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    crosses and mains at different tensions

    This is an interesting discussion! I was wondering, would there be any benefit from having poly mains more tightly strung than natural gut crosses? It seems there are varied opinions but I have not heard of this one so far. One thing that I can think of is that the lower tension on the natural...
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    Question for Spencer - Wilson Kobra Tour

    Hey Spencer! I read in a different thread that you were having success with the Kobra Tour - could you please share your favorite string setup with this racquet, whether you have experimented with lead, and your overall experience with it? I recently tried it out and enjoyed it a lot, I...
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    The J011yroger Guide to Racquet Selection.

    Thanks so much for your response, Jolly! I really appreciate it. What you said makes a lot of sense, it really does seem like a big advantage to have that extra reserve of power to tap into when the time is ripe. I feel like finding my Corvette now :D I had another interesting hit, this time...
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    The J011yroger Guide to Racquet Selection.

    Thanks NoBadMojo! It was interesting reading your post, as a lot of what you said rang true to me! My forehand is my major weapon, and my inside-out forehand is one of my favorite shots :) I will definitely check out those drills you mentioned (some of them I am already implementing). The info...
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    The J011yroger Guide to Racquet Selection.

    Thanks NoBadMojo! Yeah, that's pretty much right on what I need, to impose my game on opponents more. That's my main focus during trainings now! And thanks fuzz nation! Yeah, your experience with the 6.1 Classics does sound like what I felt. Here are the complete specs for my Vantages...
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    The J011yroger Guide to Racquet Selection.

    To Jolly (or anyone who can help!) Hey Jolly! I have been reading some of your pointers, they seem really helpful and I was wondering if you could help me out. I know you said advanced players should have a good idea of what they want, which makes sense but although I'm advanced I'm not...
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    TW Euro Racquet Demos ready yet?

    I am also eagerly awaiting the demo program for TW Europe! Don't mean to bother, but would you be able to give some very rough estimation as to when it will be available? Thanks TW, TW Europe is looking great!
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    Australian Open TV Schedule [ESPN2/TC/BBC]

    Thanks so much, Fee!! You saved me! :) I'm in europe currently and channelsurfing did the trick, thanks again!
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    Australian Open TV Schedule [ESPN2/TC/BBC]

    Is there any online streaming? That would be wonderful :D
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    Australian Open- Men's singles

    Is there anywhere to watch the AO online? Any help would be awesome!!
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    Qatar Open Semis: Monfils vs Roddick

    break back for roddick! that was a sweet point at deuce :D seemed like monf stressed out a bit there.
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    ATP 250: Qatar Open (Doha) Jan. 5-10

    anybody else watching monfils roddick right now? 1-1 first set. the streaming was working fine until a few minutes ago, hoping it's gonna come back.
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    To Chris

    Aha, found it, thanks for the heads up!
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    Ultimate Sponsorship Thread

    has anyone tried Boris Becker?
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    To Chris

    Hi Chris, you have got me interested in the Becker Pro :) coming from heavier, more flexible rackets though, this one seems really light; have you tried lead tape, or do you like it in stock form?
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    Tennis and Academics

    Hey guys! What Universities do you think balance great (men's) tennis and great academics?
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    Adidas Men's Fall 08

    Do you know when you'll be receiving the Adidas men's Fall 08 competition and edge groups? Thanks! :)
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    Klip K-Boom vs. Luxilon BB Original

    What do you guys think, particularly in a hybrid with Klip Legend in the crosses? :) I've already tried it with K-Boom which was really nice, and am wondering how luxilon original would fare.
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    Nike 2008 Federer polo fit

    My apologies for my ignorance, but where can you order those?
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    Premature Breaking issue

    (I usually put smileys in my subject line but it does seem a bit strange on this one lol - too bad I can't edit stuff yet)
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    Premature Breaking issue

    Hi, I have just begun stringing with a new Klippermate - following completely the Klippermate instructions. I string with poly mains and multi crosses, and I was surprised to see that I would break much too quickly - and it would be the mains that break first. Finally, the last one I strung - I...
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    I've broken the crosses...

    I've recently started stringing my own racquets on my Klippermate. I was wondering, since I string poly mains and multi crosses, would you ever just cut out the broken crosses and re-string the crosses while leaving the same mains? Thanks for your suggestions :)
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    Artificial Grass help...

    Thanks for all your help! I'll have to ask if the courts have sand on them. OrangeOne, thanks for the tip - I'll definitely work on that slice. I'll try to get on those courts a few days before the start of the tournament to get the feel of them.
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    Artificial Grass help...

    Preparing for a couple big tournaments on artificial grass... and never played on it before ;) to those who have experience on this surface, will I be in danger of slipping around with normal tennis shoes, and should I invest in grass court specific shoes? Also, if I should, where can I find...
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    Breathe IIIIs???

    If you insist. Although I don't see anything wrong with IIII :D
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    Breathe IIIIs???

    Great find! Those look awesome!!! I hope they're gonna come out soon, and that they're gonna perform as well (or better) as the Breathe IIs! Thanks for the pic!
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    Breathe IIIIs???

    Anybody know if Nike's gonna come out with Breathe Free IVs? And if they are, when?
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    What goes in the racquet?

    Hello... I'm interested in learning about string. How does one choose a string, or combination of strings, what advantages do hybrids give you, and what could a respectable hybrid include? Thanks for all help!:D
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    Pure Drive follow up

    The resurrection of my first thread! Hey guys, hopefully some of you will see this before my thread disappears again... Anyway, I finally got my hands on some racquets (Prince racquets) and thought I might give my opinion on them. Yesterday, I played with an interesting racquet called the...
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    Back with the Pro Staff Original (yes, again!)

    Sorry, one more: which one would the P.S. original sold on TW be? I am particularly interested in the midplus.