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    How far do you stand? REally! how do you win?

    How many people play 6 feet away from the baseline and really have to fight for the court? If you do, you probably going through the same problem I'm facing. So if you do stand away from the baseline often, do you practice a lot of passing shots, lobs, drop shots? speed and footwork? or upper...
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    Problem with serve technique which lead to golfer's elbow.

    I think my serve technique needs to be adjusted because I developed GE. I hold my racquet with my wristed cocked forward or down. Before contact, I rotate my forearm to slap the ball. I think the problem came from overuse of forearm rotations.
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    What do you think of the new guy?

    A new tennis player joined the college tennis team. I played him and he beated me pretty badly, 6-2. He's got a very strong forehand which he used a lot. He generated a lot more spin than I did. The problem was that I really couldn't set myself up ready to return his forehands. I had to...
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    Big Grip or Little Grip?

    I use little grip or just about the right size where I can place my index finger between the heel of the hand and the end of the fingers. The little grip is fine and gives a lot of range of motion for the wrist. The big grip limits the wrist motion but gives a lot of control. Also it keeps the...
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    Have testers ever do a double-blind test using racquets?

    You know... double blind test.
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    Most of us have the answer but why do still question ourselves.

    I have made a conclusion about most tennis players on TTW. Most of us believe ourselves as experts in tennis, but why do we still question ourselves. The answers are already in our head; why the sense of doubt? Should we try to be the best tennis players in each and everyone of us? Isn't that...
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    I would give anything to see an American win a Grand Slam again.

    Wimbledon is driving me crazy. The French Open was a disaster. I want to see an American win a Grand Slam. I thought Andy Roddick was the next new star but he has been really upsetting. I hate Agassi retiring. I have small hope for James Blake. He's trying at least. Come on, USA. Give me someone...
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    Tight Tibialis Anterior. Sore and Painful.

    When I run, my tibialis anterior would get very tight. Is it the reason that I did not exercise the muscle during workout. I usually just workout the calfs. Or my running technique is poor?
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    What do you eat?

    I always consider what players eat as a factor. Just comparing two random country, if China and United States had the same tennis teachings and the only variable is what they eat, United States would likely produce better players. As for me, for the last two months, I have been consuming...
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    Open and Close backswing.

    How many people close their racquet face on the backswing? I was trying to remember what my coach said about bring the racquet back. All he said was bring it back early and prepared. Well that was 3 years ago... Does the backswing really have an influence on the shot? This called for an...
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    Dahlonega, Gainesville, Kennesaw, or Blue Ridge part of Georgia.

    If you any part of near Dahlonega, Gainesville, Kennesaw or Blue Ridge part of Georgia, I would like to play some tennis with you. Shoot my an email
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    Fremont, California.

    I will be at Fremont, California from May 6th - May 14th. If anyone lives around that area, I would like to play with you.
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    Could We get TW forum manager to pull together an Online Lesson webpage.

    Since we have all these coaches, students, and newcomers, I believe it would be a good idea to make a page that allows people to contribute their way of tennis. It would be a lot more organized than the forum. We wouldn't have to save posts from coaches or top players. Everyone would make this...
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    There are times when I just feel like ****, feeling it everyday makes it worse.

    Have you ever felt mellow or tired on a grey day? For the past two weeks, I felt, for the lack of better words, ****ty. I felt that something wasn't right. The racquet was heavy like it weighed 5 lbs. My body felt cold. There was no adrenaline rush. I was just not heated up. The strokes felts...
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    What do tennis academies usually teach!

    Just out of curiousity, what do the tennis academies usually teach for intermediate and advance students? What drills, conditionings, instructional aids, mental trainings? Please be specific and give all the experience.
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    Hearing the sound!

    To me sometimes it's really hard to focus on the ball due to my eyes. I do not have the same reaction when I was kid. Sometimes, when my opponent hits the ball, after the ball travels two feet, my body would stay frozen. My mind knows where the ball is going. The body refuse to obey that visual...
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    What strings have high resistance of movement?

    I do not like my strings to move. I tried Luxilon but it's an arm killer. Wilson Stamina wasn't so bad.
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    Guys! You definitely have to check out If you know what or is, this is almost similar but it's for tennis players.
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    How do I prestrung my strings due to high elascity.

    I do not have an iron pole anchored in my house so what do I do?
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    Wegner vs Traditional

    How many players use Wegner and how many players use Traditional? I examined the Wegner material. From what I saw, the method could cap a player's potential with the follow and swing method. The swing was compact. The results showed most balls with a landing path(like plane landing on a...
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    Practicing with a beginner!

    I have a friend who is a beginner, but I am not really concern about his improvement in tennis. When I practice with an amateur or regular player, I could easily control the ball's pace, depth, spin, and direction. Generally the ball comes to me with pace and about the right height. I feel the...
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    200 dollar racquet for less.

    I went to the PGA tour Superstore at Kennesaw GA to check the tennis section. I was anxious to buy a new racquet. When I arrived there and picked out the racquet I wanted, I was surprised at the price. They listed Prince 03 tour oversize and midsize racquet for 169.99. They did the same for Head...
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    I switched from Luxilon. I want to go back.

    I have used Luxilon for one year. Then I developed a little elbow pain. It's a golf elbow, pain on the inside of my elbow. I switched to a softer string that would be easier on my arm, but I did not like the new feel, movement of the string, the cupping effect. I am so used to fast response from...
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    Prince of Tennis(Anime)

    Most of Tennis magazine readers should know Prince of Tennis that was made from Japan. It is about a Japanese 12 year old named Echizen, who returned back from the USA as the Prince of Tennis. Interesting point of view is that the people in Japan have their own names for everything. For...
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    What stroke to what ball?

    After a thorough scan of the post, the majority problems are strokes. I thought about it for couple minutes and realized that the problem is not the strokes. I would like to say that we all know the fundamentals of a stroke but some strokes doesn't work for every ball. I find this true because a...
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    Did they ever make the Tennis channel for those tennis lovers like me?

    yes or no? if yes, where?
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    Should we really put price on our strings?

    After going through threads after threads, I have realized that many players like you have racquet or racquets that cost one hundred and thirty dollars or more (POG being the cheapest in my opinion). Having an quality, yet semi-expensive racquets, why do we continue limit our budget for our...