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    For single backhand, What is your ready grip, when receiving serve and during rallies?

    Hi, Please answer the 2 questions. Thanks. Is it: Forehand grip, Continental grip, Eastern Forehand grip, OHBH grip?
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    non-poly strings that don't move like hell

    this question has been in my mind for very long. It just popped up in my mind and wanted to ask here. i string my rackets with poly mains and synthetic cross. the reason i use poly personally, is not that i like its feel, or i need it to create huge spin. i use it because it doesn't move a lot...
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    solution for the moving glasses

    hi, is anyone here playing with glasses on? the issue is the glasses moving gradually during play. and it affects the vision. what is your solution to it? using contacts? or radically go for lasik? or use something to fasten or lock the glass from behind? thanks.
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    battle nervousness against new opponent on new court

    hi, what routine or tricks do you use to battle the nerves against new opponent on a new court? my struggle has more to do with the new environment rather than the opponent. and i get nervous, not moving and swing freely. any tips on overcoming this?
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    how *not* to give up against better players

    when playing against better players, i have the tendency to give up easily. the fact is, the other guy is obviously 1 or 2 levels above me, hitting faster, more consistent and everything is better. Even winning a single game is difficult. In this situation, my mind gives up and doesn't find the...
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    where do some good players power come from

    i've played some good players. they don't seem to swing the entire upper body and arm, but yet the ball has so much power and speed coming at you. you know, we are taught to generate power through upper body rotation and arm rotation, but these players don't seem do it, but still has so much...
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    playing against players who give you no form

    hi, some players don't have a proper warm up rally or routine, and start to hit left and right and fast winners immediately. i am a slow warmer, so when i play these players, i have problems finding form quickly. am i supposed to chase down these balls or just let them go? (sorry no spare...
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    what is the person sitting behind the umpire doing?

    hi, i noticed a person sitting behind the umpire, holding something that points and follows the ball movement. what is it?
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    maneuverability of 27.5in racket

    Does it reduce dramatically? E.g. Pdr gt vs pdr gt plus.
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    pure storm tour gt weight

    Hello, I checked the spec of this racket. It seems to be heavier than the previous non gt model I'm using. Anyone noticed it? The non gt is about 335grams and the gt is 343 grams. The non tour version also. Gt is heavier than non gt.
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    Relations among ITF, ATP/WTA, Grand Slam Organizers

    hi, can anyone clarify the roles of these bodies in a tennis tournament and GS?
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    Winning the first Slam on the first final is the real deal

    Winning the first Slam on the first final is the real deal. It means Del Potro can take the pressure. Plus, it is against the great Federer. Nadal took his first FO on his first final. Federer won his first Wimbledon in his first final. Bright future for the young Argentine. Murray...
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    bold prediction: del potro to win Men's final

    I was thinking about is since his quarter final. Is anyone with me? but I am a fan of both Fed and Del Potro. Del Potro winning would be good for the sport, however Fed winning will also be good with a 6th straight USO title for nearly 100 years.
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    Now enjoy Fed's game and hope for the next

    It no longer matters to me that Federer will win another Slam or not. It is a small matter now, because he is the GOAT of Slam numbers. So now, I am more interested to see how he can tackle Nadal in a final, especially on clay. With Federer's renewed confidence and Nadal's falling back to...
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    not yet a week, the center court baseline area is already clay

    can you imagine how the court will be for the final?
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    1HBH grip change problem

    Hi, I have had this problem with my 1Hbh grip for a long while. My backhand should use the eastern backhand grip. I stay neutral on continental, but when I change to backhand, most of the time I unconsciously over turn it and it always ends with the extreme eastern backhand grip. and...
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    why is murray good on grass

    has he proven to be good on grass? he has proved to be good on hard court. when did he prove to be good on grass? only the recent Queens title? Roddick won it many times. but no talk about Roddick's wimbledon chance?
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    What Fed needs to do next

    He has achieved his major goal of 14 and all 4. now, in order to keep him motivated, he needs to set a new goal. My list for him is here, from top priority to low. 1. Get back Wimbledon crown 2. Win this year's USO to win 6 in a row. 3. Improve his Nadal H2H record in GS. 4. Beat Nadal in...
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    Terrific FO this year

    Novak out. Soderling beat nadal and set all the dogs free. Everyone starts to believe he can win the title, because Federer also has never won. Nobody has a FO title in his belt. So far, only Federer is left from top 4, pending his QF match against a good clay courter Monfils. if Federer...
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    To Fed and Nadal fans

    Nadal fans, please appreciate when Fed is still around playing good tennis. You'll miss him when he retires one day. No other player plays like him. Fed fans, please appreciate when Nadal is still around playing good tennis. You'll miss him when he retires one day. No other player plays like...
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    not meeting nadal in any clay event could be good for Federer

    If federer can raise his game in the French open and reach the final to play Nadal, his bad results in the clay masters could be good for him. If he is able to adopt some new strategies and tricks, he can surprise nadal in the FO final. and the bad results may make him humble a bit and relax...
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    What changes can we expect to see in Federer at Rome Masters

    Any takers? He obviously would have done something by then, external or internal, if he cares.
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    McEnroe prediction on Fed winning FO was right

    McEnroe said in a commentary in 2006 or 2007 that if Federer doesn't win the FO by 2008, he would never win it in his life. By Federer's current declining form and the opponents' improvement, it looks like he is vindicated.
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    sad and disappointed about current Federer

    As a Fed fan, I am sad and disappointed of him, not because he just lost to Wawrinka, but because he did nothing to his game to get back to the winning forms. In the match, I saw the same backhands, same strategies, and the same UEs. ya, the same racket also. Can't he change something in his...
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    Federer is on a roll in Miami

    Just watch the score line. I haven't seen him having this kind of scores in a whole tournament for a long time. 63 62 64 61 63 62. Although he won his matches, his past set scores have been mediocre. He usually won in tight sets 64 or 75 or 76. So these good set scores are good indications of...
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    hybrid main and cross, which way you string?

    and what is the advantage?
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    prince exo graphite throat bridge

    is that bridge in the throat necessary? i know it is a tradition from the POG, but is it beneficial to the player? does it make it more stable?
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    The answer is very clear for Roger

    He just needs to look at the Verdasco match to learn the way to beat Nadal. Nadal played better in the semi final match than in the final match, in which he had many more BP, but he had few BP in the semi final. But Verdasco played more competitively than Fed did. And, find a coach.
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    Dudes, get some perspective here

    Firstly, Nadal is the 2009 AO champion, a deserved champion. He played better than Federer and he is the No 1 ATP player. Fed fans all agree that currently he is the best player, better than Federer now. Secondly, Federer lost to Nadal, but Federer still has his chance to match or beat Sampras'...
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    The cap does matter: Murray's secret to success

    Someone here in the forum always say, someone loses because he wears a cap. I think he may be vindicated now. LOL. -- Want to play better? Lose the cap, says Murray Tue 20 Jan, 04:18 AM MELBOURNE (AFP) - Britain's Andy Murray reached the top of world tennis with intensive training...