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    Regarding how strong this era is, Andy Murray is underrated here

    Federer, NAdal and Djokovic are 3 best players at history without any doubt. As much i like Pete Sampras and his game, lets be honest, regarding competition, versatility, condition, he is just a slightly below these 3 overall Realize Murray was able to keep step with these players, just watch...
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    Reasons why this wimbledon is worst at last decades

    Semi final matches are very unappealing - boring (Nothing against Cilic and Querrey they deserved it and played well, but come on such a boring much setup, same about Berdych and Federer) Literally zero emotional vibes, 3 of semi finalists lack charisma , lacks of emotional big 4 vibes All...
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    Rafael Nadal is entering his prime right now

    I dont like his tennis because is most boring ever, but guy is entering his prime right now. Yeah , he plays at the top of his game now. And stop coping about weak competition, it is actually stronger than ever.
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    Andy Murray play most interesting tennis now -FACT

    He plays best tennis to watch - beautiful variance, drop shots, best lobs, he can be aggresive smashing winners as well as he can have goat defence. Not like Rafa who just topspin his forehand , Nadal si actually most boring player to watch
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    Ranking top 5 tennis players in terms of elegance

    1. Cedric Pioline - best player ever to watch, such an classic elegant strokes , fluid movement, played like artist 2. Milos Mecir - The same case, only at second place because i like Cedric one hander more 3 . Stefan Edberg - Roger Federer - i have them tied, but personally i prefer Edberg...
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    Masters 1000 and their value is massively underrated here

    According to many pros this events are sometime harder to win than slams. U all just counting slams when u are rating players but whats the rest of the season? Thtas why player like Murray is in another dimension comparing to for example Gustavo Kuerten or Hewitt.
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    35 is male prime and most sports are dominated by 30+ athletes

    Stop coping about that Federer is old. Ar 2017 35 is male prime, watch soccer, ice hockey, box, nfl, just all sports are dominated by 30+ athletes. This is fact, 25 year old is less physically capable. Tell me one sport dominated by 20+. Even at cycling all champions are 30+
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    Reminder : There is no new generation now, they dont count

    Stop talking about "new generation" because no one of them is gonna to win slam in next 5 years. Yeah i can assure you even 40 year old Federer will be beating Zverev and Thiem. fact.
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    Australian open is actually very boring without Murray and Djokovic

    Fact..They play most interesting tennis, with brain and creative...Real champions are out.
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    Official ranking of tennis goats with detailed explanation why (only after like 1970)

    1. Novak Djokovic - he dominated tennis at his most competetive - strongest era and hardest field . With Federer and prime Nadal, his dominance and achievment is impressive. Yeah, i rate him as the best of all time for now, and many agree with me. 2. Roger Federer - Most Gs titles, considered...
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    Big 4 Era was one in 100 years and there will be never like that soon

    Federer, NAdal, Djokovic and Murray are extremely good champions and i dont think we will witness something like this in next 50 years. No one from young guns will ever beat Murray or post prime Djoko that big champs they are
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    Australian open is by far the best slam nowadays

    Best matches, most beautiful courts and area, best atmosphere. Its by far best like remaining 3. fact
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    IF MURRAY peaked at Federers era, Roger will only win 3 wimbledons and Rafa only french open

    Its pretty much clear.. Tennis has moved so much forward...players are better..Murray only has badluck to facing best player of all time who is Novak Djokovic... Murray is second best of all time . I dont see Roger beat Murray at AO, even Djokovic is playing 5 sets with Andy. Rafa would...
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    Stan is still MILES behind Murray but srsly, did he surpassed Hewitt?

    this is one of few threads i am not trolling, this may be interesting cause... If only slams counts why we play rest of the season ? Obviously Stan is ahead of Andy Roddick, but what about Lleyton Hewitt...Whose carrer is better? Which one would you choose? I would choose Stan...
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    Stan is still MILES behind Murray but srsly, did he surpassed Hewitt?

    this is one of few threads i am not trolling, this may be interesting cause... If only slams counts why we play rest of the season ? Obviously Stan is ahead of Andy Roddick, but what about Lleyton Hewitt...Whose carrer is better? Which one would you choose? I would choose Stan...
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    Wawrinka is strangest case in the history of tennis, but its defo positive and refreshing

    Guy was alsmost totally unknown till his 30, debunked the theory that 30 is "old" for tennis. He seems totally invisible during the season , then starting god mode and deep run at slams suprising anyone His playing style is great to watch, beautiful attacking game, refreshing He...
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    Djokovic forehand is most underrated goat shot, his backhand is sligthly overrated

    Actually, Novak Djokovic best shot is not serve, not backhand but his forehand...Yeah i think its most underrated shot at GOAT level...His forehand would stand well against Federers and Nadal and its best forehand in the game right now. His backhand is really great but too...
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    Is possible than someone other Djokovic and Murray can win US open?

    I just dont see it... Djoko will be hungry after Olympics, but US is his weakest slam by far... Murray goating his form..Delpo just cannot play best of 5 with them no contest.. Nope its almost 100 percent sure that another clasth of great titans Djokovic vs Murray is waiting us
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    Cedric Pioline vs Richard Gasquet comparison

    Both with game beautiful to watch both one of most beautiful backhands.. Whose backhand was/is better? Who had/have better serve? Who have better forehand?
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    Andy Murray just hits him PRIME he will dominate next 5 year for 100 percent

    Yeah he just entered his prime..With definitive i cannot see any 20 something dominate this sport for next 5 years..And u wana prove? Watch his clay results..Clay is most physically demanding surface and he is just at his clay best, that prove he is at top of his fitness now.. Yeah we...
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    Most beautiful matches are played at hard.. Australian Open>All

    Times are changing quickly...Australian open and US open are producing most beautiful matches AO is most beautiful slam, its nice place, fans, courts, organisation, area... AO> and then i rank other slams as even....
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    Andy Murray is much better than Courier and Gustavo Kuerten he is tied with Agassi

    Yeah Andy is that good... Consider he is playing in the era of 3 GOAT players. His achievement is impressive, he has much MORE MASTERS than all of them. He has plenty of GS finals, titles, winning percentage. He will end up with 7 slams, so i rank him on Andre Agassi level...
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    Cedric Pioline was by far most entertaining player to watch by far

    I am watching tennis second decade but i never saw more entertaining player... He was great talent, most aesthetics shots by far... Beautiful one hander, all strokes solid, all court game, he was capable to do many thinks... Pity he faced prime Sampras at his GS finals, no one would...
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    Next 5 years there will be no GS finalist only Djokovic and Murray

    Yeah they are so much better than rest of the field. I can see Roger Federer making another GS final ( U. S open more likely ) maybe one more French for Rafa if his health allow s him.. But defo other players wont win anything... They didnt at past and they will definitive not win...
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    Why Wilander and Federe and many experts sayed Federer played better in 2015 than when was young?

    I end all your discussion...King is here again Mats Wilander, Roger Federe r himself and many experts syaed he played better 2015 than 7 years before... And that wimbedon semi final 2015 vs Murray was his best match he ever played? U guys well know WHAT DOES IT MEAN? DONT NEED...
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    Novak Djokovic still isnt on his peak , 28 is new 22

    Its unreal how everything is changing... 30 is no more old at tennis or at other sports..U have 40 years old players at NHl... So i dont srsly think Djoker will decline in following 5 years... There will be no slam winners than Djokovic and Murray in next 5 years... New...
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    If Andy Murray peaked at Roger Federer era he would took 6 slams at least

    Srsly...During Roger Federer peak ( pre Nadal age) Andy would capture at least 6 slams.... Yeah he is that much stronger than Fed competition... 6 is minimum... He would have 2 Wimbedons, 2 Aussie open, and other random 2.... Maybe 8 slams for Andy Such a great...
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    Djokovic forehand is improving with his age, but his backhand seem to stay some or slightly decline

    I observed that Djokovic forehand is such a weapon now. I would say its THE BEST IN THE GAME right now.. His forehand seems improved last years... But his backhand stayed same or got slightly worse... I would still give slightly edge to Murray backhand
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    If Djokovic and Federer peaked at the same time i dont see more than 8 slams for Roger

    Srsly..Novak is much better,, Its unreal how everything improved at tennis Players are faster, better , more atletics, better stroke... I respect Roger as one of GOAT but he has nothing on Novak... And i like Feder tennis much much better... I see Roger maybe 8 slams, more likely less..
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    Murray is more aggresive than Djokovic right now!

    Watching that new clayray he really has game. He is more aggresive than Djokovic , he has more power from both wings. Especially his backhand is more penetrating and heavier. His forehand, although more fragile and cannot hit that angles like Novak, is faster and more penetrating too. He was...