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    [Request] Can anyone post a video of stringing synthetic gut/multifilament with a drop weight and floating clamps?

    I have a the basic 2 point mount Gamma X-2 drop weight stringer and stringing synthetic gut/multifilaments have been unpredictable for me and that's because the string stretches and so the drop weight keeps dropping after leveling the drop weight. In the end it's caused me to sometimes have a...
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    How do I know if a monofilament is going to act like a synthetic guy (strings move and creak)

    I recently bought Diadem Evolution Strings (Polyamide Monofilament) and learned that monofilaments can act like synthetic gut/multi-filaments where the strings will misalign after hitting a ball and when you move the strings backs they make the creaking sound. I've also talked to some people who...
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    How do you return/deal low bouncing serves/tips?

    I've been playing some sets recently and people with "no pace" serves are some of the trickiest people to play because the ball dies in no man's land after one bounce. Even if I'm waiting inside of the baseline to return, the ball after the bounce is really low, like shin high. Anyone have any...
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    What are some translucent polyester strings

    I've been seeing people with clear light blue poly strings but they don't know what the string is because they have their stringer put it in. I don't know these people either so I can't follow up with them. Can anyone help me out with identifying some translucent polyester strings currently in...
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    What do you guys think about this Starting Mains method (start 1 off from center)

    With the normal drop weight at some point the handle of the tennis racquet probably will get in the way of the drop weight, so Mr10sStringer's solution was to start one off the center main instead of the dead center when stringing. What do you guys think of this and would it be bad for my...
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    Gamma X-2 Stringer - I have to keep tensioning with Synthetic Gut and Multifilaments

    I have the basic Gamma X-2 drop weight stringer. When I try to string synthetic gut or multi filaments in the mains and when I start to apply tension to the first few mains, I have to add keep adding tension like adjust 5+ times before the drop weight is level. When I drop the weight I start the...