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    Electronic stringing machine

    Hello everyone, I am wrecking my head with what's the best thing to do in my situation. I started a little over a year ago on a DW Pro's pro machine. It's fine when I was stringing 1 racket a month. Now I break my strings in about 3-4 hours and I started stringing for my girlfriend which can...
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    Gamma ELS vs Wise 2086 tension heads

    Hi, Anyone used both? Which one would be superior when it comes to accuracy, ease of use and speed of operation? Wise "looks" more like the tension heads on the high end machines due to the diablo etc. But how would the Gamma compare? Cheers! P.S.: Another option is the Pro's pro MT-200...
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    Upgrading a drop weight or buying a new electronic machine

    Hello, I have a Pro's pro Hornet drop weight machine. 6 point mount, good clamps,...basically I'm satisfied with everything. Works as advertised, no slippage etc after a year of use. I can get a very accurate result from it, pretty consistent. However, I have recently started stringing...
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    Balance boards

    Hi! So I am in need of a balance board just because I like tinkering with stuff and I'd like to replicate some specs I came across. I will make one myself because it's cheap and I like doing stuff like that. But I was wondering why are the store bought ones so expensive? It's 70 EUR for the...
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    Will a softer poly break faster than a stiffer poly?

    Whatever the title says. I wanna try Hyper G Soft and I'm wondering if you have any experience in general if a softer poly will break faster than a stiffer poly? I can think of arguments for yes and for no. But I'm wondering what you guys think.
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    Ezone 100 vs 98 arm friendliness

    Hi everyone, I have heard contradicting reports about which one is more arm friendly. 98 is more flexible (64) but some say that it's not the most arm friendly thing. The same people say that the 100 (69) is more arm friendly. I have heard opposite claims as well (due to the stiffness). I...
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    Which gauge should I choose?

    Hi guys, So, I like smaller gauges. 1.15 feels better than 1.25 imo. Every string I tried. More spin, softer, more power. I break 1.15 in about a month. Which I'm totally fine with. My question is, how much quicker would 1.15 lose it's playability before snapping than 1.25? What would you...
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    Wilson Clash 100 Vibration problems

    Hi everyone. So, I have 2 Wilson Clashes. Matched and balanced at 305g. This one I got only about 4 months ago. One feels solid and one feels like it's cracked I guess (never played with a cracked frame). It lacks power, it feels weird. The racket vibrates way more than even a clash should and...
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    Wilson Ultra (softer) alternatives

    Hi guys! So a friend is having some wrist/elbow issues that came up recently. He uses the previous (2 color) version of the Ultra. Uses very soft poly strings. He's a coach and a very advanced rec. player so he spends 5-6 hours a day playing/coaching. He is looking for something softer. I...
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    Did Tsitsipas change strings?

    I’ve been watching UTS and Tsitsipas’ strings dont seem that yellow. Maybe it’s because of the lighting but I believe those are not 4G. The strings look white to me. Does somebody have any info on that? Is he testing new strings or something?
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    Ball in or out?

    Hi guys, I don't know if this is the forum to post this as I do not see any other posts like this. But I'm curious... To add perspective, slice serve from the deuce side to the outside of the service box. Ball lands as shown on the pictures. X marks the "out" and checkmark marks the "in"...
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    Pro's Pro Challenger X vs Gamma Progression II 200

    HI, I am basically down to these two machines as a first machine. Plan to string 2-3 rackets per month. Advantage of Challenger X has 6 point mount and fixed clamps. Gamma has better build quality from what I've heard. Price is the same, both around 300EUR. Access to spare parts for both...
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    CB-3 stringing machine

    Hi, I couldn't find anything on this machine on this forum. Anyone have some experience with it? I feel like the Gamma Progression II 200 is the most recommended "starting out" stringing machine on here but I just came across this and...
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    Should beginners restring rackets?

    Hi, could not find anything on if beginners should also restring rackets same as more advanced players. So my questions is, as a beginner should I also have my racket restrung? Or should I just play until it breaks and not care about the tension/feel? I am getting **** from other beginners...
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    Hi everyone, I've hit for a bit with both Clash 100 first and found it too light. Then I hit with the 100 Tour yesterday and it felt pretty good, yet a tiny bit less maneuverable. I found myself be late on some balls, although it might just be my tiredness on that particular day. I currently...
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    Switching from the Pure Aero?

    Hi guys, a newbie here... I started playing more serious about 4 months ago and after 1 session with an old aluminium racket I bought the Pure Aero (the 2016 version). Mostly because I thought it was a great deal. 100$ for basically a pro racket, thinking I will grow into it. And that at this...