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    Buy New or Buy a Used Demo

    I've decided to buy a Donnay Gold 99. My shop doesn't carry Donnay anymore, but they offered me a choice: order a new one for $178 (minus a $15 demo credit I have with them) -OR- sell me the demo racket for $100. They estimated it has been taken out for a demo test 10-15 times (3-5 days each...
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    Kah-El 34's review of X-Dual Gold 99

    So I've been searching the threads for Kah-El 34's review of Donnay X-Dual Gold 99. Can't seem to locate it, please help me out? Thanks!
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    Dunlop Bio Max 200G vs Donnay Gold 99

    Starting to look into new frames. Anyone out there with thoughts on these two (the Dunlop and the Donnay)? Been playing with prince o3 tour mp for years. So far I've demoed head radical pro (tad sluggish) and Dunlop F3.0 tour. I liked the F3.0 okay, but not sure I want 18x20 string...
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    Online (or DVD) Serve Instruction - recommendations?

    Can we get a list going for good online instruction, free or pay? I did a forum search but don't think this has been done yet. Specifically, I'm looking for serve instruction for advanced players (say 4.0+). I know fuzzyyellowballs, and I think it's good, just want to check out a few others...
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    Are we headed for ESPN Ocho?

    Mardy Fish highest ranked American. Nobody interesting in the pipeline. Djoker might dominate for a few years. Fed to retire? I think pro tennis is headed for the hinterlands on the TV dial...
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    Fed-Nadal Finals in London ticket price?

    Anyone know how much a decent seat for the "World Tour Finals" match went for? Just curious to see if the masses are paying attention to whatever we're calling that event these days. Thanks!
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    ESPN2 not showing Live Jankovic-Hantuchova?!

    Instead they are going with a replay of Ginepri, Serena, and Nadal? What a joke. No live Verdasco either.
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    JCF - congrats on 13th title

    Yes, his best days are well behind him... and the tourney was small with a predictably weak field... but it's nice to see JCF win another title. Always liked him. Doesn't make much noise in big events these days but still steady in the top 25.
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    CBS showin me... Andy Griffith???

    WTF is going on here? Is it raining??
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    Dementiava - Dokic, which DirecTV channel?

    Anyone know what DirecTV channel the Dementiava match is on? Should be one of their six RG channels from 701 - 707. Want to set my home DVR while sitting in my office... ah, technology. Thanks!
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    ATP/WTA event in Acapulco

    Anyone ever been to the tournament that's going on in Acapulco right now? Might be a gem to put on the vacation calendar in the future. Good opportunity to see both men and women players (granted not the best of fields), escape the winter weather and check out a part of Mexico that I've never...
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    Argentina chooses fast indoor surface for Davis Cup

    Old news I know, but I didn't see it posted anywhere. It's the smart move with their lineup vs Spain, but I would have never bet in a lifetime that Argentina would actually choose to play on fast indoors.
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    WTA Year-End Rankings - Surprises

    Several pretty good players have fallen quite far in the rankings (some due to injury but not all). I would have said you were crazy if you predicted these at the start of 2008: 18. Chakvetadze 38. Shahar Peer 41. Vaidisova 65. Lucie Safarova 251. Tatiana Golovin A few other mild...
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    What is going on with Chakvetadze??

    She has lost in the first or second round in her last SIX tournaments. I sure hope these results aren't from some lasting effects related to that terrible off-the-court incident last year. She really hasn't been the same player since then. Hope she gets things turned around, she's my...
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    These hard courts sure are tough for Rafa

    His knees can't take it! The ball bounces too low for his Western grip forehand! His body will wear out because of his grinding style of play! You need a bigger serve to win on hard courts! He has a bad foot! (sigh)
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    What is going on with Isner?

    Falling to Jesse Levine 3 and 1? On grass?!? Real grass. I mean c'mon. He must be hurt or something.
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    Fowler driving me nuts

    Don't think I'll ever get used to him offering tennis opinions alongside people who actually played the pro game (Gilbert, PMac, Cahill, Cliffy, Mary Jo, etc). Fowler, please stick to telling me the score and updating me on news. Let the tennis people describe strategy and what's going through...
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    Wimbledon Opportunity for Donald Young

    Real chance for DY to get a first round win at Wimby. He's facing Jesse Levine. Sure, he would likely lose to Ljubicic in the next round... but then again Ljubicic is having a pretty bad year.
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    Kinesio Taping Method

    Okay, so I finally figured out what the heck is up with all these weird looking tape jobs we've seen in recent years. Recall Henin's calf, Ginepri's arm, many others. It's called the Kinesio Taping Method. I have to say I'm curious. Anyone familiar...
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    TV ratings in Europe - tennis vs golf?

    Hoping someone can provide some facts here. I'm debating the popularity of tennis majors vs golf majors in certain parts of the world. My contention: Golf majors more popular in: North America Asia Tennis majors more popular in: South America Eastern Europe Unsure about...
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    Llodra and Almagro - two titles each. Fed, one title.

    Mr. Pete Sampras, your slam record is quite safe.
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    Tennis Channel Coverage - I like it

    My hat is off to Tennis Channel, I like the presentation. They're covering tennis the way I always thought it should be covered... taking us to where the action is. Got a tiebreaker going on court 2? Let's take you there and see how it goes. Set point on court 1? Let's go check it out. Can...
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    Fed moves closer to trying larger frame

    Q. What was the problem with your backhand, Roger, the shanks? ROGER FEDERER: You've seen me so many times. It happens all the time. Something I've been trying to get rid of for ten years. Still not today. This one's for you, Drak. ;)
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    Gilles Simon

    I've said it before and I'll say it again... Gilles Simon has solid game. Great 2H backhand, a spitting image of Safin's. Excellent mover. Forehand is not as strong but is sometimes dangerous. Pretty good first serve, pretty weak second serve. Not a bad finisher at the net. I...
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    Donald Young ranked higher than Safin, Del Potro, Gulbis, Clement...

    and everyone else below #73. Take care of business, DY!
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    Did Tipseravic get Lasik??

    Or contacts? Say it ain't so. Who I am supposed to look up to now? (Yes, I wear dorky athletic prescription glasses on court)
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    Modern strokes - can we hit them when we get OLD?

    I'm 34 with a two-handed BH and an open stance FH with plenty of top. Been hitting the two-hander since I was 6 and the open stance FH for about 5 years. Any chance that we can play this type of game when we're 50 or 60? Or will we have to make drastic changes? I have a hard time...
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    Longest singles match of my life today

    First round kswiss playoffs, match time 3 hours and 55 minutes (including the 10 minute warmup and 5 minute break before the 3rd set). Started at 3:30 and got in my car at 7:35 (after some gatorade). Lost 6-7, 7-5, 6-7. If there is such a thing as a fun loss, this was it. Poor man's...
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    USA's future dirtballer?

    15-year old Ryan Harrison qualifies for main draw at Houston clay courts? Apologies if already posted.