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  1. Novichok

    Federer beat the Indian Wells champion this year

    Ever wondered why stall 1 ran out of toilet paper, and stall 2 is out of order? Think it over and you'll find the right person.
  2. Novichok

    Federer beat the Indian Wells champion this year

    In that case, I'll pass. :cool:
  3. Novichok

    Federer beat the Indian Wells champion this year

    Dan Evans Marin Cilic Ilya Ivashka Cameron Norrie Lorenzo Sonego
  4. Novichok

    Tsitsipas and Fognini few words exchanged

    The secret of his hair:
  5. Novichok

    Poll: Who wins Indian Wells for the men?

    Bacillus thuringiensis will provide the much needed pest control in the quarters and semis. Sorry to tell you that, mate.
  6. Novichok

    Poll: Who wins Indian Wells for the men?

    Hubert Hurkacz to win the reverse sunshine double?
  7. Novichok

    Battle of the 95' - Help me out!

    The problem is not in the head size. I feel that the beam is too thin and the launch angle is lower than I prefer. I would try the racquet with a 17 gauge string in future to see if that improves anything. Previously, I used Pro Staff 97 v11 and my two handed backhand was a weapon. Is the...
  8. Novichok

    Battle of the 95' - Help me out!

    Agree. I have a couple VCORE 95s (red version) and it has been somewhat disappointing on the two handed backhand even with added weight. After playing with the racquet for five months, I understand why it's more rewarding to learn how to control a relatively powerful frame (like the RF97 or...
  9. Novichok

    The false dawn of Denis Shapovalov?

    The False Dawn of Denis Shapovalov: 3 Years and Counting.
  10. Novichok

    Deserving players who never won slam

    Jo Wilfried Tsonga Guillermo Coria David Nalbandian Robin Söderling
  11. Novichok

    Is the Blade Pro 16x19 really stiff?

    Low twistweight? :unsure:
  12. Novichok

    Roger Federer is the only player to

    defeat Gael Monfils at a slam and go on to win it. (French Open 2009) Notable Failures: Rafael Nadal - 2017 Australian Open, 2014 Australian Open and 2009 US Open. Roger Federer - 2015 French Open, 2014 US Open, 2011 French Open and 2008 French Open. Novak Djokovic - 2018 Australian Open, 2016...
  13. Novichok

    Who was that young man with Raducanu?

    Ok. Thanks. I looked up and found he's her agent Chris Helliar. But how would you explain her relationship with yet another young man :sneaky:
  14. Novichok

    Who was that young man with Raducanu?

    Emma was seen with a young man in London on September 20th.
  15. Novichok

    Pete Sampras's 2008 autobiography "A Champion's Mind"

    I read the book a few years ago and it was a little bland but overall quite good. Just as good if not better than Andre's autobiography. Unfortunately, Pete didn't talk about his personal life as much as I would have liked. Didn't even mention his romantic relationships before dating his...
  16. Novichok

    Is 2009-13 the best five-year period ever?

    The two best 5 year periods for me would be 1993-1997 and 2003-2007.
  17. Novichok

    Kyrgios ends season, out until ‘22 Australian Open

    Now I understand why he lost to his pigeon at LC!!
  18. Novichok

    Radacanu fires her coach

    Darren Cahill would be an ideal pick but I'm not sure if she can afford his services. :-D
  19. Novichok

    Coolest pictures of pros

    2014: 2016: 2018: 2020:
  20. Novichok

    What will Federer's career actually look like when he comes back from knee surgery?

    He not an ordinary 40 year old player. I won't write him off until he announces retirement himself.
  21. Novichok

    What is the GS totals of the Big 3 if Djokovic's and Federer's age were swapped?

    Fed would have a far better record against Novak at Wimbledon and US Open in that scenario.
  22. Novichok

    ProStaff V 11 versus Blade Pro

    I've used a leaded up PS97 v11 since I started playing. It's super solid and stable but also stiff and has a very open string pattern. If you can afford a gut poly hybrid every two weeks (full bed of shaped poly causes discomfort) and know how to create a lot of topspin (because it doesn't...
  23. Novichok

    Okay, okay! :giggle:

    Okay, okay! :giggle:
  24. Novichok

    Predict the final slam count for the following players

    Federer : 20 Nadal : 20 Djokovic : 20 Murray : 3 Kyrgios : 0 Zverev : -1 (The USO final chokefest from last year counts as negative) Coric : 0 Thiem : 1