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    Fear for Murray

    he’s played a couple matches in DC and a couple matches in NY, and now has been told not to hit for a couple of weeks. This sounds very sad to me - it doesn’t sound like things are going well.
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    what on earth is she wearing? I would imagine not endorsed by Anna wintour
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    Limited towelling off - what a delight

    just watching the delpo/fed match and thought it was going quickly - then it dawned on me, no ridiculous towelling off after every point. What a difference it makes.
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    Most unpopular (well known) players on both tours

    eugenie Bouchard Jo Konta Shriekapova? Stan? Fed? Djokovic? Tomic.
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    Murray injury

    more than just a tear, so I am informed by someone with knowledge. Potentially career ending.
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    Cibulkova is a munchkin

    she looks like 5 feet max. Lively game against Hsieh. The female David Ferrer
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    2000 to present, all at their peak, grand slam winners

    For each grand slam, and if every active player since 2000 was at their career peak, who would you bet your life on to win each tournament? AO - Djokovic FO - Nadal W - Sampras USO - Federer
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    Phil Collins?

    does anyone else think it's an odd choice to have him featured? Not exactly a hip and trendy choice
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    Chris Evert classic

    "Simons Halep loves it right up the alley"
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    Chris Evert and US Open draw

    Don't know if others saw it but she was asked about the men's draw once it was finished - talk about a deer in headlights, couldn't say anything - stuttering, stammering, long silence - talk about embarassing. Eventually Jason Goodall rescued her - clearly flummoxed as she had no opportunity to...
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    Asterisk win, weak draw, he wouldn't have beaten Djokovic/fed/raf

    what a load of old nonsense, you can only play the opponent in front of you, and that he did brilliantly. Murray won Wimbledon fair and square.....or do we go back and asterisk every tournament where Djokovic/Federer/Nadal/Sampras/Agassi/Lendl/McEnroe/Borg got upset? Ridiculous.
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    Asterisk win, weak draw, he wouldn't have beaten Djokovic/fed/raf

    what a load of old nonsense, you can only play the opponent in front of you, and that he did brilliantly. Murray won Wimbledon fair and square.....or do we go back and asterisk every tournament where Djokovic/Federer/Nadal/Sampras/Agassi/Lendl/Becker/Borg got upset? Ridiculous, congratulate the...
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    If Lopez beats kryios

    murray, very probably has the easiest route to the final in history. Even easier route to the championship if querry can finish off ultron.
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    Four of the best in history or homogenization of courts?

    Big 3 or big 4 argument aside, the fact is no quartet has dominated the semi finals of grand slams and masters tournaments anywhere near as much as the current big 4. Is this possibly the greatest era in the history of tennis, or have the courts been homogenized such that the art of playing on...
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    Since the 2007 French Open there have only been 10 non big 4 major finalists and only 7 non big 4 winners of Masters Series Tournaments. Name them all. Quite amazing really
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    Wimbledon 2015

    With Murray's improved weight of shot, he's easily winning wimbledon this year. His volleying is as good as anyone as well.
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    Post AO Rankings

    Has anyone seen one of those "what if" ranking charts that illustrate a series of ranking scenarios. Murray looks the big gainer if he makes the final - would be up to nr3 by the looks of it.
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    Big 3 or Big 4, which is it?

    To me, it's the big 4. My definition is, in the absence of the players above in the rankings, how far do you go down the rankings before that player ceases to have less than a 50% chance of winning a tournament. Sorry if that's a bit confusing, let me provide a couple of examples: If Murray...
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    Federer to tank cincy?

    Given fed's age, upcoming us open and fed making toronto final - i suspect chances are high that he won't be busting a gut in cincy. I would bet he doesn't make Murray in qf...
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    Murray Nadal on tape delay in us?

    Are you kidding me?
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    Any ranking changes tomorrow?

    Fed and Murray up, ferrer down? I'm perpetually confused by rankings outside of grand slams.
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    Shriver and Evert

    Possibly the worst commentating team in the history of tv. When will the networks realise that great players don't make great commentators. Dan Maskell - need i say more (or should i say less). "oh i say"
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    The curse of Murray's draw begins

    Isner out, 2 sets down and retired. Tsonga/fed next to go by the wayside.
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    Murray's game today

    Serve was woeful and in terms of speed, way down on his usual 1st average Forehand was pathetic, pushed the whole game Backhand had no bite and he didn't take anything early Reason? Injured? Emotional dip after winning wimbledon? Stan just played brilliantly I think he's injured...
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    King of the pushers

    Bernie Tomic against Dan someBritnooneknows. It's like park play
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    Yanina Wickmayer

    Just saw her in the lounge at o'hare, wearing skintight hot pink leggings. Much bending over as she picked up her bags.....the entire lounge was following her every move. She's a big girl...that's all muscle. Good luck to her in her next tournament! :)
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    Is blood doping considered illegal?

    Ie, players blood stored when 100% and used for a transfusion to help aid recovery after a hard match. I see no problem with it personally, although there's a cost associated with this that players outside of the top 20 may find prohibitive. Just curious what others think.
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    Aussie open 7pm

    The only slam that doesn't play in afternoon. Any ideas why? To make it as inconvenient as possible for those in America?
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    Federer's last year

    There is no way someone like Federer is going to be able to handle not playing in grand slam finals. He's an egomaniac and, Wimbledon aside (possibly), has no chance of anymore slams. He's slowing down and his footwork is nowhere like as good as it was. I can't see him dropping to seeding 5-8...
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    Hypothetical question re doping

    You are a talented and gifted junior that's won junior slams. You discover that doping is commonplace amongst the seniors and you have very little chance of reaching the summit of the sport, despite your outstanding talent, without it. Choice A - don't dope, languish in teens/twenties...