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    Question for Spencer - Wilson Kobra Tour

    Hey Spencer! I read in a different thread that you were having success with the Kobra Tour - could you please share your favorite string setup with this racquet, whether you have experimented with lead, and your overall experience with it? I recently tried it out and enjoyed it a lot, I...
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    Tennis and Academics

    Hey guys! What Universities do you think balance great (men's) tennis and great academics?
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    Adidas Men's Fall 08

    Do you know when you'll be receiving the Adidas men's Fall 08 competition and edge groups? Thanks! :)
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    Klip K-Boom vs. Luxilon BB Original

    What do you guys think, particularly in a hybrid with Klip Legend in the crosses? :) I've already tried it with K-Boom which was really nice, and am wondering how luxilon original would fare.
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    Premature Breaking issue

    Hi, I have just begun stringing with a new Klippermate - following completely the Klippermate instructions. I string with poly mains and multi crosses, and I was surprised to see that I would break much too quickly - and it would be the mains that break first. Finally, the last one I strung - I...
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    I've broken the crosses...

    I've recently started stringing my own racquets on my Klippermate. I was wondering, since I string poly mains and multi crosses, would you ever just cut out the broken crosses and re-string the crosses while leaving the same mains? Thanks for your suggestions :)
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    Artificial Grass help...

    Preparing for a couple big tournaments on artificial grass... and never played on it before ;) to those who have experience on this surface, will I be in danger of slipping around with normal tennis shoes, and should I invest in grass court specific shoes? Also, if I should, where can I find...
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    Breathe IIIIs???

    Anybody know if Nike's gonna come out with Breathe Free IVs? And if they are, when?
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    What goes in the racquet?

    Hello... I'm interested in learning about string. How does one choose a string, or combination of strings, what advantages do hybrids give you, and what could a respectable hybrid include? Thanks for all help!:D
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    Wilson... new racquets?

    In all the bruhaha of new racquets coming from all directions, wilson seems to be one of the few quiet companies. Was hoping that Federer would come to Australia bearing a new stick, but no such luck. Have heard some rumors regarding the "nblade", but don't know much about it (saw that in one...
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    Pure Drive follow up

    Hi, I'm a competitive 14 year old who currently plays with a pure drive, and I am looking at possibilities for my future racquet. Something maybe around 11.5 ounces, a bit less stiff than the pure drive (I think that's what I mean; around 68 I guess on the stiffness rating), standard length and...
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    Barricade 4s, Breathe 3s or Vapor 3s???

    I am a fan of nike breathe 2s, which has been my choice for the past year. I have a wider foot, and comfort and stability are probably the two most important criteria for my shoes. Nike and adidas have been coming out with a few new ones lately, and i was wondering what people think would be a...