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    Slam count predictions

    After FO 2014, Slam count: Fed 17, Nadal 14, Djokovic 6 After FO 2016, Slam count: Fed 17, Nadal 14, Djokovic 12 After FO 2018, Slam count: Fed 20, Nadal 17, Djokovic 12 After FO 2020, Slam count: ????? After the FO 2014, it looked like Fed and Nadal were not going to be challenged by Djokovic...
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    Cilic vs Del Potro - IW betting odds

    I was checking the betting odds this morning and found that Del Potro has much better odds of winning IW than does Cilic. In fact, Cilic is around 9/1, and Delpo is around 9/2 so he has roughly a twice as good chance of winning IW than does Cilic. I'm not necessarily disagreeing, but does anyone...
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    Greatest Aussie Open Champ - Federer or Djokovic?

    If Fed wins, whose the greater champ? They would both have 6 titles. Federer would also have the extra final. What does everyone think?
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    Is this finally the slam an American man wins?

    In my opinion, this is the best shot an American man has had in years to win a major. If you look at the betting odds, you'll see that there are only 6 players with better odds of winning the USO right now than Isner and Querrey. 4 of those players are on the other half of the draw (Nadal, Fed...
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    Fed fans - What's more important? #1 or #20?

    Would you rather Fed win the US open and nothing else the rest of the year, or would you rather him win everything else he plays, but lose at the US Open and get #1 ranking at end of year?
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    one reason that defines djokovic' success over Murray

    Second serve. It's really that simple in my opinion. People like to make arguments about mental advantages, but the mental advantages are the effect of the results, not the cause. Murray and djokovic are equals at every other aspect of the game, but second serve favors djokovic by a wide margin...
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    Djokovic leads Nadal 14-7 h2h this decade

    I wasn't surprised that Djokovic had a lead for the decade, but it did surprise me that it was so lopsided. Do you guys think Djokovic will eventually catch him in the overall h2h (23-21)? Part of that depends on whether or not Nadal will go deep enough from here on out to actually play...
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    Stop saying "Nadal is a different player at RG".

    The stats do NOT support that claim. Historically, Nadal is equally as good at RG as he is at most other clay court tournament. Monte Carlo: If I calculated correctly, he was 49-2 there from 2005-2014 for a winning % of 96%. Of course, at Monte Carlo you only play 5 matches instead of 7 so if...
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    Who is the best athlete in men's tennis?

    I've seen some posts talking about "he's the better athlete". My question is who is truly the best athlete in tennis. The standard is comparing their athleticism as it would translate to other sports. If you had a competition between ATP players where they will compete in the following, how do...
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    Will Roger Federer get a top 4 seed at the US Open?

    Serious question. Would the US Open award him a Top 4 seed even if he's outside the top 4? Does anyone think he could get back in the top 4? It's unlikely he catches Nadal since Nadal, simply by advancing to the 2nd round, will pick up points. What about Ferrer? Fed also has to win Cincy just to...
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    Commentator predicted Murray would win 2012 Olympics at 2005 Wimbledon

    I was watching this Wimbledon final from 2005 between Federer and Roddick, and at 1:13:25 ish, they're discussing Wimbledon. The commentator joked about Murray possibly winning it. If you're unfamiliar with the situation, Murray had just made it to the 3rd round as a wildcard...