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    Matching racquets

    I have bunch of racquets of same model. They weren't professionally matched ( say like a TW service) but once I bought them ( Say pure aero) I put the same exact configuration on them ie same strings, overgrip, lead tape etc. When I weigh them they're not off by much - few grams. Off late, I...
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    Yonex Ezone Dr 100 vs Dr 100 plus

    Anyone have played these two? Any thoughts or feedback?
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    Pure Aero vs Clash tour

    Anyone played with both racquets? Please can you share any comparisons. Worth switching from Aero to clash?
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    Fixed clamps not clicking!

    One of the fixed clamps of my alpha DC plus doesn't seem to stay. After I clamp, the lever doesn't stay and comes off. I have to attempt it a few times before it stays. Any ideas. Thanks for your help.
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    Pro's Pro TX Electronic Tension Head

    Thinking of adding an electronic tensioner to my alpha DC plus. Wise seems the best choice but I saw the Pros pro items that seem to cost less. Any thoughts or advice?
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    Alu power rough vs Rpm blast rough

    Anyone played with both strings? How do they compare?
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    Pure aero plus stringing instructions

    I went through the threads and trying to figure out the pure aero stringing pattern for 2 piece. Got confused. Is the following accurate? Main skips: 7, 9 T ; 7,9H Main Tie-offs: 6T Cross Tie-offs: 5H, 8T
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    Stringing instructions - babolat pure drive tour

    Looking for mains and crosses tie off info. Here's what I got from TW for babolat pure drive tour 2018. 16 Mains / 19 Crosses Mains skip: 7T,9T,7H,9H Two Pieces No Shared Holes Anyone know tie off information? Sincerely appreciate your help.
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    Serves— head heavy vs head light

    I recently switched racquets and went more head light. While I am happy with improved ground strokes especially the angles I'm hitting now., serve which is best part of my game is suffering. I can still land my serves but there's not much on it for opponents to be troubled. Sure I can add a...
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    Exercises/drills to hit in front of the body

    What are some exercises/ drills that one can do that can help someone from hitting the ball late ( almost parallel or behind the body) to more like hitting in front of the body? Appreciate all tips and advice
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    Pure Drive Plus Vs Pure Drive Tour Plus

    Anyone played with both sticks ? any insights /observations/feedback? After switching to regular sizes, i recently tried one of my older Plus sticks (Pure drive team plus) and once again liked it. Enough that i wanted to keep a couple plus versions. Debating between Pure Aero Plus Vs Pure Drive...
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    What’s a Ratchet up technique?

    I see a mention of this in this thread. I do spend considerable time just trying to get the right tension on my drop weight. Rarely get it right in first couple pulls. What’s a Ratchet up and how do we do it? As...
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    Swing weight

    Recently, My playlist narrowed down to two racquets. Two different year Babolats. But same model and strings l. I put similar amounts of lead tape and assumed I’m good. I weighed them and they are ~20g different (342, 363). I did the swing weight calculator from TW, And 342 = 331sw...
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    Tier one FireWire stringing

    I got hold of two sets of tier one FireWire 17. I saw in this forum regarding stringing it in a certain way ( triangular shaped string) has an impact on spin production. Can anyone share tips on how I should go about stringing this new string so that I can get max out of this?
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    Low power/ high power and their relevance

    A basic question as I’m trying to understand and experiment with strings. I hear strings as low powered , high powered. Beyond the fact that they require more or less effort to get the ball on other side, would that change anything else? In other words, if one player uses low power strings...
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    Low power/ high power and their relevance

    A basic question as I’m trying to understand and experiment with strings. I hear strings as low powered , high powered. Beyond the fact that they require more or less effort to get the ball on other side, would that change anything else? In other words, if one player uses low power strings...
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    Never had to deal with this stuff before. Now that I started stringing for myself, I want to try this myself. I noticed cracks on two grommets of one of the Racquet’s. It’s a 2007 Babolat pure drive plus. Not sure what to do. Searching this forum threads, I think my options are nano tubing...
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    Rs Lyon with pure drive

    Anyone tried rs Lyon on pure drive or pure drive plus? If so any recommendations on tension and any observations? Regular user of luxilon alu power rough and recently switched to a ultra cable/ alu power rough hybrid.
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    Babolat Pure drive FSI stringing pattern

    I am back to the same problem. I was able to string the non FSI sticks and feel very comfortable. I want to string this FSI 2015 Pure drive and i am confused. Is this different from Other Babolat Pure drive's? What does a short side mean? I searched and searched and cant find a picture that...
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    Knotting polys

    Some strings seem easier to knot than others. I'm struggling a bit to tie off knots on poly strings- ultra cable, alu power rough, etc How do we make sure we have pulled it tight and knotted it well. When I pull and try to tighten after trying the knot with OUT ( over under through) I still...
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    Poly hybrid combos to try

    I have max power rough, alu rough, ultra cable, solinco diamond rough ( yes, I'm a rough person!) . My gold standard is alu rough full bed. I'm going to try some combos starting this weekend . For example, alu rough in mains and ultra cable in crosses to start with. Any suggestions or...
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    Stringing tension and specs

    I got a few string jobs in so far and feeling a bit more comfortable. So far I purposely kept my tension low so that even if I'm off a bit , it wouldn't cause much general my observation is that I'm at much lesser tension than what I strung at. I used RacquetTune and the gamma...
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    Alpha DC plus Linear gripper

    I tried to string a new stick with Kirschbaum Max Power Rough. No matter how i tried, the linear gripper wouldnt grip and i could never get past first main. After an hour of trying, i gave up for tonight. As an added bonus , the string is now a bit flattened at the spots where the linear gripper...
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    Start at throat or top?

    what I saw from video supplied with alpha dc plus is if the grommets are even at throat start at top. If it's odd , start at throat. Is that accurate for bobalat pure drive plus which has even grommets at throat. I saw some YouTube videos and they seem to start at throat?
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    Babolat FSI stringing patterns

    Anyone have a picture of stringing pattern recommended by Babolat like below for FSI frames?
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    New Stringing machine- some questions

    I now have an alpha pioneer dc plus . Once I was able to get past the terrible instructions and the low quality tool sets ( cutters, pliers) , I strung a couple of racquets. I need some help. As always appreciate all your help and feedback. A) I used 50lbs for drop weights tension. When I...
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    Alu power rough and ultra cable

    As is evident from my other threads, I am a regular user of Alu power rough full bed and generally happy. I'm now looking for more plough. I also played with full bed ultra cable and felt that it had more spin but maybe less power for me. Has anyone tried putting these two as a combo? If so...
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    Best stringing machine under 500$

    I want to experiment with various strings and debating to purchase a stringing machine. Primary reason is the turn around time, the preferred stringer is a 2-3 day turn around. Me finding time to drop off and then him needing a day or two and then me picking up. He charges around 20$ if I...
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    Pure drive plus vs pure aero plus

    Has anyone played enough times with both? Can you share your thoughts? What are some key differences
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    Alu power rough alternatives

    Alu power rough been my favorite for few years now but I'm at the point where I need a bit more plough and durability. Are there any good alternatives?. I know this question been asked before but new strings are coming in market frequently and not sure if there are more options. Tried...