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  1. Sysyphus

    utlimate prrof of federer's superior talent

    we all know that in tennis, starting at an early age is an absolute necessity for success. show me a top player, no matter how talented or hard-working, who started playing at 14. you can't. which raises the question of when the Big 4™©® started to play tennis. reportedly, these are the...
  2. Sysyphus

    the real #1

    kyrgios got a perfect 6-0 record against the current top 3 in the world (2-0 x3), and 11-4 against the top 5. the goat iF oNlY hE wAnTeD iT think about it
  3. Sysyphus

    Wilander on Why Murray May Be the Greatest

    Britain's Andy Murray marked his long-awaited comeback at Wimbledon with a tough four-set win over Nikoloz Basilashvili and Mats Wilander paid tribute to him afterwards. Murray appeared to be well on course to saunter through with a straight-sets victory to make his return a comfortable one...
  4. Sysyphus

    King of the Fifth

    nobody does it better don't hate; appreciate
  5. Sysyphus

    Your Favorite Player–Coach Duos

    as the title says. Share some of the player–coach pairings that you like or that fascinate you. Many players and coaches seem to have a rather formal and professional relationship, and so I like seeing the duos that seem to get along especially well or where the coach is visibly invested in the...
  6. Sysyphus

    Shot of the year from WTFucsovic

    @BeatlesFan and @MichaelNadal approved
  7. Sysyphus

    The Importance of Family Background in Pro Tennis

    Thought it would be interesting to do a quick check of the family backgrounds of the top 30. It seems a reasonable assumption to me that the vast majority of people who play tennis do not have parents who were pro tennis players, pro athletes or tennis coaches, as these are all rare professions...
  8. Sysyphus

    Stronger losing finalist: Thiem USO 20 vs. Medvedev AO 21

    forget that last thread -- this is what we really want to know. I use the term 'losing finalist' in an extended sense, since, as TTW knows all too well, no one won that USO final.
  9. Sysyphus

    Stronger losing finalist: Medvedev USO 19 or Thiem AO 20?

    probably been asked before, so let's settle it once more i say tim. Might do Thiem USO 20 vs Medvedev AO 21 next for the laffs
  10. Sysyphus

    Sinner vs Alcaraz

    Let's get the consensus on this so we can all have a laff in 15 years
  11. Sysyphus

    Should Hurkacz retire?

    This will be the peak of his career, he should go out on top like Pete
  12. Sysyphus

    harris to expose karatsev false dawn

    this is not some jinx thread against harris. ive been saying since the australian karatsev has flattered to deceive and later i think lloyd will tear him apart. harris does everything bigger here now in 2021 and with karatsevs cumbersome movement i can see him getting creamed in straight sets.
  13. Sysyphus

    A chance to relive the defining moment of tennis history

    defending an Olympic Singles Gold Medal biggest stage in sport not something you see every day, is it
  14. Sysyphus

    Back when people thought Dimitrov was Baby Fed

    a 17-year-old Dimitrov giving the freshly-minted Australian Open champ Rafa a proper workout after taking out Tomas Berdych in the first round. People were excited. Oh, grigolo -- the pity of unfulfilled promises.
  15. Sysyphus

    Better returner: Djokovic vs. Murray – a conundrum

    In the current thread asking who was the best returner of all time, Novak is presently leading Murray by some 81 votes to 5. But this has me thinking.. If we were to ask who has the better forehand of the two, we'd obviously unanimously agree that it's Novak by a fair distance. I haven't...
  16. Sysyphus

    Murray vs. Hewitt

    let's settle it once and for all (or rather: once more) the king of the heralded Schüttler–Clemant–Johansson era vs. the pitiful 4th wheel (wait wat) of the Djokodalerererera.
  17. Sysyphus

    scientific top 10 ATG ranking updated after AO

    as you can see from this chart, which accounts for a deeper and wider set of factors than your usual ttw bean-counting, djokovic finally managed to climb above Borg with his stellar 18th slam. Since last time, Federer has fallen below Sampras and Wilander, having been subtracted another point...
  18. Sysyphus

    If Wimbledon weren't cancelled and Noel didn't behead the judge

    he'd likely be tying Fed and Rafa with 20 today already fate can be fickle but at this rate it's only a matter of time in any event
  19. Sysyphus

    that seals the deal

    I am no longer an Nadal fan. I’ve been a fan since 2003 and a subscriber to the Nadal News thread since 2014. I officially will not be renewing my subscription plan next season nor will I watch him on tv ever again. Moyá is officially the worst coach in history.
  20. Sysyphus

    something oblique is going on

    Some days ago, Novak caused all sorts of drama after he began struggling with his oblique against fritz. Later, Novak revealed that Zverev told him he has the same injury, opposite side. Earlier today, Casper Ruud pulled put against Rublev after two sets. Reason? Pulled oblique. In the evening...
  21. Sysyphus

    let's face it, Nadal Parera is the best to ever do it

    his achievements in the sport of clay tennis are simply unfathomable. there has never been a finer practitioner of this quaint sport than him. as it happens, he also has a very respectable tennis career to boot. 7 majors i believe? Clear mid-tier ATG. If he can get his hands on this YEC...
  22. Sysyphus

    Federer vs. Nadal vs. Djokovic -- Who Has the Prettiest Backhand?

    The best question has been asked With slam counts nearing numbers reminiscent of bread prices in the early 20s Weimar Republic, the stat counting has led us to an impasse. So let's settle the question that really matters, the REAL goathood tiebreaker.
  23. Sysyphus

    H2H and Surface Distribution: Equally Pointless?

    Sure, let's beat these dead horses some more, cuz why not. As Nadal and Federer now stand tied in the slam race, appeals to H2H and surface distribution have both seemed to have gained newfound popularity again. But is there any real merit in any of them? To me, both arguments seem like...
  24. Sysyphus

    Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? bamos
  25. Sysyphus

    TTW Gallup: Who is the GOAT™ as of today?

    has today changed anything in your view?
  26. Sysyphus

    TTW Gallup: Who are you rooting for in the 2020 Men's RG Final?

    need to get a lay of the land here.
  27. Sysyphus

    All right, I'll concede it

    Djokovic is the Earth's Mightiest Warrior. Protector of Humanity. Guardian of Earth's Children. He has flaws. What are they? Oh I don't know. Maybe he sings in the shower. Sometimes he spends too much time helping people in need. Occasionally he'll hit an official in the throat. So sue him…...
  28. Sysyphus

    OK, I admit it

    Rafaello is epic it cannot be denied