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    Microgel Radical Pro Grommet

    Hi TW Team, Will the Microgel Radical Pro grommet fit the Flexpoint Radical Tour? I know the microgel doesn't have the Liquidmetal ridges but other than that is the mold and the drill hole pattern identical? Thank you.
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    RF97 Grommet the same as PS97 (CV and Standard)

    I need a new grommet for PS97 CV but I can only seem to find RF97 grommet. Will these fit on the PS97 or are the mold and drill pattern different?
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    Customizing experts: SW difference by placing lead inside the hoop vs under the bumper

    Would there be any SW difference for placing lead tape at 12 or 10 & 2 inside of the hoop vs placing it under the grommet? If so how big is the difference?
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    Tecnifibre ATP TFight 305/320 2017 Grommets

    Hi TW, I recently purchased the Tecnifibre ATP TFight 305/320 2017 Grommets for my current TFight 305 XTC. The tie-off protection on the ordered grommets is red and the ones on the 305 XTC happen to be black. I was wondering if I ordered the wrong ones and if these grommets will fit on the...
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    Tecnifibre TF40 305 L2 stock

    So I've been wanting this racket for a while but the L2 (1/4) grip size seems to have been out of stock for the longest time. Is the 'back in stock' date of 2/10 an approximate or a firm set date? Any possibilities of getting it in stock sooner?
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    Tecnifibre deals over?

    Hi TW. I know there was 25% off on tecnifibre products and I was expecting it to last until black friday but it seems like the prices went back up to full. Is the deal over and is there any way to purchase the products at 25% off?
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    Wilson Pro Staff 97 vs Yonex Vcore Pro 97 310g

    Hey TW fam, I currently use the Tecnifibre 320 V02 Max Samurai and 2012 versions back from my junior and hs days. I recently got back into tennis again after a long hiatus and while I still enjoy my tecnfibre rackets, I feel they are a bit stiff and has too much vibration which is causing some...
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    Shaving Racket Weight off to change balance?

    So I purchased 2 wilson blade cv. One is 316 grams (with plastic wrap and the retail paper) and the second one is 319 grams. The problem is the balance is wayy off. I don't have a balance beam but I did a quick finger test at the throat, and the 316g one seems like it is headlight as advertised...
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    Help me decide if this Wilson Baiardo is worth it?

    Hi, TW stringing gurus. I recently came across a 3 year old Wilson Baiardo that was used in a retail/shop environment. The machine has a total of 219,063 pulls which I'm not sure how many rackets that equates to. The asking price is $2495 but definitely trying to negotiate and shave some $$...
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    Any 4.0-5.0 players in MD area?

    I used to play competitively up until High School but haven't played in the past 8 years. I am looking to get back into playing but having a hard time finding hitting partners. If anyone in the Maryland area wants to hit regularly, do some drills and practice sets, hit me up. Thanks.
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    Alpha Apex Speed and Wise 360 degree rotation?

    I am interested in getting an Alpha Apex Speed with a Wise Tension head. Does this combo allow for 360 degree rotation or do I have to mount Wise at a significant distance in order to achieve a 360 degree rotation? Thanks
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    How is the Alpha Axis Pro and am I getting a good deal?

    I recently got back into playing tennis again after an almost 8-year hiatus and boy does stringing costs add up. I used to have an Alpha Pioneer DC Plus but got rid of it when I moved to NY due to lack of space. I recently came across a shop selling a used Alpha Axis Pro for $595 plus...
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    Parts for Alpha Pioneer DC Plus

    While moving a few months back I happened to lose some parts to my fixed clamps which has made me unable to string my rackets. I was wondering if there are some cheap alternative clamps that i might be able to get to replace the original clamps or is my best option to contact alpha for...
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    Ivan Lendl to coach Murray

    Murray just announced this through facebook. What are your thoughts?
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    tecnifibre old vo2 rackets sale

    Are the older models(samurai pj) from vo2 line going on sale since the newer models came out?
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    Caption this I thought this pic was pretty funny. Roger laughing in the back after the match, while the other guy is emotional
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    Caption This.

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    Clamps slipping when stringing Babolat Addiction

    I have an Alpha Pioneer DC Plus for year and half. I usually string poly mains and had no problem with the string slipping out of the clamps and these last 2 days the Babolat Addiction 16 would slip out of the clamps. This happened in all 4 attempts and happens at the worst time when I have...
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    Pure Drive Roddick GT Review?

    I know you guys have the Pure Drive GT review out, but when will the PDR GT review come out?
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    Federer, Murray, and Serena's view on Nadal's withdrawal. LONDON -- Roger Federer is sad Rafael Nadal's knee injury has put a temporary halt to one of the sport's greatest rivalries, the world No. 2 said on Saturday. Nadal, who beat Federer in an epic five-set Wimbledon final...
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    Alternative for Liquidmetal Instinct Tour XL

    I'm currently using Liquidmetal Instinct tour xl strung with Babolat PHT @ 58 mains and Babolat addiction @ 60 crosses. I'm looking for an alternative since this racket is discontinued and I only have one racket. I'm looking at either the Babolat Pure Drive Roddick and the new Pure drive...
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    Pure Drive Roddick prices

    Do you guys know since the new Pure Drive GT are out the prices on Pure Drive Roddick are going to drop?
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    APDC even balance?

    So one of the things to determine if your racket is headlight or headheavy is to put your finger inside the throat to see if you racket weighs more in the head or the butt. APDC is known to be 5pt HL, and when used the finger method it was evenly balanced. I don't have a balance board so I don't...
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    Roddick's words to Federer

    After 2004 Toronto final between Federer and Roddick. What are your reactions?
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    Tie off crosses on crosses?

    I was looking at pictures of pro rackets on priority 1 website and they seem to tie off crosses on top and bottom on a cross string instead of a main hole. When most of us string we either tie off crosses on mains or tie off on mains on the top and crosses for the end. Does this differ anyway to...
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    Caption This.

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    Nadal trying out Court Ballistics Here you can see him wearing all his 2009 gear
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    TW open this week?

    Hi, I want to know if you guys are open this week because on the order info you guys have there's a list of dates of the last day to order before christmas. I know you guys are closed on Thursday because its New years, but are you guys open this week because I would like to place an order.
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    Alpha Pioneer DC Plus tension label

    So I been stringing about a year and never paid attention to kilograms but recently I have. I know that 25kg is about 57lbs but on my rod on my dropweight 25kg is right above 50lbs, so does anyone else who own a pioneer dc plus also have this problem or is it just me?
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    Cleaning Stringing Machine

    I have an Alpha pioneer DC plus and its about an year and strung quite a bit of rackets and I think its time to clean it a little bit. What do you guys recommend cleaning with which parts of machines particularly need cleaning?