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    Is the game faster now?

    The game is faster, but at the same time, players are much more athletic and the technique and technology has evolved to compensate for In other words, it doesn't seem faster because it's easier to play a high speed game today than in the past. I don't think you have any idea how...
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    Hi, Help on my serve *VIDEO*

    If you can't get more than 60% of your serves in, SLOW DOWN, no matter what. Your actual swing motion is actually not bad at all, but you need to work on balance, consistency, and hitting the ball cleanly. Slowing down will improve all of these tremendously. You going beyond your limits. You...
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    Rate this guy (video)

    4.0. These people are better than most of you think and would beat most people here. They are quite consistent and know how to play the game. Do you realize how much power is overrated? 3.5 players often hit harder than 4.0 players -- the 4.0 players keep the ball in and attack when the...
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    Bottle Rocket's Strokes... Comments Appreciated

    I can't express how important this point is. From now on I'll just quote this when people ask for a critique of their strokes. People really need to STOP TRYING to blast forehands in their videos. It doesn't impress me; in fact you make yourself look worse when you do. I can tell, based on...
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    ***new Forehand Video*** 3/6/08

    If you aren't willing to take criticism, you won't improve. Now perhaps I wasn't constructive enough in my other post. I'm nitpicking but again you won't improve if I don't mention it. 3/4? You should be able to that hard shots with 1/3 of actual hitting. You don't prepare early enough...
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    ***new Forehand Video*** 3/6/08

    I'm talking about during practice, not a match. He is not hitting as hard as he can but he's still trying too hard for the results because his swing is pretty fast.
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    ***new Forehand Video*** 3/6/08

    While the strokes are overall good, you're trying too hard to hit hard. I can tell based on how large your body movements are and how unrelaxed you are; you're not controlled enough. Do you think if you hit like that on every shot, you could sustain a 20 shot rally against someone who hits...
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    Switching from a 1hbh to a 2hbh

    There is a real limit as to how hard you can hit the ball without having it sail long; topspin increases the limit and the margin of error. 90 mph groundstrokes are achievable with good technique, but at that speed it's almost impossible to keep the ball in without topspin. Yes, pure flat...
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    Switching from a 1hbh to a 2hbh

    Topspin a high forehand? Of course. All forehands, except sliced ones, have topspin. Topspin lets you hit the ball harder without it going out. If you hit it really flat you might be able to hit it 70 mph. With topspin you can get it 90+ mph. Your comment that "high balls are meant to be...
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    Switching from a 1hbh to a 2hbh

    The truth is, a very large percentage (probably > 95%) of 1HBH users would be better off switching to a 2HBH; it's just a much more pratical shot in today's game. If you want to stick to a 1HBH, work on developing a consistent, versatile, deep slice. Hitting an effective topspin bh off a...
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    Henin vs Graf at their best.

    This proves what I've just said -- Graf cannot win in a pure slugfest; she has to rely on her speed and intelligent play to have a chance against the heavy hitters of today. Anyone who think Graf can blow away today's players with her forehand needs to check the old tapes. Graf can hit a...
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    Henin vs Graf at their best.

    For her time it was the best forehand and one of the best serves. But she gives up about 10mph on her serve to the best players today while not being any better at disguise or placement. Graf's forehand is very accurate, but it is not very powerful shot by today's standards (which is fine...
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    Skill Level Required to Warm up Fed?

    This is a former pro player we are talking about. You are crazy to think a 4.5 or 5.0 can hit better than someone who was pro as recent as 5-6 years ago. Remember a pro player has trained for several hours a day for at least 10-15 years of his/her life. The pro's coordination and technique is...
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    Henin vs Graf at their best.

    Whenever new equipment is introduced, it generally at least 5 - 10 years before you see optimum technique for the equipment. As equipment evolves, so does technique. If you took a player from 10 - 15 years ago and put them into today's game while keeping their game exactly, they would have a...
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    J-Mac says USO faster than Wimbledon

    Federer does the best on low-bouncing surfaces. Nadal does the best on slow surfaces. You see the difference? Speed vs height. Normally fast corresponds to low bounce, but not when you're talking about grass or clay surfaces. Hamburg is the slowest clay + lowest bounce. Wimbledon is...
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    Wimbledon needs to change

    Most people need to stop making dumb excuses... the fact is, most players you associate with fast surfaces (read: Americans) suck now. Players who grew up on clay have an all-around better game. In several years, those "clay-courters" will be dominating the US Open, even if the surface remains...
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    Fed Needs to Improve His BACKHAND... If He wants to Win Another Wimby Against Nadal!

    I don't think the grass has slowed down at all. Both players hit incredibly heavy shots, causing the ball to kick up. Volleys and slices still stayed quite low. The real reason Federer struggles against Nadal is Federer's inability or unwillingness to attack Nadal's serve. Only in the...
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    hitting extreme topspin ground strokes

    The serve is different because you are in total control of the shot and the ball is relatively motionless. In a rally you have to make contact with a ball that coming in at high speeds with lots of spin. Deliberately trying to brush the ball is going to lead to a lot of mishits and weak returns.
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    Rate these strokes

    Well I just watched the video with sound son (watched it w/o sound the first time). He is hitting hard, harder than I though, but it's still a ways from total crushing. It's not very explosive, and he's not really unloading into the ball. People who really crush the ball can hit knee-level...
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    Rate these strokes

    Probably at least a 4.5 but anything higher it's hard to say. First of all, he's being fed balls. There are a lot of people who can hit like that when being fed balls. That being said, his hitting is good but not THAT impressive. He is not crushing the ball like some of you guys say. He...
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    NTRP ratings of this russain girl?

    4.0 players don't have strokes that good. Even though she's being fed balls, she hits its very cleanly...lots of power with minimal effort.
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    Leading with the left arm. (right handed question)

    Put your feet further apart, and make sure you bend/unbend those knees when you hit.
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    What is the magic serve ingredient most players miss?

    I think a long, smooth swing is what most players lack. There are a number of factors that shorten the swing: a toss that is not high and in front enough, lack of rotation, and not reaching the backscratch position. I've noticed that if I don't drop my hitting shoulder far enough, thus...
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    Miami 2007: Guillermo Canas v Novak Djokovic

    How is his game BS? Canas hits the ball as hard and heavy as any top-50 player. Roddick doesn't even hit as hard as Canas does. The only thing thing about Canas is that he doesn't go for winners often.
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    Taking the ball early the "key" to everything?

    Taking the ball THAT EARLY is not the key. If fact, you might mishit 90% of your shots instead of 70% this way. If you're not skilled enough, just back up. The other reasons are that you aren't PREPARING quickly enough, or there is something fundamentally wrong with your technique. Let me...
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    k90 Asian vs US

    Still, it's a lot less obvious.
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    k90 Asian vs US

    Just my speculation regarding the Korean racquets: In my mind, there is no country that is even close to Korea when it comes to the preference of buying products made in one's own country. Go to Korea and you will see the same Korean cars, the same electronics by Samsung and LG. I guess...
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    What NTRP is this guy?

    The vid's way too short to make any sort of accurate assessment.
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    Minimum rating to use polys?

    As Bottle Rocket said, you don't have to be anything to use poly strings. However, I still wouldn't recommend a 3.0 player to use poly, unless that person wanted to tame an extremely powerful racquet. There might be some benefits to practicing w/ poly, since you really have to hit through...
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    Hitting at the wall vs. on the court

    You guys are confusing "aiming up" with hitting with more "topspin". The racquet face needs to move upwards to produce spin. This does not mean, however, that you can't angle it downwards to hit down. The person needs to aim up to clear the net more, not hit with more topspin. Topspin...