-up when its cold, especially polys. I drop the tension of my strings by about four lbs when I play during cool weather.
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    Maxim Touch Ii?

    WRONG.......Pro Supex makes Maxim Touch and it's still being sold in the UK.
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    Why would a lighter racquet with a lower SW have more power?

    Head Graphene 360 Instinct S Head Size: 100 sq. in. / 645 sq. cm. Length: 27.00 inches / 68.58 cm Strung Weight: 10.60 oz / 300 g Balance: 4pts HL Swing Weight: 309 Head Graphene 360 Instinct MP Head Size: 100 sq. in. / 645 sq. cm. Length: 27.00 inches / 68.58 cm...
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    Sawed 1 cm off the handle of Yonex Duel G 330

    Thank you for sharing, I am planning to do the same thing with one of my racquets.