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    poly tour pro 1.20 vs solinco hyper g 1.20

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    Graphene Speeds MP and Pro - Mold Question

    Do they share the same mold? Is the only difference the SW, balance, and static weight? If I lead and customize the MP to a stick that shares similar specs as the Pro, will the racquet be very similar to the Pro except with a more open string pattern? I am looking to get a racquet with more...
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    Counterbalance - Is this a method I can use?

    I am trying to counterbalance the 3 grams of lead I have at 3/9. This is what I did... I popped open the butt cap and on the back of the butt cap, I stuck layers of lead tape on top of another (12 inches cut up into several pieces). I then popped the butt cap back in. Will the lead be...
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    Looking for a poly - Suggestions needed

    I am looking for a polyester string that has a crisp feel of a Luxilon ALU Power, but is less stiff. I also do not want a string that has a plasticy and mushy feel. So middle of the road stiffness, not overly soft but not as stiff as a Lux ALU...with the pop and crispness of a ALU. Fire away
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    Tsonga String

    Seems like he has gone back to full poly in the clay court season. Does anyone know how long he was playtesting the gut/poly hybrid? It seemed like he was doing that in Australia and might have given up due to his lackluster start to the year. Or is this just a case of playing full poly on the...
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    To the TW Playtesters - Gut Main Hybrid Advice

    If anyone can share their insight in my thread here, that would be fantastic. Preferably any of the play testers that have experience with Gut mains Poly crosses hybrids. Much appreciated!
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    VS Touch Mains, Luxilon 4G vs. Luxilon ALU Power Crosses

    Can anyone comment on what the difference between the 2 setups might be? I currently use the VS Touch/ALU but the tension maintenance of the ALU is poor and I am finding myself playing with a racquet that has lost its pop and precision after about 10-12 hours of hitting. By the time I need to...
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    NXT Control, Xcel, Thunder Blast - In a hybrid?

    Has anyone used these strings in a cross set up with a polyester in the main? How did it play? I am not looking for an overly lively and poor tension maintenance multi to complement my Lux ALU Power. Thus, I am not looking to use X1 or NRG2. My 3 finalists are NXT Control, Xcel, and Thunder...
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    To the TW Playtesters: Which Multi Do You Like The Most In A Luxilon Hybrid?

    Hey guys, I was wondering what multi you thought paired great with the Luxilon ALU Power. I am considering Xcel and NXT Control as my top two options I do not want a soft and powerful multi like X1
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    Need a multi for Luxilon Hybrid - Suggestions

    Looking to try a Lux/Multi hybrid. I used to use a poly/gut hybrid and switched to a gut/poly hybrid. I want to try the 3rd hybrid set up and use a poly/multi hybrid, however, I am not familiar with any good multi's. I remember using full X1 once and it was just way too powerful. However, would...
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    Speed Pro versus Prestige MP versus Radical Pro

    I was wondering if people out there with experience playing all 3 can comment on what each of the 3 do well and what their weaknesses are as well. I'm currently using the Speed Pro and am pretty content but was curious as to see what the other 2 play like in comparison.
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    In Need Of Quick Lead Tape Advice!

    Hi all, I am in a current situation that I was hoping to get some opinions on. I currently have 2.5 grams total at 3/9 (4 strips of 2.5 inches). I am satisfied with the additional stability, however, I am not happy with the sluggishness I am feeling as a result of the added SW. What would...
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    To the TW Playtesters: Head Graphene Speed Pro vs. Babolat Pure Control Tour

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you could break down a comparison between the two frames and which you preferred in the different categories you use when reviewing racquets. I currently use the Head GSP but am intrigued by the PCT. And another side question that regards the Speed Pro...
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    Variation on where to place/hold the ball before ball toss

    Curious to know where you guys like to hold the ball or place it before you initiate your service motion. I've been torn between a variety of ways, and I am not sure which one to stick with! People say you have to do what's most natural, however, I actually am starting to think the place where I...
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    Tension on Gut/Poly Hybrid

    I am currently using a 55 gut mains, 52 poly crosses string setup. Is stringing the gut tighter than the poly the conventional method? Would like to hear your preferred tensions and whether or not you go tighter on the gut or the poly.
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    Nylon Tubing

    Just a question I have regarding nylon tubing. A racquet I recently got strung had some two tubes sticking out of two grommets, opposite ends from each other. To my knowledge, these tubings are used when grommets are in bad condition, however my racquet is still relatively new. The tubings were...
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    Strung Racquet With A Tighter Tension Than Desired?

    Has this happened to anyone? I do not personally string, but I have experienced two situations where two different stringers have strung my personal preferred tension (55/57) much tighter. Using the RacquetTune app and my own personal feel, the strings are much tighter and boardy (around 60...
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    Questions I Have, Hitting Video Included (D3 College Player)

    I haven't filmed myself playing in a very long time so I decided to do so recently. I never really noticed how low on my waist my follow through is.. was wondering if you guys think this is a serious problem. I've hit my forehand pretty flat forever and the finish has always been below the waist...
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    To TW: Head Graphene Speed Pro Grommets

    Just wanted to get some clarification on an email I received from my Head rep regarding a question I had about the grommets on the Head GSP. I was trying to inquire whether or not Head has taken any action regarding the grommets and the tabs sticking out. He left me this response, We...
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    2k12...anyone know where I might find any?

    I'm really searching hard for these shoes. They are amazing, perfect shoe for me. Unfortunately, I don't like the new Cage's at all. I have a pair of Vapor's, but I just don't feel as fast in them as the 2k12's. Anyone know of a site/place I can find any?
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    Closest shoe to the Nike 2k12?

    Anyone have any input on a shoe that is the most similar to the 2k12? The new Cages are a bit too heavy for me. I want a shoe that feels incredibly fast. Durability is not an issue.
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    Toothpick to remove clay bits in bumper.. Anyone else?

    I've been always doing this but was wondering what you guys do to remove bits of clay and residue that are in your bumper guard. Anyone else use the toothpick method as well?
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    Rubbing alcohol- damage the paint?

    I had a couple marks I wanted to get rid of and I used rubbing alcohol. It didnt come off but that's fine. Just wanted to know if I damaged the paint or took off the shine on the paint by using some rubbing alcohol. I used a qtip and applied it in the area
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    Is my frame cracked?

    Removed the bumper because I'm going to replace it. Looked and saw this underneath the guard. Cracked? New head speed pro
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    To TW: Head Graphene Speed Pro top bumper problem Is this happening to you guys at TW stringing and what not? Have you fielded a variety of calls yet about this? The tabbed piece should fit underneath the adjoining piece correct? My tabbed piece was sticking out and unfortunately...
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    To the gut main users

    If you have any experience with poly mains can you comment on the durability difference between both hybrids? It takes me a LONG time to pop poly main gut crosses, the gut pops eventually. I've never popped the poly main. How much quicker will I pop if I put gut in mains
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    Serena Williams Box

    Does anyone know who the lady sitting next to Venus is? She's of asian nationality. I see her all the time and find her quite attractive :)
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    New lady in the Tipsy box? If you watch Hewitt Tipsy highlights at 2:45, you see a woman in the purple top who is she? Where's Biljana?!?!
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    Nike Air Max Cage Size 8?

    When will it be in stock? I'm referring to the Grey/Black colorway. Thanks!