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    Anyone else see The Night Of?

    By the same people who gave us the magnificent The Wire. I thought it was superb except for one inexplicable and highly inplausible plot development. Comments?
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    Tomic doesn't tank - or so he says.
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    Will you miss Sharapova?

    Plenty of detractors on here and a fair few supporters. Just wondering what the numbers are. In my case I will miss her - I can't stand her shrieking (though Azarenka irritates me much more) but she makes the WTA more interesting by her presence.
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    Murray a class act.

    I thought Andy Murray's speech after the FO final was excellent. He paid genuine tribute to Djok's achievement and put it in context. It was a fine speech. Would be delighted to see him win a couple more majors before he calls it quits.
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    Rasheed blasts Tomic.
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    Mauresmo quit because of Murray's abuse.

    I really like Andy but he needs someone as coach who won't tolerate his verbal abuse. I'd love to see him back with Lendl - and so would he...
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    Better coach - Lendl or Becker?

    Who and why?
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    Killer cowards. In my opinion people like this are cowards - pure and simple. They're also clearly lacking in other significant areas as well. I cannot...
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    Call to ban Kyrgios.
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    Gigi Fernandez on Serena v Graf/Navratilova.

    If Serena isn't the greatest player to ever live, I don't know who is. There's certainly been great players in history. I just don't know how anyone can match Serena's steely determination and power. I think she would have picked Steffi's backhand apart. Even if Martina (Navratilova) had the...
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    Rafa's decline.

    Quite a good piece on Rafa's decline:
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    Laver Cup.
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    Serena loses - what a "Giggle".

    I posted on here a couple of weeks back questioning whether Serena would make the final and casting doubt on her ascension to another AO title. One member on here posted: "Giggles" in response. I wonder who's "Giggling" now. Not me because I don't "Giggle" but I found it amusing that after her...
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    Kyrgios/Tomic trashed.
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    Laver/Hewitt receive Australia Day honours.
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    Laver/Hewitt receive Australia Day honours.
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    Is there anyone else on here who also likes ...

    ... Fed AND Rafa AND Novak AND Murray. I like them all very much and think they're all fine men, oustanding sportsmen and really decent human beings. I also think tennis is lucky to have guys of this calibre at the top of our sport. I just don't understand the hatreds that some/many on here have...
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    David Ferrer - class act.

    Ferrer's behaviour last night after beating Lleyton was top drawer. He didn't celebrate his win on court after the final point - instead he left the stage to Lleyton and started packing up his bags. He waited to be interviewed about Lleyton and when he did speak his comments were as gracious as...
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    "Bernie" decides he doesn't want to play anymore.
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    Tomic ... at it again.

    Bernard Tomic has reportedly apologised after clashing with staff at a Gold Coast resort over a $20 court hire fee. A member of Gold Coast RACV Royal Pines said the world No. 18 asked local players to leave the court which prompted them to complain to the resort's general manager of sports...
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    What you want in 2016.

    1) Faster courts. 2) An 18th major for Fed. 3) A great run for Hewitt at the AO. 4) A DC win for Australia. 5) Kyrgios to shut up and act like a decent human being rather than a tosser. 6) More GS finals between Stan and Djok. 7) Sharapova to beat Serena in a GS final. 8) Djok to win the FO. 9)...
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    Best ever TV drama.

    The Wire. Band of Brothers. Breaking Bad. Wolf Hall. The Shield.
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    Best TV shows of 2015.

    I've got two nominations. Wolf Hall. Mark Rylance is superb as is Daniel Lewis. Great writing, understated and intense. Wonderful story and what an ending. Fargo. Better than the first series by some margin. Great performances and a wonderful feel for the period and locations. Retained the...
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    Players I'll miss when they're gone.

    Federer (the GOAT), he makes tennis an art form. Hewitt, guts, fighting spirit, one of the great lobs. Lopez, variety, S/V. Stepanek, variety, court craft, tactical acumen. Stan, BH, power game, offers serious challenge in majors. Verdsco, his FH (when it's on). Mahut, on a fast surface...
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    New York media welcomes Kyrgios.
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    Vekic speaks on Kyrgios's comments.

    “It’s not easy but I’m trying to focus on tennis and my next match.” She was asked if she had spoken to any of the parties involved, and reportedly delayed before answering: “I don’t know. I haven’t spoken to Kyrgios. But it’s a very disappointing thing to be happening in our sport and I hope...
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    Jon Stewart farewelled.

    What a loss. Stewart was clever and funny and skewered people and institutions that desperately needed skewering. First Letterman and now Stewart.
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    Bernie's "bizarre" match.
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    Not a Rafa fan but ...

    While I am not a fan of Rafa's game and am delighted to see the GOAT Fed remain three majors ahead of the Spaniard, I must give credit to Rafa for the way he's handling his decline. No excuses, credit where it's due, and a vow to work harder to get back. Classy.
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    Best player to watch in full flight?

    I had always rated Fed as that man - he still is in terms of touch and variety and sheer artistry in my book but Stan is now up there too in my opinion. When he's "on" and clubbing winners off both wings is there a better player to watch? Not for me.