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    Who has received his/her pre-ordered RF 97 AUTOGRAPH?

    Mine are on their way. Have you gotten yours?
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    Should I get this Kirkland Court Classic shoe?

    Now that I am getting older and slower and my wallet is getting thinner, should I cut back on cost of tennis footwear? These shoes sell for $14.99 + tax at Costco. With my footspeed, they look appropriate for me. Has anyone here at TTW forum try these shoes for tennis?
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    Tennis Racket Myths

    Tennis Racquet Myths (From Bosworth Website) Over the years, public perception of what is reality and what is mythical when it comes to tennis racquets has largely been formed by the major tennis racquet companies. It’s been a mixed and clouded message, simply because of lack of information...
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    Wilson BLX 6.1 Tour 90 Quality Control Check!

    Dear BLX 6.1 Tour 90 Owners: I am conducting a research study on Wilson QC. Please post the weight and balance of your strung stock BLX Tour 90 (without overgrip and without dampener). Please include your string setup and grip size. Thank you. 1) 357 grams, 9 pt headlight, Babolat...
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    BLX 90 vs. K90 vs. PB 10 Mid vs. Delta Core Legend

    Went crazy the past week and picked up the Delta Core Legend and the BLX 90. I called TW to inquire about the specs of the BLX 90 knowing that Wilson's quality control may vary. Anyways, the TW MRT called me back with the specs of the BLX 90 (strung with VS 17): TW MRT says: 12.66 oz...
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    No more powerpads for Fed?

    No more powerpads for Fed?
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    Critique my serve, please.

    It was a nice day out and I worked on my serve a little. Constructive criticisms welcome. Thank you for your time. (I am still waiting for sureshs to post an instructional video so I can learn how to properly serve. :)) AD court: Deuce...
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    AG 300 16x18 REVIEW

    Better late than never. I picked up two of these last week when they went on sale and have played twice with them so far. Last weekend mainly just drilling with it and yesterday played 2 sets with it. Was playing a counterpuncher yesterday (ie. pusher as referred to by some), won the 1st set...
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    Help on this Dunlop "A Player" Frame

    I bought this racket couple years back from E*bay because I thought the head shape was kind of neat. The leather grip feels real nice and comfy. Can somebody please tell me more about this frame?
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    Help my serve: Criticisms Welcome (Videos)

    Here are the long awaited service videos. Video 1, 8 sec long, 1st serve to deuce court: Video 2, 3 minutes long, one captured service game where not too many 1st serves in so you get to watch some 2nd serves...
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    Samster versus Saram II: Red Storm Rising and Spirit of a Champion

    Crowds, gather for Samster VS Saram II: Red Storm Rising and Spirit of a Champion. May 9th, 2009. Nashville, TN. Most recently voted as a top 10 most dangerous city in the USA by Forbes Magazine...
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    TW: Please Advise!

    I came home happy to find my box of demos (order #3321150) have arrived and included: 1) Wilson K Pro Staff 88 2) Yonex RDiS 100 3) Volkl PB 10 4) Volkl PB 10 Light However, there is one problem though. The K Pro Staff 88 came with two used Tournagrips over it but there is no leather...
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    It's Bud's birthday!

    Happy birthday to you! :)
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    Jason (TW), I say get that Puma jacket!

    Jason, I think that Puma jacket looks good on you (this week's vlog). I recommend you get it. Too bad I won't be out at Indian Wells this year, or else I would tell you in person.
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    Samster vs. Saram: Rise of a Tennessee Titan

    AP/Router News (March 2, 2009) From Nashville, TN: Currey Tennis Center reported today that Samster vs. Saram will be slated for for Spring 2009 when the wintry storm passes Middle Tennesse sometime in the near future. Both hail from the state of Tennessee, home of Jack Daniels, country...
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    Typo on Prince EXP String

    A high-end co-polyester string that offers a crisp feel and good ball pocketing. We found the string to bite into the ball well, providing ample amounts of spin. Not a true monofilament polyester, Poly EXP is slightly more responsive and our testers found it provided easier access to pace...
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    K90 Price Drop at TW!!!

    May be Fed is getting a new racket after all?
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    Why is Nadal's semifinal match a day later?

    Does anyone know? Both of the women's semifinal matches happened the same day, so why is Rafa playing a day later?
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    Question about Luxilon M2 Pro 16L String

    Is it recommended to drop tension by 10% for this string as compared to my gut/multi setup?
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    EXO3 Rebel 95 vs. EXO3 Graphite 100 vs. MG Prestige Mid vs. MG Prestige Pro

    I am really looking forward to my TW demos that are arriving today: Prince EXO Rebel 95 Prince EXO Graphite 100 Head Microgel Prestige Mid Head Microgel Prestige Pro To come also is a free Prince EXO T-shirt for demoing the new Prince frames. I will let everyone know how the T-shirt...
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    What's wrong with the ESPN Site picture?

    Name your finding(s).
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    Your Favorite James Bond Quote?

    Now that Quantum of Solace is out, it's time to post your favorite James Bond quote. Please include the quote and the movie it is from.
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    Where can I get this Fed-Bag?

    Not the tennis bag but the bag on his left shoulder.
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    My Serve, if interested!

    Samster's serve on YouTube coming soon. This is one of my major weaknesses. I would appreciate constructive criticism from fellow tennis maniacs to make it better.
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    Is Luxilon Big Banger Ace 18 bad for the arm?

    as titled. I am thinking about going to thinner gauge strings to see that if it can help cut down on weight on my US K90. Is the Big Banger Ace 18 known to cause arm/elbow issues?
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    How would you rate this player on the NTRP Scale?

    Ran into this video this evening and just wonder what our professional raters here at T-Dub would rate this player?
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    Nike Outlet Store

    The one we have here in Nashville sucks big time when it comes to tennis merchandise. The selection is so freaking bad. I can't believe I went there tonight and only managed to buy a non-tennis polo and pair of light blue wristbands. On the other hand, the Nike Outlet Store on the way to...
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    Wilson [K]90 OKAY for Federer to use after all!

    Thank you for getting to your third consecutive grandslam finals. You efforts today prove that the K90 is more than adequate for modern tennis so I don't have to see any more posts here at TTW on how you have to switch to a mid-plus racket in order to win grandslam tournaments. Long live the...
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    Racket Grip Size? Too big, too small, just right? (Pics)

    What do you all think? Currently using 4 5/8 grip. SERVING GRIP VOLLEY GRIP FOREHAND GRIP SERVING GRIP II
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    Mini Nadal???

    Check this out!