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    Wimbledon 2016 R32 N. Djokovic (SRB) [1] vs S. Querrey (USA) [28]

    Nothing wrong with Djokovic....he's getting outplayed and is wearing it on his sleeve. The mental shenanigans didn't start until the second set. Good tennis from Querrey who's been playing well the whole event.
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    Wimbledon 2016 R32 N. Djokovic (SRB) [1] vs S. Querrey (USA) [28]

    Querrey wins in 3 or 4. He's not playing outside of his capability. He's playing aggressively smart, not out of his mind.
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    Sacramento challenger, 100 K. HUGE draw

    He has a SE in Tiburon, definitely playing.
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    what happened to tennisoxygen?

    I'm not supporting the ATP's effort to shut Christophe down, I'm simply telling you why he got shut down. Do I think he should be able to use the footage? Sure, his work was great but there are reasons you don't see FYB using ATP/WTA footage in their paid courses....they're not allowed to...
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    what happened to tennisoxygen?

    Local news organizations also have "credentials" and permission to use the footage. His footage was obtained without "credentials" or permission to do so.....big difference.
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    what happened to tennisoxygen?

    He was using matchplay footage filmed from the stands which is not permitted by the ATP/WTA Tour. Not surprised they came after him....he was well aware that what he was doing wasn't allowed, it just seemed like he thought they wouldn't actually bother coming after him...
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    Pmac Resigning From USTA

    100% correct! There's a huge cultural problem within the USTA itself. A massive house cleaning would be best, but that isn't going to happen.
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    Djokovic invests in the future of consumers Hawk-Eye :)

    Each court is $10,000 for installation...........and then there's a $500 monthly fee for each court it's installed on that is paid to PlaySight. So 2 courts will cost you an extra $1,0000 a month in addition to the $20,000 you paid to have the system installed. Also.........the accuracy of...
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    Tomic: New Ellite Will Rise

    Doubtful that Bernie is taking one of those "elite" spots, but we'll see.
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    Tursonov Talks About The Tour Grind

    Is that before or after taxes? The 39th best golfer, basketball player, or football player surely makes substantially more than Tursunov. The game is getting deeper, you have guys in the 200's just this week putting up a fight against Tommy Haas. Sorry, guys in the 200's having close sets with...
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    Janko Tipsarevic just lost to a 17 year old 800+ ranked Karen Khachanov

    You may start to see a reversal of age in ATP players if kids start putting up results like this in the coming years.
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    Janko Tipsarevic just lost to a 17 year old 800+ ranked Karen Khachanov

    This kid beat Hanescu (#64) and then lost to Rosol in the second round in an event a month ago. The game is getting deeper.
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    Technical difference between Nadal's backhand and Djokovic's backhand?

    This, tons of misinformation and generalizations in this thread.
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    Current and future college players in ATP events

    Looks like he's on a roll as of late. Good work from Giron.
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    Current and future college players in ATP events

    Looks like it could have gone either way but NR pulled it out in the breaker against DB. Any update on Marcos Giron vs NR?
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    Current and future college players in ATP events

    The depth and players are better than they've ever been. Look at Mackenzie Mcdonald taking out two top 100 players in qualifying after losing 2 times at Kalamazoo in the juniors. The field runs real deep right now, the top 5 are just a freakshow.
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    For the first time in 40 years, there will be no American men in the top 20

    Pmac is going nowhere. I'm just curious how much people think Pmac is actually involved with player development? The USTA is about good looking resumes and names, but actual qualifications to develop champions..............not so much.
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    How good is Haas currently compared to his youth?

    Haas has a much better forehand now, that is the main difference.
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    US tennis? What is going on?

    At least Stefan Kozlov took the world #113 to 3 sets today in Newport. He's the one with the big potential, his game isn't "forced", much more fluid and intelligent tennis than the typical serve and a forehand.
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    US tennis? What is going on? Above are the draws up to certain points with boys junior players at les petites. The world...
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    US tennis? What is going on?

    Serve and a forehand, that is what has come through in the American junior game as our top players recently. There should be more emphasis on having a great backhand as well (Nadal, Murray, and Djokovic) as well as being able to grind out long rediculous points. When you watch Murray and...
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    "Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be....

    I agree, the ones who've been there and those of us who see where the game is going and have been around it tend to feel the same way. The chances are getting slimmer, the nutty parents grow in numbers, and it just makes chasing that dream that much more impossible. My kids will only play tennis...
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    Serena is overrated

    The bottom line is for all her dominance this year she is 1 for 3 in slams for 2013. Boredom? Doubt it, she wants those slams as bad as anyone. Give credit to Lisicki, she played a nice match and has good enough heat on the serve not to get jumped on every service game she plays. Serena needs to...
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    1HBH players have lost Wimbledon

    One handers are holding on for dear life. With the return of serve being so important the death of the one hander is upon us, at least this year at this event. More time on dirt to return, you can also return from further behind the baseline because serve and volley is even less of an issue on...
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    Recent College Players That Turned Pro

    I brought up Dustin Brown losing to a guy ATP 500 to show the depth of the game. Clearly that went over your head.
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    Recent College Players That Turned Pro

    No offense to Mark Vines who is a great tennis player, but it was a non ATP event, I'm having a hard time believing Jenkins was taking it completely serious, especially because he went down in the next round without putting up much of a fight. The depth of tennis right now is very good, the line...
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    June 3-9, 2013 FUTURES

    Went through qualies and beat a guy #875 in a third set to get his ATP point. He plays Jesse Witten next.
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    How is Monfils with little form beating 2 in form clay court players?

    He did win a clay challenger and was the runner up in his other clay event leading to the French. So confidence, plus his previous experience have come in handy. Looks like he pretty much ground down Gulbis with long rallies. 11-1 in his last 12 matches on dirt counting his French wins.
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    What happened in Fed match?

    The backhand didn't look good, Nishikori broke it down and then pummeled the ball to the forehand when it was open. Roger also needs to back up more, he's taking tons of balls "too" early and they are sitting weak or short. Nishikori took advantage of that and played good tennis.
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    Harrison, Sock lose in Sarasota

    You forgot a few things, he forehand is not a weapon and neither is his backhand.