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    Colors - Court Ballistics

    I'm not sold on the wimby shoes either. Would prefer a real wimbledon green and purple. seems a bit wimpy. My favourite is the classic white and gray. Shure the yellow and white is nice, and the black and green looks great...but there is something so nice and pure about the white+gray.
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    barricade 5 vs breath cage II vs ballistecs

    they are narrower everywhere - more like a glove. In fact closer to the feel of a well worn-in barricade IV IMO. but my feet aren't typical as most don't find my top-of-the-toe-pinching with the ballistecs which I do.
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    Definitive opinions on Vapor VI?

    thanks guys. best bit of it all was I got to play a lot of tennis!!
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    barricade 5 vs breath cage II vs ballistecs

    Ballistec 1.3 if they fit your feet ok.
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    Definitive opinions on Vapor VI?

    Vapor VI - very thin, good for narrow feet and supinators (arched). give you a light nimble on the toes feel. Ballistic 1.3 - much heavier, wider and very nice for pronators (flat). Nice and planted, very comfortable for pounding the court. But I find it is a bit too tight on the top of my...
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    How does K-Swiss stack up to other brands?

    nice shoes. lots of comfort and cushioning. good for older players with knee problems. However with all that it does leave you feeling a bit unstable - or me at least. i think they have a customisation feature - not tried it myself yet. good luck with k-swiss.
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    low profile, "quick" shoe

    Any of the vapor variants, asics resolution2, grass-version barricade, I saw a slick looking lacoste tennis shoe today, can't remember the name. Yonex 205 looked quite low profile. propulse 2 also felt quite good. Personally it's easier to rule out shoes - Barricade V, Ballistecs etc. than...
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    Ballistec 1.3 a Joke?

    AAAAH, tried the ballistic today. It was slightly big length wise, but crushed the top of my toes a bit where they join onto my foot - and only on my left foot - A no-no for me then :( sadly I got asics resolution 2s instead :( the ballistics are fantastic though on my right foot.
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    no dampener

    Indeed, even the coach noticed I was hitting much better without it too and asked me if I had restrung the racket in the middle of the set or something lol. Let's face it, the only reason why we care about any of the gear here is to get the last 5% of performance out of ourselves either with a...
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    Vibration Dampners.

    not on their stiffer rackets I would have thought. Then again everyone has different limits or what they want, best bet is to demo it with and without rubber. I personally haven't found a racket that needs a dampener since the stiff ones I used to use 10years ago (hyper hammer frying pan and...
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    no dampener

    yeah, but i still don't understand it even though it happens. Problem is I KNOW the science. but i can also feel and see the effects so I'm flummoxed by it. You mean people think that my game just miraculously got better because i stopped playing with it because I magically wanted to play...
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    Ballistec 1.3 a Joke?

    yeah, you're right. But I wanted a shop with the different shoes in one place to try from different brands lol rather than just nike. Wig*m*re sports at harrods and their main store by oxford street had such limited stock I couldn't get enough comparisons going at the right sizes :( Problem is...
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    Man do I love "dead" poly!!

    for me dead polys have rises and falls though. they are not consistent over time.
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    TW Review: Nike CourtBallistec 1.3 now posted

    not to mention 9.5s are a fair bit lighter according to a TW user (can't remember if it was this thread or the TW review thread. )
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    Ballistec 1.3 a Joke?

    ok, if it's a design flaw then oh well :( Still, I didn't stop with the asics resolutions and it took FIVE goes to find a good shoe, not two :S I went out searching for some propulse2, YHT-306, Vapor VI, CB1.3 and resolution 2s today, but in London there seems to be a dearth of tennis shoes.
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    no dampener

    why not? I agree technically it is surprising that it's the case. However all things being equal all i changed was removing the shock absorber and now I can keep a better grip on the racket and it feels easier for me to keep stable. I don't think my footwork, positioning or swing timing got...
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    TW leather grip options preference

    22mm has better spacing on the layers for my fingers. if your fingers are fatter though perhaps 25mm. as for thickness it all depends on your hand and handle. if you could use a bit of extra diameter go for the thicker and vice versa. If you're interest is to increase handle-weight for...
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    no dampener

    I don't have the ping on my speedport orange tour without dampener??? I have converted to no dampener recently - it's amazing. I can take bigger better cuts at the ball with increased accuracy. I also find the racket to be more stable in my hand and not twist around.
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    Vibration Dampners.

    I personally have stopped using a vibration dampener. I lost a fair bit of fine accuracy with it and although feel was good at the contact, i lost a bit of connection with what was really going on with the racket throughout the motion. I can also hit harder, deeper and better without a...
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    Ballistec 1.3 a Joke?

    I would say try on multiple pairs. I had that problem with four asics gel resolutions i tried on in the store. fifth pair I tried solved it :S ****ty QC? or perhaps just your specific foot doesn't go with the shoe because of the lacing pattern or structure?? Either way, what is the difference...
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    TW Review: Nike CourtBallistec 1.3 now posted

    I thought the all-lunarlite was the vapor VI?
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    Wilson Kpro Tour 96

    I personally think it is one of Wilson's better rackets. It's awesome to swing with. Despite the beam width and string pattern because of its light weight it means you can whip through very fast. I could rip on the ball with accuracy and control every time because of the low weight and 300...
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    Dunlop AG 4D300 Tour vs.AG 200

    IMO 4D200 with a leather grip or some lead in the handle would be perfect. The head stiffness will really respond well to the general high flex of the frame with added weight.
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    TW Review: Nike CourtBallistec 1.3 now posted

    thanks for the real-world info on weight! AS a 9/9.5 in most tennis shoes I appreciate that it is lighter.
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    Asics Gel Resolution original versus version 2

    I would say the durability isn't THAT bad. I don't pound the court for 5hours a day, but I play enough and the originals lasted about 9months ish. In fact I killed the cushioning at the same time I had destroyed the traction so I was pleased with that. I must admit I prefer the aesthetics of...
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    TW Review: Nike CourtBallistec 1.3 now posted

    Guys - how was the breath ability of the shoe compared to other ones? It's coming up to summer and I really need a new shoe (I think i just got shin split from my dead shoes) but don't want something TOO toasty.
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    TW Site : Why List Balance Point as Head Light/Heavy and Not cm or inches?

    I think a tool would be cool too. Not so much adding cm on the spec page. Although most rackets I look at are between 7 and 10points head light. Thankfully as they are all 27in I can do the mental maths for them all. One thing to note - does TW measure and balance the rackets themselves...
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    TW-Europe phone number

    If you're in germany, why is your number +44?? That's the UK international code?
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    What are the disadvantages of playing with dead poly or co-poly?

    got to say strings going dead isn't SO terrible. After you get past the loooong hump of them feeling dead and getting a bit over-powerful as the tension drops. once they are dead dead and the hump has passed the string is awesome for taking controlled and massive cuts at the ball. Polys: bad...
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    Anyone like both the n61 95 and the k61 95 ?

    Well I personally found the classic prostaff 6.1 buttery. as I did with the n95. I just found the K95 not nice at all. it really DID make a difference to me. And this was before I even knew much about racket specs. Took my coaches N95 once and loved it. So I demoed the 'K95' assuming there...