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    Feedback please on this 4.0 matchplay

    This is top tier delusion, surely you can’t be serious? I will assume you have never been to or watched a D1 match because this is nowhere even close
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    2021 Yonex VCore 95

    AC128ex I got mine on the Bay as the major online tennis shops didn’t carry them last time I checked. Same with Yonex leather, although I have seen them on TE at some point
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    2021 Yonex VCore Pro Official Thread

    Exciting news! Just received email with the specs for my (3) matched VCP100's, very impressed to say the least! SW will be ~320 strung which is exactly what I was looking for. Keep in mind these specs include the plastic on the handle, placard removed. #1: W:303.90g Bal:31.4cm (9pts HL)...
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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    Delayed again, RA all over the place, upcoming price increases, lol Wilson is a shadow of the company it used to be, I’m shocked they still have loyal customers
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    2021 Yonex VCore Pro Official Thread

    I spoke to them on the phone yesterday and they confirmed the shipment was scheduled to show up this morning, obviously it’s probably near a thousand rackets so it may take a day or two to inventory everything. Then they will begin working on preorders and matching services
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    In the real world (ATP), volley technique doesn't matter

    Is this guy a troll or just stupid?
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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    Lol at the stiffness if real
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    Compiling poly crosses for gut/poly hybrid

    Kirachbaum evolution
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    Collaborative Effort By Bob Patterson: To all the parents of beginners who think their 11 year beginner needs poly. Please stop and read this

    What tension is he running for that setup? Great thread G4, I’m pretty shocked what I read around here, especially from some serial posters who talk a big game and apparently need the stiffest harshest poly at 60lbs, and then you see their swing videos and can’t help but cringe because delusion...
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    Poll for people between 5ft11in to 6ft3in 179-189cm

    Yonex 3 is perfect for me, feels like most other 4’s 6’1
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    2021 Yonex VCore Pro Official Thread

    Probably my favorite PJ I’ve ever seen, absolutely love it! Funny how polarizing it seems to be.
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    Yonex VCore Pro 97 HD review...

    Tennis nerd review video is up and he thinks the HD version is the least improved of the new VCP lineup, seems to allude that it’s not an improvement at all actually.
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    Hybrid choice: Babalot VS 16 main and corss?

    Kirachbaum evolution is a great cross for gut, soft but not too soft and holds tension better than most. Nice and slippery as well! ghostqire is another great choice, I would be happy with either in tournament. poly tour fire is also on my list to try, have heard good things. one last rec...
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    2021 Yonex VCore 95

    They did not do a galaxy black version of the previous 95, so I highly doubt they would do it this time, if they even did it at all. I have heard there will NOT be a galaxy black edition for any of the 2021 models
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    Ok guys, I’m done here

    As someone who doesn’t know you, let me be the first to say; adios amigo
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    Yonex VCore Pro 97 HD review...

    You’re playing in the worst times right now, so find solace in knowing it will get better. South Florida tennis from Oct—Mar is world class IMO
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    Yonex VCore 98 vs VCore 100

    Why demo when you can buy any racquet that tickles your fancy brand new for full price and then sell for a significant loss two weeks later?
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    My last match.. prime example of imploding (vid)

    You consider his opponent fast?? No offense to him, but he is objectively very slow and good player would have easily worn him out. The problem is OP hardly made him move and lacked depth.
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    As a RH, how do I slice wide right serving on the ad side?

    Too many recreational players focus on unnecessarily complicated techniques like this instead of having an even basic understanding of the fundamentals. I would bet you cannot consistently place any ball with pace in the box, regardless of type of serve. Would love to see a video of you...
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    Yonex Pro Poly Tour users, what tension do you use, what tension in a hybrid?

    Why does no one list their string pattern and head size? Such a hugely important variable to just omit Also lol @63lbs
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    2021 Yonex VCore 95

    Yes, they are 316 sw stock, I also own three and had tw weigh north of a dozen for me. After doing that for me, they updated the specs on their website because not a single one was even over 320 and the VAST majority were 315-16 Edit, sorry to clarify: mine are now 316 strung without...
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    Coach plays points with student ....and craps all over his shot selection

    Frankly, you sound like a weak, emotionally unstable little crybaby. If you consider this "belligerence" then you must have had a very sheltered life. I think this type of coaching is infinitely better than 90% of coaching I see at the courts. You should consider toughening up snowflake.
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    Yonex Buttcaps: Who prefers them?

    I should have (3) 3/8s in like new condition coming off in the next couple weeks. I will message you when available
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    Does grip size matter?

    Plenty of people prefer larger or recently more smaller grips, there are pros and cons of both but if you are comfortable with 4 1:2 than I don’t see a reason to change. Slightly larger grips will help with stability and I’ve heard larger grips help protect from injury. Whereas smaller helps...
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    Yonex Buttcaps: Who prefers them?

    Have any 3/8's? I will DM you.
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    Wilson Sony Smart Sensor Butt Caps

    Desperately looking for some of these in 3/8’s: Does anyone know where I might be able to find them or any racquets they might come stock on? Want to switch the caps on 3 of my Yonex...
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    How do you pick a racquet when different demos feel better on different days?

    If playing strictly recreationally, maybe? But at any high or competitive level that is certainly not true. A lot of people could benefit from picking one frame and sticking to it. Myself included. My competition days are behind me now but I will say majority of the best guys I played with...
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    Calling Yonex experts ... transition from DR 98

    Where’s that rye guy who is the worlds biggest cheerleader for the ezone 98? I wonder what he will recommend
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    2021 Yonex VCore 95

    Absolutely loving these racquets, and almost ready to say goodbye to my vcphd's. Got a trio matched set and dealt with the great people at TW, expressed my concerns about the listed SW (all three of mine were matched at 286 unstrung) and the guy I was dealing with mentioned they were pretty much...