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    Xpider vs Tourna fixed tennis clamps

    The Xpider and Tourna fixed clamps look almost identical. Are there any differences? Which are made better? Do they both live on 12mm post? Thanks.
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    Full multi at 45 was too low.

    Borg didn't do this. His coach, Linnert Bergalin did it on Borg's rackets sometimes.
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    Is this a paint chip or crack?

    You can have a small crack and it can still play the same. I've strung rackets where the bumperguard was worn through AND the graphite was worn through so that it was basically a 1/4" wide crack, 2" long. I could see it bend when I pulled tension, but it held, and the guy still played with...
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    Is the good natural gut officially extinct?

    Klip still makes an uncoated natural gut. I think it's pretty good.
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    Is this a paint chip or crack?

    To me, it looked like a thin crack. In the 1st picture, you can see it going all the way up to the grommet strip.
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    PRO AM (CENTURION) forged alloy tennis racquet from the 1960's

    Must have been expensive to make back then.
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    Shared holes or one-piece only rackets, why?

    With Wilson, I don't think there's such thing as "too far away".
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    Need help please for my stringing machine

    I'm guessing the "PreStretch" is on. A 3# variance would be around a 5% PreStretch.
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    please suggest a soft poly, Yonex Vcore Pro 97

    I've found that with Yonex poly's, you just need to get a gauge thinner than you would normally get. Their 17g is 1.20 anyway, so if you usually get 17, go ahead and get 17g. You'll be getting 1.20 instead of 1.25.
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    Replacement for Babolat N.Vy?

    I agree. Babolat Synthetic Gut is soft, smooth, easy to string, and is probably the most similar string to Nvy. Nvy was too soft in my opinion (mushy would be a better description), and I don't think Bab Syn Gut is quite in that category though.
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    Tier 1 Prototype

    Nice review. One question--You mentioned that it lacked control compared to your usual setup. What is your usual setup? It would make comparison easier. Thanks.
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    What string should I use, and when to restring?

    Your tension drop probably has to do with the type of machine the stringer is using, and to some extent, the experience of the MRT. The MRT is probably using a constant pull machine vs a lockout for the others. You're really stringing your poly's pretty tight--to get more control, but I think...
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    Full multi at 45 was too low.

    55/40?? You can probably get away with that amount of difference in tension, but it's not necessary. I do like that you're trying to protect your arm though. I would go 55/48, or something it that range with gut (15L)/poly.
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    Electronic stringing machine

    I have a Series I and a Series 2. One had its motor replaced and its the quieter of the 2. I think the newer ones are even quieter.
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    Prince Syn. Gut Duraflex vs. Lightning XX vs. Lightning Pro

    Agree that Lightning Pro is soft, easy on the arm, slides well. It's not the softest synthetic ever. You should have tried Babolat Nvy. I wouldn't even call it "soft". I'd call it "mushy". I have a lot of people I string for that really like Lightning XX. Don't think it plays like...
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    Breaking crosses versus mains first depends on the string!

    You're right. Lot's of multis break the cross instead of the mains. You'll also see the crosses fray a lot more often.
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    you Too can fix a cracked racket !

    Would it work better if you mixed the super glue and baking soda before applying it? Just wondering.
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    Beginner - Racquet decision

    I think your have a good choice in the Instinct 360 Lite. I personally like the Gravity Lite a little better as it is standard length, but either one should fit the bill. The Wilson is probably nice too, but more expensive, and I'm not sold that it would be better than the other 2.
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    Toughest Racket You String?

    Maybe he meant it just wasn't symmetrical when HE strung it.
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    Common pre-poly string setups?

    I still have a set of Gamma Extreme Spin 19. Also, have a set of Victor Superb 16, Leoina 77, Pro Kennex Eclipse, Super Leoina UFO, and a set of Gorilla Gut (aramid hybrid). Brings back good memories.
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    Racquets at the First Pro Match You Attended Live

    It's odd, when I watched them, Tanner's serve was so unbelievable. You hear stories about how fast it was, but to the naked eye, it looked to be almost twice as fast as the others (which I know it couldn't have been). From a distance, the serve always looks slower. There were some he hit that...
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    Questions on making micro-adjustments on a klippermate

    The tension you lose on a Klippermate will mostly come from your floating clamps rather than the tensioner itself. Most of the tension you lose will be made up on the next pull, but it's still something to consider, especially if you ever get to the point you want to upgrade your clamps.
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    Racquets at the First Pro Match You Attended Live

    I saw Roscoe Tanner and Dick Stockton play Stan Smith and Bob Lutz. Tanner had a PDP Open, Stockton had a Wilson wood (I think), Smith had a Wilson wood, and Lutz had just switched to an aluminum frame I think (possibly a Head).
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    Toughest Racket You String?

    The toughest racket I've ever strung was a Dunlop Max 200g with 14g Victor Imperial gut. Lots of shared holes that were barely big enough for 1 strand of the string to go through.
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    Toughest Racket You String?

    I used an Alpha Apex with a Wise head.
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    Toughest Racket You String?

    The manufacturer recommends stringing the bottom plane of the Blackburne first, they using floating clamps to string the top plane. When I did mine, I did the top plane first, just as I would any racket. This allowed me to use fixed clamps. Then, I did the bottom plane. Stringing from the...
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    Common pre-poly string setups?

    Are you sure you're not thinking of Blue Star? The 1st poly I remember was Leoina Poly X, then Poly 7. If you lived in Europe, you may have come across a few more, as many European players were using it for durability reasons as they played on clay.
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    Cross tension always reads a lot lower

    You could always tension the cross, straighten it out, then tension it again. Before I got my Wise, that's usually what I did.
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    Advice on arm friendly set up

    If you like that crisp feeling of a poly, but need something a little more arm-friendly, try Head FXP. It's crisp, more durable than most synthetics, very control oriented, and will hold it's tension a lot longer than a poly.
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    antony's string journey (looking for a string to buy a reel of)

    Antony--I've been reading your posts. Seems like you like the crisp feel of poly, but like it at a higher tension. Instead of a poly, have you considered Head FXP 16. It's very crisp, control oriented, but the tension should last you longer than most poly's do. Give it a try. String it at...