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    Coach's forum

    I have a suggestion. That is, to create a completely new forum about drills, different age groups - elementary, juniors, high school level, college level, over 32, over 60, all male, all female, etc. Even complete lesson plans. We all know about kindergarten games like "snake" and "jail", and...
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    Reverse FH vs buggy whip

    I've been searching around for how to hit the buggy whip, and can't find anything yet. I feel like the two are significantly different. The reverse FH looks like a regular forehand except with a special follow through on the same side, and can be found on the famous set of australian open...
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    Net footwork tricks/unpredictability

    In doubles, sometimes one partner is forced back or can't volley, then the infamous one-up one-back formation occurs. For the baseline partner, it's simpler but for the net partner the footwork gets pretty complicated. Especially in situations where there's a doubles mismatch and the net partner...
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    Critique request on my tennis

    Hi guys, I'm the asian dude in white in the foreground. We were playing with pretty flat balls, but it didn't turn out too bad. My partner likes to hit winners haha. Now that I'm watching a video of myself in a while, I can see some mistakes I'm doing, but anyways hoping you guys can help...
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    Help! How do I remove the black protector around Head LM Prestige?

    Help! How do I remove the black protector around Head LM Prestige for restringing?
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    Eastern BH grip for slice?

    Just wondering... am I the only one that uses an eastern backhand grip for my backhand slice? I use it because I have a one-hand topspin backhand and I can execute both slice and topspin from a similar takeback, plus, it also seems to have more bite and a nice lefty sidespin... BUT... it seems...
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    Pre-training & Post-training Diet

    Hey, I wanna ask about those energy bars, gatorades, protein shakes, and sobe adrenaline rush etc. I'm sure they are good in some way... but some of them just taste too sweet, plus a few of them have like a bunch of fat content in them... Anyone know which are good and which are hoaxes...
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    My serve That's me and my serve. Personally, I'm pretty satisfied with the results, but if there's something to say about it, go ahead. Sorry for it being sideways and...
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    Soft hands vs firm grip

    A little confused about the two terms here. "Soft hands" is often used to describe the requirement for drop shots and drop volleys. "Firm grip" on the other hand is more associated with returning heavy balls and power drives. So are they direct opposites and what's the full...
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    What does shiny strings mean?

    I asked my stringer for some stiffer strings when I last restrung because my strings were running a lot. When I got my racket back... the strings looked quite similar to those that one of my friends had... they were yellow and very shiny. If I remember right the stringer said it was...
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    Major mixed doubles mismatch

    Let's say you're a 4.5 male teen. You are partnered with a 3.5 female. You two are playing against a 5.5 male teen and another 3.5 female. Both 3.5s play slow-paced almost floating balls but with good direction. Both you and 5.5 play fast-paced heavy balls. 5.5 obviously is much more skilled and...
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    The balanced sport of tennis =D

    I came across this comment made by a commentator during Agassi's match... "Well, there was less of Agassi than there was before Christmas. He's reduced his weight particularly in the lower body around the thigh area where he was really muscled, because he wants more flexibility..." Which...
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    Skidding serve *blink* ???

    Once in a while I play someone with this creepy serve. It isn't particularly consistent, nor tricky, nor ace-able, but it's definitely weird. I have a good guess that it might be a backspin serve: most of its users use a frying-pan full western grip and just bash it hard. What it does is...
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    You're at net. Your partner floats a ball short. What to do?

    Okay this is the first time it happened to me: I took a hard body shot. Like my title said, I was at the net. My partner floated a weak return short. My opponent came up and drove the ball in my direction, too fast for me to counter-volley. Due to my competitiveness, usually I would just...
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    Spin trouble for volley in doubles

    I have two main problems in volley, and this applies in doubles a lot more because in singles there'll always be advice like have a better approach shot. 1) Volleying against topspin/backspin. I know basically you try to volley down against topspin returns and volley up against backspin...
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    Buddy List

    May I ask what's the buddy list used for? PM has been disabled and I don't know where's this "My vB Home" command. So is it useless?
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    Clip remaining strings when one string snaps?

    My coach did it, and many people I play with do it. The moment one string snaps, they say they have to clip the remaining strings as soon as possible. Reason being something like the racquet frame will cave-in if they don't. So for some years I've been doing it too, but I'd like to know...
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    Tennis and Bananas

    It's not just tennis. Even in golf, you can see the pros pull out a banana and eat it mid-game. So that's one rumor about it being easily digestable. Then there's another rumor about bananas having lots of muscle building nutrients. And lots of people at my college gym says they have bananas...
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    Random Question: What to do with racket and ball while waiting for bus/court/etc?

    You know how boring it is to just wait at a bus-stop or wait at the tennis courts for one court to be free. I know you can watch people play, but other than that, what would you do? I know one of the first things I would do is plug up my ears with music. Yet just sitting/standing there and...
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    Smashed racket frame.

    I have only 3 personal rackets in my entire life. 1st newbie pre-strung pusher power-generating racket 2nd Wilson 6.2 Medium-swing racket 3rd Current Head LM Prestige Long swing racket The 2nd one was the one that shattered. It was made of graphite and I'm a hard hitter... so... one fine...
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    Special Shots Poll: Have done AND can do well.

    Basically select all the shots that you have done before and can do quite consistently. :mrgreen:
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    Who's the pro who did the racket-hurl winner?

    Posting same question here in case nobody reads the Rants&Raves board. Anyone know who was the male pro who did a dive-volley racket-hurling lob-winner? The one I saw was on grasscourt. I don't think there's any other person who was successful with a racket-hurl return.
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    How to do the dive volley?

    Question in title! How to do the dive volley? As in... what's the best way to break my fall? Land on my arm, back, hands, front? Roll on the ground? I saw Tommy Haas dive volley, do a short roll, pick himself up back quickly and get back into position to finish off a point. Seems as though it...
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    Fibbing your ratings I really liked this article from , it's the reason I switched my profile NTRP from "Not rated, but estimate to be...
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    One hand BH buggy whip?

    Federer had two kinds of passing shots when ball is played to his backhand. One will go straight down the line fast, usually landing near the baseline. Is that 1BH flat or topspin? The other looks very much like a BH buggy whip, which goes crosscourt and very short, usually landing at the...
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    Seeking instruction from 5.5 and above netrusher or allrounder

    As title says, I'm seeking help on volleys from ntrp 5.5 and above netrushers or allrounders... basically volley masters. Block or punch the ball a mere inch, generate power into the volley all from the feet.... and so on. That's the main advice most people give. I've done that, am doing it...