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    How do you counter lefty slice from BH

    Look at this troll match - what would you do if the guy keeps slicing from his BH?
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    The best ever tennis tip?

    A real tennis player plays with his head, not with his racket.
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    At rec level, winning in tennis is all about ...

    According to coach Nick Aracic, the #1 reason why players lose at rec level is because of technique.
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    Gatekeeper forehand with a drone view

    Gatekeeper is a cool concept to hit consistent forehands.
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    What's the regional rating range here?

    Apparently 4.5 in Atlanta, MKE, Wisconsin 4.0, Chicago 4.0. What about other cities?
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    Court level vs TV view

    The same 40 seconds point from two different views - what a contrast in intensity!
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    Tennis website owners lounge

    Welcome to TT Chamber of Tennis Apps and Sites - an official 'affiliate' of US Chamber of Commerce :) Inspired by a post from @Sentinel on "anyone hosting a website", a thread for folks who own/maintain/operate website/apps dedicated to tennis. My name sake app/site runs on GCP - couldn't be...
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    The research study will examine tennis-specific warm-up/cool-down program called Tennis 10+ with the goal of reducing your risk of injury. 1. Begin by clicking the following link 2. Review brief Tennis 10+ training video 3...
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    Nadal does not flip on this forehand

    For folks learning to flip, even Nadal does not try to flip the racket on the return of serve - it's a much simpler drop on edge and pull forward.
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    What if thread

    A dedicated thread for hypothetical what ifs.
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    Knotwilg's Improvement Ideas

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    MEP vs MEP clone !!!

    If you thought MEP is unique, look at his clone!
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    Another picture

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    D1 vs junkball match with on-court coaching

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    Rec Fed videos

    A thread to collect videos of rec players who try to copy Fed's style.
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    Kraken forehand

    A pro recently claimed the new kraken forehand will eclipse the ATP forehand and reportedly offering lessons to teach it. Is it here to stay or just another fad that will pass?
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    "Legendary" serve lesson

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    Why do some people grow really long facial hair?

    Really long beard and mustache. Why do some people do it? Like this -
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    Wrist position on serve

    Wrist position on serve- neutral or extended? Which is better for injury prevention? For a friend with a history of wrist injury, what do you suggest?
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    Backhand duel - tight vs no loop

    Any comments on the backhand? Scott looks really tight hitting the backhand and the other guy has a no loop bh. The weird thing is that Scott generates a lot of pace though looks all tensed up hitting those BH shots.
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    Really fast serve in rec tennis

    Is it acceptable to pull a fast one by hitting unusually hard serve in a rec tennis match? The guy hits 50 mph serve all day long, and facing a breakpoint rips a 100 mph serve out of nowhere. Is it an acceptable norm? I would be very mad if someone tried it on me.
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    Questions to ask at regular intervals

    How often should we ask these of ourselves? And any other questions to ask? 1 Did I play all points 100% regardless of the score and previous points ? 2 Did I take the risk of trying my best irrespective of the outcome? 3 Did I have a definitive plan for each point? 4 Did I follow a...
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    Partner without a racket - what u gonna do?

    If your partner comes to the court without a racket, what are you going to do?
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    'Pushing' to win - bad?

    If you apply the research to tennis, is it better to just play and not necessarily win? "This paper compares mortality between Gold and Silver medalists in Olympic Track and Field to study how achievement influences health. Contrary to conventional wisdom, winners die over one year earlier than...
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    Looking for singles recovery drills

    Looking for "do it yourself" recovery drills for singles play - after serve, return, rally balls (gs and net). And also info on recovery position on each of the possible replies after the shot. 1 Serve Return 1 FH deep wide - Mogul Step Service line GS Shortball
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    Is S&V good or bad?

    Is S&V strategy as the main option good or bad? If you look at the "fact" that ground shots are the most fun part of tennis, S&V does not really give the feeling of playing tennis. It's best to stay away from it and instead focus on great ground game - that's where the real thrill of tennis...
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    Height over the net - 4.5 tennis

    If you look at the height of the ball on the ground shots, would you say it's normal at this level?
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    TT folks interested in playing MEP

    Post here if you are interested in playing MEP (@GSG). Let's have all these matches on @TennisTroll channel. @GSG - how many matches per month can you offer to TT folks? What are your other requirements to play?
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    Beating the pusher!

    How do you think Justin beat the pusher? I see two things - aggressive returns and better net play.