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    ATP Career Winning Percentage (Open Era)

    Wait until Nadal gets older and when he starts losing more matches.
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    Disgraceful performance by David Ferrer

    Does Ferrer have like one of the worst 5-setters records or something? It seems to me that he always lost in a 5 sets match in most of the slams. (against Nishikori in US Open? Baghdatis in Australian Open?)
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    Racquet import duties to Australia

    how do they judge the value of the stuff? Is it based on the invoice in the box? Really worried now cause i just purchased something from TW worth around 200AUD... (2 strung racquets)... Hopefully the customs won't intervene or anything.
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    [1] NADAL vs. [3] FEDERER - Semifinal Miami 2011

    Seriously anything can happen in a match between these two guys, but hopefully Federer gonna get this one cause he's already 30 years old, while Nadal is still young, so i think Nadal can afford to give this one to Federer. And hopefully Federer will be able to end Djokovic's match winning...
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    Wozniacki got paid $ 90000 more than Djokovic

    But try to have a look at the prize money distribution. Quarterfinalists, 4th and 3rd rounders in ATP get paid more relative to WTA. Well the total prize money is the same, just depends how they distribute them. To me its a good idea to spread it more widely, cause i mean $90000 difference...
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    Del Potro struggling

    I like Del Potro. Let's hope he can get back to his best form.
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    Buying tickets to the Australian Open

    You are getting a "session" ticket, which enables you to watch all the matches scheduled in that particular session.
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    What Channel will Televise Australian Open?

    ESPN2 and Tennis Channel basically.
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    Andy Murray hype

    Was he hyped to win last year's French Open and Wimbledon? I don't think so. He did really well in AO, beating Nadal and losing to Federer in final, but after that he lost his steam a little bit, wasn't playing well at all in French and expectations were not high when the season came to...
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    Brisbane International 2011 Photos

    Went to the Brisbane International today. Had soo much fun! Was pretty surprised that Petrova and Simon losing but their respective opponents really played well. It's amazing how accessible are the players... as they are just walking right next to you. Soderling hit the ball so well during...
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    Serena Withdraws From Australian Open!!

    Are we really arguing this crap on Christmas? Man get a life.
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    Aussies - Check out Ch 7-2 in the early hours!

    I watched Nalbandian vs Hewitt '05. Was great!
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    Djokovic #3 and Murray #4 for 3rd year in a row.

    So freaking hard to dislodge Federer and Nadal from No.1 and No.2.
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    AO+WTF prove Roger is a whole season player, Rafa is a part-time one

    Gosh, it's a great victory by Federer, but still Nadal has done really well, in fact extremely great this season. Even if i'm a big time Federer fan, still Nadal deserves lots of credit. A loss at WTF final won't just discredit all the achievement that Nadal had in 2010. I think some Federer...
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    Summing up the Round Robin Pt. 2: Thoughts on the other four

    Wait until Del Potro gets back. LOL
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    Do you find Wozniacki boring ?

    Come on guys, have you all forgotten bout Nicole Vaidisova? Haha, probably the hottest girl ever to play in the WTA tour.
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    MDA Telethon on Labor Day pre-empting USO for some US Viewers

    I don't think they would black out the internet coverage this year.. according to at least. Apparently the official website has the rights to livestream even the CBS matches. So in a way its a good news for tennis fans in America.
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    Fight video in Arthur Ashe

    Americans.. Sighz..
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    I'm not trying to be mean but Ryan Harrison has already accomplish more...

    oh wait, i remember that he lost to Hewitt... mmmm.. oh i think its just 2nd round.. too bad then. haha
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    ESPN finally getting smarter with TV broadcasting?

    Good work ESPN. Haha, we had enough of Clijsters rolling yet another fragile minded girl. Haha
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    I'm not trying to be mean but Ryan Harrison has already accomplish more...

    I thought Donald Young reached the 3rd round of the Australian Open this year? Don't be too harsh on him. Haha.
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    Lousy matches at Arthur Ashe Stadium

    Tipsy vs Roddick was the only night match so far that is not a straight set victory. We have seen way too many one sided matches at Arthur Ashe this year. It's horrible. At least in Australian Open, they put like 2 men's matches in the afternoon session.. (sometimes).
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    Lousy matches at Arthur Ashe Stadium

    Come on USTA, Stopping putting so many ladies matches or one sided men's matches at the Arthur Ashe, people don't just want to see big names, they want exciting and good matches. Gosh, I love Clijsters, but she has played all her matches so far in the main stadium, and you know how she can...
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    Hurricane Earl - when will it hit the USO?

    3rd year in a row actually
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    Azarenka in big trouble!

    Global warming is such a *******.
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    Azarenka in big trouble!

    Owh, i hope she's alright. I mean, tennis is important, but you don't want to risk your life for that.
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    The US Open schedule is ridiculous

    I think John McEnroe played a 5 sets semifinal match but still won the title. But he did mention how tired he was during the match.
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    "Earl" could put a major damper on the USO

    Argh, screw these hurricanes!
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    Dish Network free Tennis Channel coverage?

    I reckon they do!