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    Dimitrov hires a new coach

    when did Sharapova's bulgarian model bf start play tennis???
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    Yonex poly tour pro 120

    great news! thanks
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    Yonex poly tour pro 120

    Hi TWE, Are you going to stock Yonex pt pro 120 or pt spin in reels?? Currently you only carry 125. Thanks.
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    ball cases excluded from free shipping!!!!

    I just purchased equipment worth 343 Euros. I find it ridiculous that I have to pay 15 euros for shipping just because I bought a case of balls. Ball cases are excluded from free shipping because they are bulky....(?) Come on... Cases? Really?? Id understand that for buying a stringing...
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    razor code. good spin, soft and nice feel. its a co-poly
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    Well i guess its the question of the days TWE:):):)... Are we going to see the new RF Jordans??????? P.s. And also what about new yonex V cores??? Estimated date?
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    Battle of the heavyweights

    try any yonex 310gr and above
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    we want ellesse!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Yonex Poly Tour Pro Black

    no. never..........
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    Bonjour from Babolat

    Hi Daniel, This may be a dumb question but do you know why Tsonga and Janowitz switched back to older models from the new Strike and Control??? Are there any high ranked pros using any of the new sticks??? Thanks in advance....;)
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    Yonex must sign another top player

    Delpo for yonex would be awesome!!!!
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    babolat balancing tape

    True. That's why they are supposed to offer it with a new adhesive.......
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    Customize Your Own Speed Head Racquet

    I would definitely consider it for a prestige or even a radical but I have hit a lot with the speed and it is very unstable imo. I don't know though how it would behave if one orders a 325 gr. custom speed. Lets say at about 320-325 balance. Maybe it would change dramatically but who knows...
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    YONEX E-zone Ai 98 (310g) Review

    I have hit a bit with your stick. I believe the Ai98 is more powerful. I think swingweight is different but not something you would greatly feel. This is cause the new Ai is way more maneuverable than the Xi so although it might be a bit heftier you cant consider it as a huge difference. More...
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    Trying to understand how racquets w/ similar specs can (apparently) be so different..

    these arfe not at all same specs! when you have different head sizes you cant compare...... also balance is way off. 300 to 310 for example is very different
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    Any reviews of the Ezone Ai 100 or 98 yet?
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    Your Racquet Timeline

    Dunlop 200G Pure drive 2001 Yonex Xi 98 Yonex Ai 98 I spent almost 12 years playing the 2001 Babs. I had a dozen of them........;)
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    Which racket brand?

    can you say some more about the 315s ???? Im interested in this stick
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    Poly for the winter/cold

    lower the tension and try razor code or yptp
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    Which racket brand?

    YONEX !!! the Ezones......
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    YONEX E-zone Ai 98 (310g) Review

    Lucky you!!! A brand new demo!!
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    babolat balancing tape

    Hi TWE, I was just wondering when is the Babolat balancing tape with the new adhesive going to be available....??? Thanks!
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    Yonex Ezone Ai 98 Questions (2)
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    YONEX E-zone Ai 98 (310g) Review

    No I don't think so.
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    YONEX E-zone Ai 98 (310g) Review

    Sorry I have not hit with the vcore 97.....
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    What racquet made you change from the brand you were always loyal to?

    babolat pdr to yonex Ezone Xi and Ai
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    Juan Monaco Blacked out racket?

    Whenever Adidas tries to look like Nike they MESS IT UP!!!!
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    YONEX E-zone Ai 98 (310g) Review

    Also one thing to point out is that i had some led on my Xi. I placed the same amount of lead to the Ai. The Ai was a bit head heavier (a slight difference of balance). Didn't feel just right. I will have to experiment more with the lead placement to the Ai.
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    YONEX E-zone Ai 98 (310g) Review

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    YONEX E-zone Ai 98 (310g) Review

    I meant the basic "character" of the racket is the same. I would say the Ai is everything one would choose to correct on the Xi