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    Nadal stem cell treatment.

    This place hasn't changed at all. :-o
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    Nadal - I played every match in 2013 with anti inflammatories.

    Nothing new. People who saw him after the IW final(or maybe other match, I don't remember exactly) last year said he was struggling to climb the stairs. I think this part is far more interesting.
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    If Nadal wins the Australian open could Djokovic potentially go slam less in 2014?

    I usually don't make predictions but I have a feeling that if Rafa wins AO, Djokovic will win Roland Garros. I can't decide if I would like this to happen or not.
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    Rafa and Bar for Sports Illustrated

    She posted a pic of her fridge saying these are great memories. I think she likes Rafa since he appears in 2 photos.
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    Rafa and Bar for Sports Illustrated

    I know this is an old photoshoot but the other day SI released some more behind the scenes photos.
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    Nadal News

    Fans with Rafa signs in Chennai even though he wasn't playing there. :)
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    Rafael Nadal is the Shawn Michaels of Tennis.

    Depends what you mean by following. I probably watched a few minutes but that's not important. You just have to look at their outfits. I've never seen anything more tasteless.
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    Rafael Nadal is the Shawn Michaels of Tennis.

    Sometimes I forget this is an American forum. Guess that explains why there are so many wrestling followers here. :? I just don't understand how everyone got so offended by the One Direction comparison when this thread is a lot more offensive.
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    Rafael Nadal is the Shawn Michaels of Tennis.

    Wrestling isn't a sport.
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    Why do people Like or Dislike Federer?

    I think this is the reason why I don't like him. And it's not just his fans who think that way. There are journalists and commentators who share the same view.
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    Why is 2016 Olympics Not on Clay

    Are you sure that it won't be on clay? This is from a recent interview:
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    L'Equipe names Nadal 'Champion of Champions'

    Rafa and Serena got the world champions awards. Bartoli and Tony Parker received the best French athletes awards.
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    Coolest pictures of pros

    Rafa preparing for next season (pic from l'equipe).
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    L'Equipe names Nadal 'Champion of Champions'

    He also won this in 2010
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    Top Pros and fun Exos this off season ?
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    NadalDjokovic in penalty shootout

    A better video He scored 3 goals and the goalkeeper said he's good.
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    Nadal News
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    Nadal voted best Spanish sportsman of all times

    He received the award today, from the newspaper Marca.
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    Nadal News

    Probably a "brilliant" marketing idea from Nike. You can already see it generates a lot of talk.
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    Nadal News

    The photos were posted in this thread but then they were deleted because the mods do not allow pics of clothes that haven't yet been released. But they were copied and you can find them on twitter or M T F.
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    Nike Spring 2014 - Hopes/Predictions

    Rafa will look so ridiculous. That headband plus the blue/pink sleeveless top are too much. His hair is thinning and his arms aren't that muscular anymore. He's too old for this stuff!
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    Nadal News

    Rafa will wear sleeveless shirts at the US Open next year. I hope it's just for one tournament. :?
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    Is 61% > 66% ?

    That's because he is and your constant whining just shows how much it bothers you, which is hilarious. :) Also French Open>US Open.