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    Djoko to be coached by Agassi

    losing masters title, but winning RG is not a bad trade-off. Djokovic seems getting better with each clay tournament.
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    Djoko to be coached by Agassi

    hard to spot the true relation. Ljubicic didn't coach Milos Raonic to any good results. Fed worked, but who knows it is due to coaching or physical conditions.
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    Djokovic Fires Team!
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    Murray out again

    djokovic lost motivation because Fed and Nad were not playing last year. Murray lost motivation because Djokovic lost motivation. who's the next in the spiral? Murray will only play well again after Djokovic regained his winning.
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    Djokovic Fires Team!

    refer to above. haha.
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    Djokovic Fires Team!

    will agassi come out coaching?
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    Djokovic will not qualify for WTF 2017

    he just needs to win titles of 2 or 3, then he will be back in the top 8. if he trains hard, he may even have title hopes on clay. is a new coach in his plan? who knows.
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    What is really, really happening with Djokovic ?

    djokovic has done no other players has done since Rod laver. he felt he's achieved what his rivals Fed and Nadal couldn't achieve. so he feels no more motivation. he's perhaps not so interested in the number of GS. he is the 2nd GOAT after Rod laver. he should take the year off. come back 2018.
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    Novak Djokovic is defending 45% of his total ATP points in the next 50 days...

    what do you expect from the tennis players of the generation of smartphones? they will just wait and win the slams when the 30+ year olds retire at the age of 40.
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    Novak Djokovic is defending 45% of his total ATP points in the next 50 days...

    from the peak, where else can you go? Or do you expect him to be the peak forever? be realistic. he just needs some motivation to win again. if he wants to prolong his career, he still needs to win, UNLESS he wants to prolong a mediocre career. Right now, he may be relaxing too much. He needs...
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    Dominic Thiem will not win anything big ever

    among the potentials: thiem, zverev, kyrgios, dimitrov, poulie, tomic: highest potential: 1. kyrgios: power, explosive, complete game. only need to focus his mind. 2. thiem : should have a complete game to win more on other surfaces. 3. poulie: not sure. but he seems to do well. not...
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    Goffin the new Gatekeeper bye bye Ferrer

    reminds me of davydenko.
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    What is the matter with Murray?

    MUrray is not mentally consistent enough to be a No 1 for long. He became no 1 with Djokovic's collapse and his consistent run in that few 4 months, but without a GS win. From clay courts onwards, he will start losing points. Is Lendl going to leave him soon again? That might happen...
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    Zverev Dominating Clay in ....

    he plays like Murray. look at at what age Murray won a GS.
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    Fed May Not Play French...

    no matter what he says, he will play. the sponsors will pressure him to play. even if he doesn't like it and plan to lose in the first week, he will still play. These players are not only tennis players, also business machines. a blend of both.
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    Is the 2017 French Open going to be that "changing of the guard" moment for Djokovic?

    djokovic may struggle to beat Nadal this year, if they meet in FO. Nadal has the highest chance of winning FO, given his current confidence and form.
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    Federer is sharpening for a Nadal showdown at RG final

    merwy said the best. we will see reversion to the mean very soon.
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    For single backhand, What is your ready grip, when receiving serve and during rallies?

    Hi, Please answer the 2 questions. Thanks. Is it: Forehand grip, Continental grip, Eastern Forehand grip, OHBH grip?
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    Federer, Nadal and Djokovic are the Peak

    Fed and Nadal's resurgence may reignite Djokovic's desire to play well again. but he needs a good coach, not a spiritual master. fvk that.
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    Who will save Tennis from the brutality of a 36 yr old?

    Nick Kyrgios can do it. Berdych is always a small mind to do anything great. as witnessed, he gave up his match again.
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    Djokovic News

    can he at least defend the last one of his last 4 slams at FO?
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    Robbie Koenig : 2 majors for Novak and 1 for Andy in 2017

    similar prediction from me, but i predicted that Djoko has the ability to win the rest 3, given he got his motivation back after watching what happened in AO.
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    What do you prefer? 18 slams or 16 with CYGS

    it is a poker question. would you like 4 of a kind, or a flush or straight? then the answer is clear, unless you have a Royal Flush. What djokovic did is phenomenal, and is not reported enough by the media. because the media likes Federer, over Nadal, over Djokovic. That's fine, since it is...
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    Aussie Open loss a gift for Novak

    losing his best slam early could be a gift to wake him up. but you never know, some players wake up to play well again, but some may be declined forever and only show sparks once in a while. for novak, i hope he can wake up quickly and snap another 3 to 4 slams and by pass Nadal's count. he is...
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    Wilson pro staff 6.1 classic 25th A arrived

    I have the prostaff classic 6.1 95, i also have the last version of the six-one 95 before its production is stopped. I layed over them. They are the same in most aspects: string pattern, even string spacing, throat position, throat size, etc. the differences: the beam width of the classic is...
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    Hi. Do you still have Yonex Rd Ti 70 head size 88? Thanks.

    Hi. Do you still have Yonex Rd Ti 70 head size 88? Thanks.
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    What made wimbledon slower?

    it is wrong to only blame on the surface changes. everything changed in tennis over the last 20 years, racket, strings, fitness, balls, etc. in fact, wimbledon is still the fastest surface among 4 GS, though u may think it's USO otherwise. just listen to what the pros say, they played on all...
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    New Wilson racquets (Ultra XP)

    why would old people use these sticks? if i were 70, i would play with normal rackets but with the slow kids balls. ;)
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    The Official Wilson Six One 95S Fan Club

    poly mains at 46 and synthetic cross at 50 is great for my six one 95 (non s). the power rocks.
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    non-poly strings that don't move like hell

    What is the COF? some slick poly will do the job perhaps. i will try to put my tourna poly in the cross and see how the synthetic in the mains go. the tourna poly has a rather slick surface.