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    Did anyone notice that

    Stefan Kozlov won his second round match at the Godfrey futures tournament? Isn't this kid still 14? Impressive result to say the least, and it looks like he plays Jason Jung (ATP #901) in the quarters.
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    Most durable synthetics for mains?

    I love the feel of Wilson NXT 16, but broke it after 45 minutes of play. What are some other synthetics that play well but are extremely durable that I could use as mains with Luxy in the crosses?
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    Paris match highlights

    Safin versus Mahut (the baseliner against the serve and volleyer)
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    Is Federer trying to set a record?

    Does anyone know the record for wins in singles on the ATP tour for 1 year? It looks like Roger is trying to possibly set the record. If he wins two more matches in Basel and wins Paris+ the Masters Cup he'll have over 90 wins in singles for the year. He'll also have made the finals or won...
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    Yet another Argentine doping? (not Puerta),5744,16842713%255E23216,00.html Argentine doubles specialist Mariano Hood has also failed a drug test and his was also at the French Open. The ITF has already informed him of his results in which he tested positive for finasteride, a...
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    Yet another Argentine possibly doping? (not Puerta),5744,16842713%255E23216,00.html Argentine doubles specialist Mariano Hood has also failed a drug test and his was also at the French Open. The ITF has already informed him of his results.
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    I hit with 2 of the new flexpoint radicals today

    The first one I hit with was the tour version which apparently is being released in the United states. Unstrung weight on this was 11.5 ounces so strung it should be 12 flat. The string pattern was 16 by 19 and the head size is To me the frame hit like junk, I sprayed a ton of balls...
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    I hit with the Prince 0-3 Tour today

    I hit with the Prince 03 Tour (Coria) today 100sq. in. head 11.5 ounces strung I was surprised I actually liked how the frame played, it had tons of spin and the sweet spot was definitely larger than that of my typical frame. It feels heavier than the 11.5 ounce strung weight, when I...
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    The new Prince Coria frame

    I'll have a chance to hit with the new Prince frame that Coria is using by the middle of next week. According to Prince they claim to be using technology that can make a heavy frame feel VERY light. The new frame is said to be in the 12 ounce weight range and the midplus version is 27 1/2in...
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    Xavier Malisse gets a new coach?

    Kelly Jones (former coach of Mardy Fish) is set to possibly start coaching Xaver Malisse. Lets see if the X man can turn out better results for 2005.
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    Mardy Fish looking for a new coach?

    Mardy Fish and Kelly Jones have officially ended the coach player relationship they had for the last couple of years. Fish apparently is pretty content with being a top 30ish player and doesn't want to work very hard. Jones was very laid back and let Mardy get away with this behavior and it's...
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    The new thing on the tour on the serve?

    I was talking with a tour coach recently and the NEW big thing on the tour for many players is on the serve. Many players are taking a small step forward with the left foot before they toss the ball for the serve. One of the most notable players doing this is Marat Safin who I clearly noticed...
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    Roddick leaving Babolat?

    A couple of little birdies told me that A-Rod is being hunted by both Prince and Wilson to sign endorsement deals with them for rackets. Apparently Prince is the leader right now but I'm sure it's become a bidding war. For Prince one of the main reasons they dumped Ferrero was to free up...
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    One reason why Fed has the best forehand in the game

    He finishes almost every single time way below his left shoulder. Finishing low allows him to accelerate the racket head at rediculous speeds while not hitting the ball long. The only problem I have with his low follow through is that the majority of his errors come from forehands he dumps in...
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    What the heck........

    is Serena wearing?
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    Roddick dumps Reebok?

    Word on the street is that Andy Roddick is signing up with NIKE and dumping Reebok. Apparently Nike has dropped some of it's pros and are on the verge of signing A-Rod
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    I have racquet specs for Mardy Fish (held his racquet today)

    Mardy is using a 28 inch racket that weighs in at 13 oz. (366 grams). Grip size is 4 1/2 in. and head size is 95sq. in. String pattern is 18 by 20 with a poly in the mains and babolat gut in the crosses. He uses 6 powerpads. His name is painted on the frame at the 6 o'clock position. The...