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    So much to play for for Roger

    Even though a day like this is still heartbreaking in the sense That i think 2014 should have been the year Roger put the grandslam record beyond nadals reach, but Its amazing That Roger has so much on the line this year still. I wonder what you Guys think he can achieve. Will he win a...
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    What if tennis had a 'normal' scoring system

    I think one of the Greatest things about tennis is that even if you are one game away from victory, you are still gonna need to string together 4 out of 6/5 out of 8 etc points. This makes tennis really exciting. I wonder though, what if tennis just counted points? What if a tennis match...
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    What makes Federer top 3?

    Serious question. I think gamewise, guys like Stan, murray, berdych, raonic, tsonga and Dimitrov could feel so ashamed about Rogers success. Rogers forehand is not a real weapon anymore though pretty consistent on shorter balls. He moves worse than most. His serve is def. Less than raonic. I...
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    What day at what time Will it be made?
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    Federer the true warrior

    Is it actually Federer that has the best mental attitude of all players on tour? I think Nadal is actually stronger mentally in that when he's on court, he almost never gets tight, he plays his game and loses when his opponent is better, but he's rarely choked, rarely lost after holding...
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    Weather forecasts

    I wonder if anyone knows whether there is likely to be more play under the roof for the men.
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    Favourite for Wimbledon?

    Who do you guys consider the favourite for Wimbledon at this point? I think Thats really hard and really close between the big four with outsiders like tsonga, berdych, Stan standing a slight chance. Djokovic is the most in form player but the least natural on grass, is slice is average and...
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    Worth of all the slams

    Do you guys consider Every slam as worthy as the other three in todays game? In my opinion the french and us open have more worth than the australian and Wimbledon is still the holy grail of tennis. Do you consider Goran more special than Stan for That reason and Lendl's resume weaker than if...
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    Murray schedule

    He's scheduled to play Acapulco? What's up with that? If he wants to prep better for IW and Miami, shouldn't he play Dubai instead or even a hardcourt challenger in America? What's the idea behind this?
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    Has a healthy Nadal

    Lost at a major Since 2007? Serious question for the *************.
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    great for tennis (minus the injury)

    I think Stan coming out firing today as well as against Djokovic DESPITE the lobsided h2h record is great to see. How often in the past have we seen players go down meekly when things started to not go their way? We need vulnerable top players early on and subtop players that can actually win...
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    Berdych and Stan: who has a better chance?

    Against Nadal? And against Federer?
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    Should Roger finally go for Davis cup?

    With Stan whipping Djokovic and in top form, They have a great chance this year if They do play. What country can present a stronger lineup except maybe spain on clay?
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    Question about AO tickets

    Hi all! Hope you had a great christmas. I have a question regarding AO tickets and i am not sure where to put it in the forum. But Since it is a pro tournament... Anyway, i was looking for tickets for a friend who is travelling to Melbourne. I know in Wimbledon you can just go there and...
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    The undisputed GOAT retires!! :(

    30 grandslam singles titles, 11 grandslam doubles titles, 7 olympic gold medals, and undefeated for 465 straight singles matches. She is the undisputed Greatest of all time, she is my fellow country woman, she is ESTHER VERGEER. Yesterday she opened the Rotterdam tournament alongside...
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    Will Nadal be undefeated in golden swing?

    Simpel question. What do you think? I think he Will win 3 tournaments in a row.
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    Did Federer tank against Isner (/USA)?

    It's obvious from the fact that he's withdrawn from DC again, that Federer's days of believing in winning the davis cup are gone. He's not aiming for it anymore, or so it seems. I wonder therefore whether he might actually have deliberately lost to isner last year? He was obliged to play DC in...
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    Federer and tiebreaks

    Is this grandpa clutch or what? Won 4 huge tiebreaks in 2 days. Best tiebreak player ever in Your opinion? And what does this tell you about his attributes?
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    Tennis conditions question

    Next to the surface quickness you can also change the heigth of net, length of court, type of balls, bounce of surface, number of serves you get, you name it. I have been wondering about what I would like to see. Why most of you know I am hugely opposed to the homogenization in general when...
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    Who and when won tournaments without being broken?

    I know fed in cincy 2012 and in Doha one year i think? Do you guys know Any others who won tournaments without being broken?
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    Longest game?

    Does anyone know what the longest normal game (no tiebreak) in history of tennis is? How many deuces?
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    What if Isner-Mahut scenario occured in Rod Laver

    There's no time at night at which they always stop right? I remember Hewitt-Baghdatis concluding at what? 3am or something? What if Isner Mahut was the night match on Rod Laver, would they just play into the day without sleep? That would be an interesting aspect of the match as well!
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    Match of day 2: Monfils - Dolgopolov

    The junk versus the trunk? What do you guys reckon? I think both lack some serious effectiveness but score great on entertainment. Hope this will be a great match, and think it could go long.
  24. J

    Match of the day: Hewitt - Tipsarevic

    By far the first round I look forward to most. I really hope Hewitt has another surprise for us. The fact that whoever wins has a manageable draw after that makes it even better. Hoping for Hewitt in five, though I think Tipsy is the favourite. What are your thoughts?
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    Ranked higher or lower at the end of 2013?

    Please post whether you think these players will be ranked higher or lower than the given number. The one with the most correct answers at the end of 2013 wins eternal TTW glory. The over/under numbers are based on my own estimations. Djokovic 1.5 Murray 2.5 Federer 2.5 Nadal 3.5 Ferrer...
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    Federer schedule before AO

    Is there Any news on how he Will prepare? Will he not enter Doha with a wildcard? When Will he go to australia? Will he play in Kooyong maybe?
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    Evert and Davenport in CSI?

    I read on a Dutch website that both are gonna be on a CSI episode which investigates the death of a tennis pro. Is this true? Any more info?
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    @ mcenroeartist or mustard

    What's Federer's record against players aged 30+ and how does it break down per year and per type of event (slams, MS/YEC, 500/250)? Just curious.. :)
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    The Official Australian Open 2013 thread

    Although we are not sure whether the world will still exist, who the president of the United States will be or who will win the World Tour finals of 2012: I Can't Wait!:) Seriously, this may seem early, but I genuinely can't wait for the happy slam. Anyone with me?
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    Who's first alternative?

    Not sure if this has been asked, couldn't find it. The race to london on the ATP website says that Gasquet and Almagro have the same number of points. If any of the 8 qualifiers withdraws and they are not passed by Simon or Querrey in the rankings if they win the whole thing, who is the...